Happen and Fizzle Away

We're so close to curing "racism" in America you can almost taste it. After the 500 billion shekels phony tough guy plan is implemented, probably a month after he loses the election to massive fraud, we're going to see immediate signs of humanity in the dark burden sold to us by the jew as an "economic necessity." The latest sickening waste, presented as the final total capitulation of the biggest Presidential disappointment we've ever seen, will miracle violent and moronic genetic aliens into something resembling a human being. Until then, we might have to absorb some more of their traditional pathological behavior, no doubt caused by Whites being rude. Consider today's amazing story, where a case of "muh dikk" leads to another forgotten victim for the memory hole. If only 100 billion shekels into the gaping chasm of the "African-American" had been enough. We now know it will take at least $500,000,000,000. This might fail, too.

A man was arrested at the Coastland Center mall Tuesday after a witness said he beat a girl unconscious for spurning his advances.

It's nice to see this horrific negro crime given the Jane Austen treatment, that's always good for a haw-haw. The romantic advances of a fully human gentleman were spurned in the tragedy of unrequited "love." Let it all burn.

An officer from the Naples Police Department responded to a call at around 4 p.m. regarding a fight in the food court. Bruce Gordon, 37, told the officer that he had struck the victim, who police say is a juvenile, in self-defense after she had accosted him unprovoked.

Let's unpack this vile dispatch from a country gone insane. A creature straight from a nightmare wanted to claim an underage White girl as a zulu war trophy. A monster the color of a bowel movement brutally beating the most vulnerable available target is a "fight" and probably "self-defense." This animal clearly didn't do [anything] and is another good boy unfairly targeted by "systemic racism." She's a bloody mess on the ground. Rest in power, United States.

2020 America in one picture: A criminal negro scumbag and an incorrectly-worn face diaper.

But a witness reported that Gordon had responded violently after the victim had refused Gordon’s flirtation with her in the Panda Express line.

We worship this worthless race of dangerous and vile idiots. If you criticize their appalling behavior you'll lose your careerism and maybe a lot more. "White supremacy" is the biggest threat to our globalist kosher bodega. Weakness demands a price and it's only payable in blood.

The witness said Gordon swore at her, left, then returned to punch her repeatedly in the face and then kick her and stomp on her as she lay unconscious on the ground, not stopping until a bystander hurled a chair at him.

The content of their character. Imagine the anti-soul necessary to continue to bludgeon an already unconscious teenage girl. The Eloi watched helplessly, finally managing to throw a chair. Lambs to slaughter. I didn't want to be called names by the jew, so I let the living fossil batter her lifeless body.

One witness says Gordon could have killed her, had the bystander not stopped the attack.

Yeah. No kidding. Maybe you could have done something? Civil War 2 is not going to be kind to gelded White cowards like this.

He says Bruce Gordon approached the girl on a mission. “I guess he wanted to start some sort of romantic relationship with her but he was very close and very intrusive,” recalls the witness.

"Romantic." You know, just like on the electronic synagogue and in the jewish cuckold pornography I regularly view. Perfectly normal. Maybe I'll toss a chair if she's actually knocked out.

The victim said no and wanted Gordon to get away from her. “It seemed to just happen and fizzle away. The suspect then walked away,” said the witness.

The silence from jewish feminists over these incidents is deafening. 

But the incident was far from over. Gordon came back, and the witness says, approached the victim at the table she was sitting at. “Delivered this blow to the person’s face and the victim immediately fell like a sack of potatoes. If I were hit in that manner I would have fallen in the same way,” he said. The witness describes her body as lifeless, lying there on the ground.

I'm sure you would have folded right up, since you're a total and complete weakling. You need to be armed. You need to be ready to fight. Always assume the "African-American" is full of bad intentions and ready to attack. No one is coming to your rescue. We're on our own.

Bystanders began throwing chairs at Gordon. The witness, himself, yelled at Gordon and began following him, taking pictures for evidence. He was waiting for the police to show up.

Be sure to get lots of pictures, I'm sure the "racist" KKKort will severely punish this piece of shit. The system that is supposed to protect us is gone. 

The witness just hopes justice is served. “This person I don’t believe should be allowed to live amongst us. He needs to be locked up. And they need to throw away the key because this person is completely deranged,” he said.

I guess the broken clock is right twice a day. At least until the "let's put Barkevious in a cage and keep it alive for decades on our dime" inanity. It needs to be put down.

The victim was taken to Naples Community Hospital and treated for a severe concussion as well as many injuries to her head, jaw, face and lips. Police say the girl is still unconscious.

Another forgotten victim. There will be no marches, no murals, no political grandstanding, nothing. Let's give fiat currency to the negro. 

He faces a felony charge due to a prior battery conviction.

I guess they forgot to "throw away the key" the last time this turd ran wild. Imagine that.

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  1. fuck!

    these animals have been signaled by The Jew...that it is now open season..

    no consequences rendered for dark, shit-colored character deficiencies...

    thanks Jew scum...

    thanks traitorous White female garbage and your beta, neckbearded , faggot play-dates...

    the world waits...
    as the grey-ponytailed Jew
    sociology proffessor decides how in that moment he will further subvert the gullible, already fully -indoctrinated White lemmings in his classroom...

    1. Yep! And on the rare occasion YT defends himself, guess who gets arrested and railroaded by a Soro's DA and commie court.

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  3. sorry
    MH guy is too much

    he justifies my high-horsin



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  5. And they talk about “white fragility”? This prick gets his feelings hurt and his inherent violent nature emerges.

  6. His justice likewise had little care

    For the Aryan women raped every year

    In their thousands by black “American” men

    Emboldened by his psy-war campaign

    To claim their sexual “reparations”.


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  7. Poor girl faced a category 5 chimpout at the mall. It could happen to any of us.

  8. Perfect example of why we need to worry about having our guns on us in public not the face diaper of humiliation.

    Stay armed, Stay alarmed


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