Not Problematic Kids

It sure is strange how the "black lives matter" idiocy has suddenly gone relatively quiet after dominating the fraud news cycle for months. It's almost like these dark monsters and debased White pawns are merely jewish assets to be deployed when needed and put away once the burning cities and rampant crime are hurting the chances of cultural marxism in the next election instead of being noble heroes for "justice." You're costing organized semitic evil votes in the coming hypocritical and deeply corrupt racial headcount, go back in whatever hole you crawled out of until we need you to cause more anti-White chaos. Despite this great struggle for muh rights being denied kosher air and rapidly deflating, the try-outs for the next Saint Floyd of the Backwards Windpipe continue. Consider this story from a Chiraq satellite where an innocent criminal got smoked and the pathetic attempt to create outrage with no help from the merchant that followed.

A Black teen was killed and a young Black woman injured in a police shooting in Illinois that authorities said is under investigation and which has left families of the pair seeking answers. 

Wuh bee muh an-sarrs, mudda fudda. We're forced to share our country with this worthless burden. We pretend they're human so we can keep getting crumbs off the jewish plate. How could a violent negro dullard get shot while attacking the "five oh?" It's hard to say, but I think the answer might be "racism" and the solution is "fewer Whites in everything."

A Waukegan police officer "was investigating an occupied vehicle," when the vehicle fled, Waukegan police said in a news release Wednesday. The release did not say why the officer was investigating the vehicle.

I was just trying to inform the dusky contents of the "whip" that sitting in a car is extremely dangerous, especially as you get closer to the Chicongo all against all. Instead they pulled the Bubba Smollett act.

Moments later, a second officer spotted the vehicle in a nearby area. As the second officer got out of his vehicle and approached, the car began to move in reverse and the officer fired "in fear of his safety," according to the news release.

I don't want to live in a country run by "White supremacists" where primitive thugs have to live in fear of being shot while trying to run over the police. 

Police said the driver, a Black female in her 20s, was hospitalized with serious injuries, but is expected to recover. The passenger, a Black male teenager, was taken to a hospital where he died of his injuries. Police did not identify the two people shot.

Two worthless "blacks" get zapped, we need to burn down the suburbs. Sorry, there's no more shekels to fund your jungle tantrums. Still, this is an incredible tragedy. One of these worthless animals is going to survive.

The exciting "diversity" of Waukegan crime.

The officer who fired the shot was Hispanic, and the first officer who investigated the vehicle was white, police said.  

Finally, several paragraphs in, we remembered to mention the evil "racist" was actually a la-teen-oh. I'm sure this was an honest mistake.

At a press conference Wednesday, Waukegan Mayor Sam Cunningham said hearing about the shooting was painful.

Don't worry, the magical well-behaved negro mayor is on hand to explain why the worthless brown sewage that got blasted by a may-hee-can alien didn't do [anything].

He added: “I’m a Black man who grew up in that same neighborhood. It could have been me.” 

Too bad it wasn't. 

“They were not thugs. They were not problematic kids,” a family spokesman told the outlet. “They didn’t have any issues with anybody out here.”

Trying to run over Pancho Villa in the small hours is not "problematic" in any way. "Lil Chilly" here is a good boy, about to go to college, unlikely to grease a greaser with its "hooptie." 

A protest against the shooting is scheduled for Thursday afternoon, according to the Lake County chapter of Black Lives Matter.

A post-industrial ruin outside of Chiraq that's barely half White has a special "down with Whites and civilization" squad ready to go. There's no bigger agenda here, go back to sleep. Everything is fine.

Full Story.  

"One good one" mayor admitted to being a street thug.


  1. the purest , most logical protest agenda for these chimps would be to rail against cosmic creation itself: because that is the force that completelety short-changed them in all the aspects of evolution that could ever matter.

    i can just hear the Jew-authored slogans now, and picture the poorly made protest these useless porch apes block roadway accesss to White taxpayers, as they scurry to “work” to pay for the continued existence of this ghoulish burden.

  2. we won’t be hearing from spike lee or al sharpton on this one..

    cause the “shooter” was of burritoed heritage.


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