Pipe Nightmare

Imagine a race so completely worthless that its main contributions to the kosher American clogged toilet are serving as sinecure figureheads, draining shekels from muh programs, committing crimes and then engaging in additional brigandage after the appalling content of their character is actually punished, an event becoming rarer by the day. This is the "African-American." This is your god. Worship the pathological dark burden, make endless sacrifices to these dangerous genetic aliens. In a few years our cities will be indistinguishable from Zimbabwe, but it's worth it to prevent being called names and maybe wringing a few more years of relative peace from the remains of a dead nation killed by the jewish poisonous mushroom. Soon we'll be hearing "500 shot in one weekend in Chicago" and "City burns during peaceful demonstrations after one arrest was made." The days of bargaining for time and space are over. The dark nightmare created by appeasement and cowardice is here. 

Looters in the Port Richmond neighborhood of Philadelphia ransacked a Walmart during the second night of protesting the shooting of an armed Black man on the city’s west side. Rioters broke pipes in the ceiling, flooding the store.

This is a peaceful protest that will bring about "justice." We can't let a deranged knife-wielding nightmare monster die for nothing. Brekk demm fuggin papes, mudda fudda. These creatures are fully human and will start behaving themselves very soon. How about 500 billion? Das rite, oranje cracka. Then they're bused in to provide monolithic support for communism and the final destruction of Vichy America in hypocritical racial headcounts. You might actually get tired of winning.

Fox29 reporter Steve Keeley tweeted video from inside the pillaged Walmart early Wednesday morning. The footage shows the devastation left behind by looters who stole everything from big-screen televisions to small appliances. Water is seen spraying from pipes in the ceiling. 

Keep this is mind when you hear about "food deserts" and the bizarre mystery of why no one wants to open a business in an area that resembles Liberia with worse weather. Gibs me dem smoll ply-an-says, beech. This is a noble petition for redress against an unfair system of White supremacy that routinely murders innocent "blacks" who just want to menace the "five oh" while waving a giant blade.

Looters trashed the store, knocking merchandise off the shelves. Keeley said vandals were still taking merchandise while he filmed the damage.

The content of their character. It's not like they're afraid of being arrested. This isn't Whites doing a permitted demonstration, after all. The only sane solution is a boat back to The Mother.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Earlier, hundreds of people invaded the store and could be seen attempting to load multiple big-screen televisions into or onto vehicles.

Our nation has a bright future. The "Platinum Plan" from the phony tough guy will solve this, unlike the countless previous attempts to correct genetic reality that all failed.

The unrest began after two officers shot and killed an armed Black man, Walter Wallace, Jr.

It was actually 93% unarmed.

Wallace continued approaching the retreating officers with the knife extended toward the police. Multiple shots rang out and Wallace fell to the ground. A responding police officer loaded Wallace into a vehicle and drove him to the hospital. He later died from his wounds.

It's practically the textbook definition of a justified shooting, but on the other hand our country is now a vile kosher zoo, so let's destroy some pipes.

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This is how the noble Wakandans defeated "racism."


  1. They are raiding a cosmetics store for cosmetics probably made mostly for whites!

    1. I looked up M-A-C Cosmetics and I guess they do make cosmetics for Persons of Color. But there isn’t enough makeup for that fat cow.

    2. She should be looking in the paint section if she wants cosmetics.

  2. We Whites have allowed The Jew to do this to us with his filthy Nigger pet...


    i’m ashamed of this country.

  3. We Whites have allowed The Jew to do this to us with his filthy Nigger pet...


    i’m ashamed of this country.

  4. sorry
    i get wound up when my birth city is besieged by jew-state sponsored spoiled Simians...

    and that makes me start spouting cringy, cliched bromides about jewish power and ritualized humiliation mechanisms...

  5. I’m going back through archives. Don’t remember the ones I’ve read. Currently Walmart just called Sen. Hawley a sore loser and a black “person” said us white inbreds didn’t have anywhere else to shop. Forgetting their place in this world.


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