They Deserved Everything

For some reason the negro never seems to improve or even stop getting worse, even after decades of pathetic appeasement, waste, cowardice and retreat. It's almost like the problem here is at the genetic level, but we all know that sort of talk is "racist" so it must be one of those cases where more needs to be done, even as our suicidal generosity is rewarded with burning cities and a steady drift towards Zimbabwe. Maybe the jew wasn't totally honest about this whole "bargain of a lifetime" line when it sold this dusky burden. The only sane solution is their removal. It's time to give "rep-ah-muh-ray-shuns" for "slabery" in the form of a one-way ticket back to Africa. This dangerous failed race of moronic inferiors needs to go back to Wakanda, back to the high technology, pyramid building, flying and all the rest. Then it will be time to deal with the merchant that trafficked these walking turds.

Rioting, vandalism and looting erupted in Philadelphia on Monday night hours after police fatally shot a 27-year-old black man armed with a knife during a domestic disturbance call.

If only the phony tough guy's "Platinum Plan" of dumping 500 billion shekels into the negro chasm had happened sooner, it probably would have prevented this. The 100 billion already wasted in the previous year was a nice try, but it apparently costs at least five times that much, probably a lot more, to get "justice." The "African-American" displays its primitive idiocy after a good boy who was only seven percent armed got zapped by an increasingly demoralized "five oh." A year from now we'll be rolling out the "Gucci Mane Plan" to feed a full trillion into the tar monster fire. That won't work, either.

Late into the night, growing anger boiled over into a violent riot near the Philadelphia Police 18th District building. Several officers were injured by bricks and other projectiles thrown at them by a crowd of demonstrators.  

The content of their character. We're so close to turning the nightmare monster into something resembling a human, you can practically taste it. I feel we need to listen to "people of color" and understand their "truth." Most of all, you need to be silent. Here come the bricks.

Multiple instances of looting have also been reported across the city. Police said multiple stores were looted including several Rite Aid stores in West Philadelphia, clothing and shoe stores and one restaurant.

Time to get muh loot awn, mudda fudda. This is justice for that dead groid. You know, the latest one. Gibs me dem fuggin tree hockey nigga shoes. 

The unruly scenes were sparked by the police shooting of Walter Wallace Jr., a man said to suffer from mental illness who was killed by officers during a domestic call along the 6100 block of Locust Street, just before 4pm.

Yes, the normal agitation, propensity to violence and inability to connect cause and effect found in all "blacks" is now "mental illness." Another quality diagnosis from Sigmund Fraud. It calls to mind the old semitic claim that we were executing "mentally retarded" individuals, when it was just brown slime with I.Q. scores well within their expected racial range.

When cops arrived, they said they found Wallace holding a knife. Police said they repeatedly told Wallace to drop the blade but he failed to acquiesce.

You brought a knife to gun fight. That future time orientation doe. "You're not even learning anything on the street" as the magic negro educator said in a jew movie. I think it's fairly obvious what happened here. That's right. "Racism" from the "five oh." Let's break into that Rite Aid and steal.

This is the best picture of the (formerly) living fossil the media jew could find. 

Two officers then opened fire, striking the 27-year-old multiple times. Wallace was rushed to the hospital where he was later pronounced dead.

In West Philadelphia, born and raised/Beating "ratchets" was where I spent most of my days/Chimping out, wilding and waving a knife all cool/And getting blasted in the rotting urban zoo.

The officers are seen backing away from him as he continues to advance towards them in the middle of the street, with their guns still drawn.

A worthless inferior is closing the distance. It's armed and hostile. How would you handle this? The correct answer is "This couldn't happen because they've all been shipped back to The Mother."

‘Put the knife down, put the knife down,’ one officer can be heard saying in the clip.

A malformed creature full of obvious humanity was shot for the color of its skin.

A woman, believed to be Wallace’s mother, is seen running over towards Wallace, hysterically screaming ‘no’ towards the officers. She then appears to throw something at one of the cops. Several other bystanders then race over.

Time for a cargo cult imitation of human emotions from a soulless Aunt Jemima who don't need no man. This is the raw material of a healthy democracy. This animal's vote counts as much as yours does, probably much more after many Loser Party ballots are "accidentally" lost.

‘You really had to give him that many f***ing shots?’ the man recording the footage is heard shouting out.


Witnesses and neighbors told ABC6 that they want to know why less-lethal force wasn't used.

Where's that giant net when you need it, right?

At around 6:30pm the crowd dispersed from Locust Street and dozens of around 200 protesters were seen gathering at Malcolm X Park at 51st and Pine Streets, chanting ‘Black Lives Matter’, according to the Inquirer.

Malcolm X Park, right in the heart of the "keep the doors locked, windows up and ignore traffic signals" district.

Video posted to social media shows protesters throwing bricks, trash cans and other projectiles at an advancing line of riot police. Glass is also heard smashing in the background of the video, as projectiles strike the officers’ shields.

We're going to get these vile monsters off "The Democrat Plantation" and voting for the other Israel-first candidate, just you wait.

Protester Mahogany, who shot the footage of the cop being hit, told 'The cop that got ran over, I think she was either a sergeant or a lieutenant, she got hit by a truck or a car. She was hit real bad, she fell on the ground, I think her leg was hurt. A couple of cops got f***ed up, what they deserved, got hit in the head with bottles. They deserved everything that they received.'

In this case we'll let the 70 I.Q. genetic alien garbage have the last word. What can anyone honestly add to this amazing statement? Our kosher "multi-culti" has completely succeeded. 

Full Story.

Today Brazil, tomorrow South Africa.


  1. *excellent piece here ....again

    hey though, let’s give the scary 78IQ black dark animal a break....

    the “officer” “only “ asked him to drop the knife two times


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  3. " Yes, the normal agitation, propensity to violence and inability to connect cause and effect found in all "blacks" is now "mental illness."

    When I worked in the "Youth Services" racket, I noticed there was a regular industry, usually run by fat, white female psychologists centered around certifying delinquent negro teen agers as suffering from mental or emotional disability. Which of course would qualify them for a lifetime monthly "crazy check" from Social Security.

    1. Good input, John. And I imagine very true.

    2. right on Mr Eden...

      we need more overweight, bitter, childless females to help us dictate the future our race....

      god.... i love rural areas and rural women

      i was cursed being born in the middle of a darkened Shitheap like Philadelphia

      i’m over it

      but ......thanks Jew

  4. real hard not to be long winded and blow hardy

    excellent comment JHE....and hello to jimB...


  5. 9 keids, with a tenth on the way, currently being incubated by his last cumrag.

  6. “Beating ratchets “, COMEDY GOLD


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