Trayvon Martin Avenue

The Trayvon Martin hoax was why I started this blog. The jewish media took a break from telling us why Mitt Romney was "literally Hitler" and how the Milquetoast Mormon was supported primarily by "White supremacists" to deliver an unbelievable snow job, on par with blaming a fentanyl overdose on "racism." The "no limit nigga" was a good boy, turning his life around and about to go to college before being lynched by the rare White la-teen-oh. We got some baby pictures of the innocent tar creature while every effort was made to vilify the Obama-voting honorary pale person who "limited" this worthless monster. Ultimately, the entire grotesque and reprehensible semite swindle fell apart, thanks in no small part to efforts from a still shockingly free internet to shout down the synagogue. Flash forward several years and one national psychotic break and we now live in the age of inversion, the age of propaganda as humiliation, the age of afromania and the canonization of the worst available tar monster criminals. It's only fitting, then, that the merchant would make one more attempt to get some more anti-White mileage from the trick bag that started it all. Let us honor Saint Skittles.

The street in front of the Miami high school that Trayvon Martin attended before his life was abruptly ended will be renamed Trayvon Martin Avenue.  

That's real retarded, sir.

Miami-Dade County commissioners approved the resolution this week to designate a portion of NE 16th Avenue after the 17-year-old, who was shot and killed in 2012.

In another decade we will live in a dead nation where we have to try to warn other Whites in coded language to "avoid Floyd Avenue" as well as the traditional "stay away from MLK."

The Black teen's death at the hands of George Zimmerman, a neighborhood watch volunteer, "raised America's consciousness and pierced its conscience," according to Martin family attorney Benjamin Crump, who was quoted in the government memorandum to rename the road.

Meanwhile, back in reality, it was a cynical deception intended to encourage the collapse of Vichy America and more violence against Whites. It certainly established the modern template: totally outrageous fabrications, the actual truth quickly coming out but being ignored, big chimping and the slow slide down history's garbage chute.

While visiting his father in Sanford, Florida, in February 2012, Martin was returning home from a convenience store when he found himself being followed by Zimmerman. 

How about some media gaslighting? We will now tell you a thoroughly discredited version of events that suits our destructive agenda.

Zimmerman called 911 to report a "a suspicious person" in the neighborhood. Moments later, neighbors reported hearing gunfire. Zimmerman acknowledged that he shot Martin and claimed he acted in self defense.

Fact Check: a jury also agreed with these "claims." We may have also omitted a view minor details, like the nightmare monster attacking and splitting the back of a Democrat-supporting head open, but I'm sure that was just a bizarre accident and not a deliberate attempt to deceive.

Wear your Skittles mask. You're saving lives.

According to the memorandum, the fatal shooting "elicited national conversations about race relations, racial profiling, gun rights, stand your ground laws, and was a catalyst that set nationwide demands for social justice in motion."

According to my own untrustworthy memory, it was just another kosher cudgel used against a shrinking White America. Turn in your guns, let the negro run wild, how about more wasteful programs and spending? Good thing we've grown out of that madness, right?

Family and friends described Martin as a peaceful, laid back and positive person, the memorandum notes.

Good boy, on his way to church, didn't carry around burglary tools, about to go to college, one thousand watt smile, future oceanographer or commercial airline pilot, unlikely to repeatedly slam someone's head into cement.

Martin had been planning to stay close to home and attend college at either the University of Miami or Florida A&M University to pursue a career that would allow him to fly or work with aircraft, it says.

When parody becomes impossible.

The Miami street's new name is expected to go into effect this week.

I would be absolutely shocked, shocked I tell you, if this didn't lead to an immediate improvement in negro behavior.

Full Story.

Rest in Power.


  1. “work with aircraft”
    work that carjack?

    speak up sonny.

  2. He would have won the Nobel Peace Prize, I just know it.


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