Wisconsin: Black Lives Matter Thugs Attack Suburbs

We must defeat reality and replace it with insulting kosher lies as humiliation. Innocent and noble "African-Americans" are being routinely murdered by "racist" police. The protests are almost completely peaceful and the few times they weren't was because of "White supremacists" disguised as dark looters, arsonists and killers. The worthless brown tumor has tremendous value, we're only one more doomed program away from realizing the awesome potential of 70 I.Q. primitives. The sky is purple. Democracy is the best system. In the midst of these daily inversions we occasionally get a glimpse of the actual situation: mobs of negro criminals are now attacking the suburbs. America is finished. You need to be armed and as far away from urban areas as possible.

Black Lives Matter supporters have attacked homes in a Milwaukee suburb, smashing windows on a quiet residential street after a black cop was cleared in the shooting death of an armed black teenager.

Just when you thought the afromania couldn't get any more ridiculous, here's the latest manifestation of our national psychosis. A "White negro" officer blasted a gun-wielding "teen" in what's practically the platonic definition of justified violence and the result is Biden voters getting a visit from the rot they voted for and tried to distance themselves from. 

The violence followed a district attorney's decision on Wednesday that police officer Joseph Mensah was justified when he shot Alvin Cole on February 2, after the 17-year-old fired a stolen handgun outside Mayfair Mall in Wauwatosa. 

The shocking lynching of virtuous nigga bodies (Ah!) continues. This mud monster was unarmed, except for that stolen handgun. The world's darkest White man zapped it. Time to destroy the vestigial remnants of civilization.

After nightfall on Wednesday, demonstrators smashed out storefront windows in Wauwatosa before marching down a residential street and hurling large rocks through the windows of homes, according police.

The coming all against all. We're breaking glass for "justice." The nightmare animals are on your street. You kept your mouth shut and signed off on blatant jewish lies to keep your careerism. The enemy is at your door. Welcome to Zimbabwe.

The mayhem was caught on camera by by Julio Rosas, a reporter for the conservative publication Townhall, who said that some of the people in the crowd attempted to stop others from attacking the homes.  

Based cuckservative la-teen-oh chronicles the final hours of a dead nation. Eyyyy, deeey keeellinn greeeenggoooesss, eyyyeeee theeeennnnkkk. Vote Loser Party.

Hey kids! How many examples of Clown World can you find in this picture?

Cole was the third person Mensah has fatally shot since becoming an officer, and his death has sparked periodic protests in Wauwatosa and the Milwaukee area. 

I'm not sure if this is the mythical "one good one" or merely an incompetent genetic alien who has had the good fortune of having its poor impulse control vindicated by outside circumstances.

The city of Wauwatosa issued a nightly 7 p.m. curfew after Chisholm's decision was announced, to run until next Monday. Many people ignored the curfew, marching peacefully in the city. 

You and I have very different definitions of "peaceful," fraud news. More lies, who are you going to trust, your great ally the merchant or your lying eyes?

Police said some in the group were throwing rocks at law enforcement and buildings and that they used tear gas to disperse the protesters. Footage posted on social media showed the gas and the crowd retreating.

Gassing the groid. The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.

Geddin muh loot awn. 

WISN-TV reported windows broken at several businesses on the city's north side, including a pharmacy, coffee shop, wall coverings store, cleaners and fitness center.

We hold these truths to be self-evident...

Scores of people surrounded the Milwaukee County Public Safety Building as Cole's attorney and family members met with Chisholm, some chanting, 'Say his name! Alvin Cole!' and 'Justice! When do we want it? Now!' 

Here are the answers to the Clown World photo: bitch-cloths worn incorrectly, messages written on face diapers that can't be read because you have a muzzle, gang signs, "rest in power," wearing a heap of dirty laundry on your burry head for some reason, the kosher media taking this moronic tantrum seriously, let me hold my phone up to record this, hoodies, Eddie Murphy glasses, debased Whites, face on a shirt, freaky-looking mulatto dyke.

'Residents in this area are advised to shelter in their homes, lock their doors, and move away from windows.'

Time to "hunker down" from the monkeyshines. Good thing you have a lot of practice with this ostrich behavior, slave. 

In video shot by Rosas, one outraged resident is heard telling the mob that they are targeting people who may support their cause.

I voted for Biden and I support your comically evil failed race! Why are you putting a tire around my neck? 

'Do you have any idea how many Democrats, how many MPS teachers, union members, other people that support you live on this street?' shouts the man.

LOL. I wonder how many will still be "Democrats" tomorrow morning.

'Show some respect!' the man demanded, seconds after a motorcycle tore across his lawn. 'Police your protest.' 

I just want to grill, vote for the Evil Party and try to avoid the consequences of my own selfish cowardice. Whatever you say, Boomer. Here comes some giant rocks for your dream house. Here's a knife for your throat. The brown horde doesn't care about your union membership. Time to die.

Full Story.

This White supremacist shot a 93% unarmed good boy.


  1. "In video shot by Rosas, one outraged resident is heard telling the mob that they are targeting people who may support their cause."

    The best part right there.

  2. Soft
    Traiterous White fuckpiles

    The most despicable humans on earth..

  3. Soft
    Traiterous White fuckpiles

    The most despicable humans on earth..

  4. If they ever do this in my neighborhood I will simply start shooting into the crowd and take down as many as I can. Then when the police come to "protect" the very people who openly hope they die well I will fight it out with them too.

    Safe room? Done
    boxes of ammo? check
    bulletproof vest? check
    how much am I willing to take? Not fucking much

  5. That's the ugliest White supremacist I've ever seen.


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