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Red, White and Blue, what does it mean to you? For your typical Cuck Island Eloi it means snitching on your neighbors to flu marshals, ignoring "Asian" child rape gangs for decades and worshiping the amazing grass hockey tar monsters while inhaling "pints" with a weird little "U" on the bottle. Thank g*d your heroic ancestors saved us from the "not-sees" so we could have this kosher "multi-culti" paradise of hostile foreign aliens and a completely demoralized indigenous population meekly surrendering their ancient homeland to looters and criminals. I know it looks a little depressing, but have you considered the amazing "pace" of the dangerous groids playing for "your" rotting post-industrial city? Truly the running speed and ability to kick a ball through a goal as wide as your regrets is something to celebrate. If you're still not convinced, consider the story of a hero "ahklete" who is inspiring the talmudic faceless brown slaves which will replace all the children you didn't have.

Arsenal captain Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang is donating his Black Lives Matter football shirt to a museum to "inspire young people for the future".    

It's almost impossible to do justice to this incredible act of generosity. A jersey made in China and celebrating a jewish useful idiot terrorist cell is sure to fill the dark outsiders of the future with noble purpose. I'd be shocked if this doesn't solve all the negro problems in Airstrip One.

The 31-year-old striker will hand over his jersey as part of a Museum of London plan for future generations to witness how the coronavirus pandemic changed lives.  

Imagine going to a museum to honor our great cultural and scientific achievements and seeing a sweat-fouled outfit worn by a kickball living fossil. This creature used a degenerate child's game to promote the destruction of an already thoroughly defeated White population. We had to toss the Magna Carta in the "bin" to make room, but I'm confident this is the right decision.

The project will also reflect the Black Lives Matter protests which took place this year, sparked by the killing of George Floyd in the US.

Enjoy this exhibit of broken glass, ugly graffitti and burned ruins, reflecting the Soros-funded afromania "protests" sparked by a worthless criminal animal overdosing.

Aubameyang said: "I am proud to be the latest black player to captain Arsenal and it's an honour to have the opportunity to donate my Black Lives Matter shirt to the Museum of London's Collecting Covid project.

I'm proud to be yet another alien idiot on a coal-black team worshiped by debased and doomed Whites. My "Down with Western Civilization" shirt definitely should be preserved for the bright future created by appeasement, cowardice and delusion.

Simian soccer. 

"I hope this will be remembered as the moment that football stood against all forms of racism and that it will inspire young people for the future."

Calling this misshapen primitive monster a hero doesn't seem nearly strong enough. It battled the evils of "racism" in a society where the average doomed White encourages and makes excuses for the endless predictable failures of foreign invaders. Sure, we had forty years of child rape which the authorities knew about but ignored for the fear of being called names, but on the other hand did you see Obama-Yang get the big score?

The Black Lives Matter logo was added to Premier League shirts following anti-racism protests which broke out across the UK and the rest of the world earlier this year.

It sure is weird how a uniquely American pathology quickly spread to every embattled White country. It's almost like there's some sort of kosher octopus behind all of this, but that's just a crazy conspiracy theory, obviously. Here, watch your talmudvision and take these pills.

However, the league announced last month that players' shirts will feature a patch with its own anti-racism campaign, No Room for Racism.

This slogan barely defeated "Hunt Down Every Last White."

It came after the BLM movement faced controversy over the summer over calls by some to defund the police and claims of antisemitism.

Oy vey, our schwoogies are getting uppity! Time to pull the semitic choke-chain before the death cult you created and funded gets too wild.

There are currently no plans for a Collecting Covid exhibition, so Aubameyang's shirt will not go on display immediately, but the project is still collecting tokens of how coronavirus has changed society.

This realistic model of freshly castrated testicles is a token of how the flu hoax changed society.

Foteini Aravani, the museum's digital curator, said: "We are very excited about the generous offer from the captain of Arsenal, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang.

Could the last White person in Britainistan please turn off the lights on the way out?

She added that the shirt was "an important reflection and response to Black Lives Matter as a movement and its resonance through London and its people".

Just take your humiliating beating, England. It's a lot easier than trying to fight back.

Full Story.

Look at all the "diversity."


  1. Amazing stuff as usual. Any chance you could let us know where this shirt will be on display. Id love to go and just stare at it.

  2. "It came after the BLM movement faced controversy over the summer over calls by some to defund the police and claims of antisemitism."

    I kid you not, the referenced "antisemitism" was when BLM UK called to free Palestine on Twitter because Israel was about to annex the West Bank.

    Apparently the hirelings and useful idiots in the movement didn't get them memo that it was verboten. Tells everything who runs and finances the BLM and why it became such a large thing.

    BLM called to defund the police from the start so that's not an excuse to ditch the slogan. The tweet is the only reason for it. Even the timeline matches. Once they posted the tweet, it was over for them.

  3. the skies...and everything else..grow darker everyday.

    thanks Kike Filth.


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