Designated Danger Zone

As the completely defeated legacy inhabitants of Airstrip One prepare for Cuckdown 2, it's important that these demoralized cowards remember there will always be an England. After all, you bravely defeated the horrible "not-see" evil, paving the way for the glorious jew-run "multi-culti" paradise you now live in. Be sure to report your neighbors to "flu marshals," thank moloch we're not speaking German right now. Elsewhere, the Britainistani army, an organization that now serves no purpose whatsoever, had to be careful not to harm foreign invaders during their "here is how you will die for Israel, you unclean meat" drills.

The British Army was forced to stop a live shooting exercise on a military range today after a group of migrants landed a 9ft speedboat in the middle of target practice.

Yeah, "forced." In any sane nation the reaction would have been "Now it's for real, boys!" followed by doubling the rate of fire, but here in Cuck Island we don't believe our military should be defending our country from alien conquest. 

The group of about 16 migrants were seen by a spotter heading towards shore at Lydd Ranges near Dungeness on the remote Romney Marshes in Kent this morning having travelled 21 miles across the English Channel.

The Romney Marshes, not too far from Jeb Bush Forest and the Rubio Steppes. Sometimes I think the entire modern world is a giant and incredibly complex kosher practical joke. Other times, I know it is.

The boat then made landfall inside a designated danger zone after continuing to travel towards the site following a 'check fire' being called, which saw the reservist unit of British Army soldiers temporarily stop firing. 

This situation is exactly what you're allegedly training for, so of course you'll stand down and allow the looters to flood into your dead country. Make sure you wear the bitch-cloth until we start the next "lockdown." Where's your "Covi-Pass," you contemptible slave? Check fire, we must allow the moe-ham-head flotsam and jetsam to pour in. We don't want to be called mean names by our enemies, after all.

The group of migrants then got off and ran inland, but police and immigration officers found all of them after being called to the scene. The shooting exercise was delayed for two hours.

Imagine Benny Hill music playing while we chase down the moon cultists so we can give them citizenship and generous welfare payments.

The vessel was seen at sea by one of the lookouts at the site who told the range conducting officer, and they immediately suspended firing. The scheduled firing had begun at 8.30am, and it is not thought anyone was hurt.

Thank g*d for that! These enemygrants are precious gifts from g*d. They're going to save your pensions, do those yucky jobs you won't, punch you in the face, rape your daughters, etc.

Face diapers keep us free and safe.

The Rigid Hulled Inflatable Boat (RHiB), which has a 300bhp engine that costs £20,000 alone, is one of the most advanced vessels to have ever transported migrants across the Channel, reported the Daily Telegraph.

Wow, what a time to be alive. The most amazing and advanced technology delivers moronic alien rock worshipers into a neutered and doomed land.

An Albanian passport was allegedly found on board, heightening fears that smuggling gangs from the country are carrying out the illegal crossings following a reduction in lorry traffic due to the coronavirus pandemic.

It sure looks like it. Despite the horrific plague that might make you feel bad for a day or two, the rot never rests.

So far this year an estimated 7,173 migrants have made the crossing over the Channel, compared with 1,850 in all of 2019. At least 1,954 completed the crossing in small boats in September alone. 

Death by a thousand cuts. Slow motion suicide.

A Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed to MailOnline that 'the firing was halted for two hours and that a Territorial Army unit was on the range at the time'. A Home Office spokesman has been contacted for comment. 

Our army promptly surrendered to Albania. 

On Sunday the Home Office's clandestine channel threat commander suggested that plans were underway for Britain to use nets as a method of disabling dinghies carrying migrants across the Channel.

It's nice to see someone taking my "throw a giant net on it" suggestion seriously.

The former Royal Marine told the paper the strategy involved 'safely disabling the engine and then taking the migrants on board our vessel'. 

You used to rule the world. This is what you are now. Just let that soak in.

Full Story.

Don't let the Albanians get me!


  1. I hope the migrants were wearing masks and practicing social distancing.

  2. its not beyond the realm to believe that a stupid, pub-soaked British National subconsciously feels like an alien in his own cuckland...
    and it deserves it.
    have another tough guy.

  3. Opening fire? They're so cucked they're not returning them to France immediately.

    And if the migrant boat can't reach UK on its own, the Border Force will act as a taxi for them.

    That's the level of cuckery we're dealing with.


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