Germany: More Geld for Holohaox "Survivors"

I hope everyone is ready to "hunker down" during the "second lockdown." This lunacy is keeping you safe and is definitely not a cynical power-grab from semitic plutocrats. Don't worry, we'll soon have a needle full of retard poison for that ass and once you've been turned into a drooling autistic moron by the medical-industrial complex we'll give you a "Covi-Pass" so everyone will know you're a good little slave whose life was destroyed so big jew could make those shekels. This is the new normal. Consider Western Europe and the excellent example they're setting (ignore Sweden) with "flu marshals" in England, a curfew in France (the virus comes out after dark) and Germany preparing to make another massive payment to the holohoax racket. I turns out the "survivors" of an event that never happened are having a much harder time with our national Chicken Little act than non-chosen unclean people like you, so it's only right we give them more geld

Germany has agreed to provide more than a half billion euros to aid Holocaust survivors struggling under the burdens of the coronavirus pandemic, the organization that negotiates compensation with the German government said Wednesday.

Yes, there's a special merchant mafia that bullies "your" government into coughing up the thirty pieces of silver whenever our great ally thinks they can get away with it. How about half a billion, you dirty gentiles? This is the Light of the World.

The payments will be going to approximately 240,000 survivors around the world, primarily in Israel, North America, the former Soviet Union and Western Europe, over the next two years, according to the New York-based Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany, also referred to as the Claims Conference.

You might think this brazen kosher shakedown would be limited to chosenites actually living in Germany, but of course that's not the case. As a defeated and demoralized former "not-see" it's your job to pay for my entire criminal tribe everywhere. Open that wallet for the poor innocent Soviet yid. You damaged their communist paradise in the last stand of White Europe against the kosher parasite and this will never be forgiven. There will be no payment for all the real atrocities committed by jewish bolshevism, of course.

With the end of World War II now 75 years in the past, Holocaust survivors are all elderly, and because many were deprived of proper nutrition when they were young today they suffer from numerous medical issues.

Biological organisms experience an ageing process, jews hit hardest.

Jews burn bitch-cloths: the rules are for you, you dumb gentile.

“There's this kind of standard response for survivors, that 'we've been through worse, I've been through worse and if I survived the Holocaust, through the deprivation of food and what we had to go through, I'll get through this,'” said Greg Schneider, executive vice president of the Claims Conference, in a telephone interview from New York with The Associated Press.

I was forced to do honest labor once, that's much worse than sitting on my tuchus and extorting the shekel almighty from stupid goyim.

“But if you probe deeper you understand the depths of trauma that still resides within people.”

It was real in my mind, give me money.

Many are also on the poverty line, and the additional costs of masks and other protective gear, delivery groceries and other pandemic-related expenses has been crushing for many, Schneider said.

Ten dollars for a face diaper? Who ever heard of paying seven for a cuck mask? Five is absolutely outrageous. Three dollars would break me, you're meshuggah. Also, consider the low quality and small portions of delivery groceries, to say nothing of all this humidity.

The new funds are targeted to Jews who aren't receiving pensions already from Germany, primarily people who fled the Nazis and ended up in Russia and elsewhere to hide during the war.

We're going to stretch the already ridiculous claims of victim-hood even further.

Schneider said about 50% of Holocaust survivors in the U.S. live in Brooklyn and were particularly hard-hit when New York was the center of the American outbreak, but now numbers are looking worse in Israel and other places.

Sure, they're burning bitch-cloths in the street and openly defying all the rules intended for the shkotzim, but they've also really had it rough in this new "precious millions dead" snow job.

Germany’s Foreign Ministry had no immediate comment on the latest round of negotiations.

Since he's unavailable, I'll make the statement for him. "My country died at Stalingrad."

As a result of negotiations with the Claims Conference since 1952, the German government has paid more than $80 billion in Holocaust reparations.

Suffice it to say, much more needs to be done.

Full Story.

Give us more shekels, unclean meat.


  1. So many survivors......

    Worst genocide ever.

    1. really

      the much much much
      shorter list is???

      which three thousand Jews actually did die?

      of typhus.

  2. the jew ask= the Goyim gives

    is it safe to say “they’ve got our number?”

  3. Has anyone run the numbers by actuarial table and counted how many "survivors" there should be.

    240 000 after 75 years sounds tad too high to me. That would imply millions of survivors.

    I guess they're counting everyone in Europe 1932-45 (even in Soviet Union) as survivor.

    Also, how come Germany didn't immediately settle the reparations to avoid giving away any new payments. Guess they're too cucked for that.

    1. This obviously because they lost the war and were forced to pay these ridiculous reparations by occupiers. It would've been better to settle them at once and then refuse any further shakedown. Especially now that US wants out of Germany anyway.

      Jews are not only content to do their shakedown on Germany, they try doing it on Poland too. They are demanding 300 billion from them. Poland refuses to pay and I hope they continue to do so.

    2. agreed
      poland is the last-man-standing in a Hemisphere ruled by sodomy and faggot worship ..

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I read an article once that said there were 6 million Jews living in Germany at the time of the holohoax. So they killed every single Jew in the country? No survivors? Why should they pay reps?


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