Being Ignorant

Please watch the following amazing video. 

This sickening anti-White drivel was posted by a jewtube channel with ten million subscribers. This is what your typical slumbering and doomed White who says things like "I'm not really political" and "The real problem is old White men in corporations" is watching. The debased cuck who lives in fear of being called "racist" or losing the crumbs off the jewish plate absorbs this sewage in a passive trance, awkwardly chuckling at the death of the West and maybe having a few creeping doubts if there's anything left to save.

The topic of this incredible "wite pee-po bee lack dat" pile of vomit is the question of what Whites are superior at, as imagined by people of brown. Incredibly, "building a stable and prosperous civilization responsible for almost every technological, philosophical, cultural and scientific breakthrough" is not the answer we're going to get. Instead, it's a chance for negros, mulattos and the occasional comic relief zambo to show their total and complete ingratitude toward the towering achievements of Western Civilization, to say nothing of the last several decades of endless negro appeasement. We're never going to get that big "tank yew, y'all not no demons" as a reward for the endless sacrifices we've made to uplift a failed branch of humanity. Instead, we get this.

A mud creature explains the talmudvision is always promoting Whites. I guess your electronic synagogue gets different channels than mine, but on the other hand there is jew feminism that likes using White women in furtherance of the semitic goal of lowering our birthrates, so maybe this ugly primitive has a point. "Dey noe kroty!" It sure is great sharing our living space and opening our wallets for this pathetic burden.

Goofy music plays to set the stage for the "hilarity" to come. Various yellas, Aunt Jemimas and tar monsters struggle to answer the question, despite being literally surrounded by White accomplishments and being lifted out of literal savagery by our insane generosity. Finally, a light-skinned and grotesquely overweight creature with its mouth hanging open has a good laugh at our expense. This is why our ancestors worked in coal mines and factories and suffered unbelievable misery: to create a future where a fried-food stuffed sack of alien shit could laugh and sneer at their descendants.

Next is a bizarre digression about how all White people love dogs. I'd be a little hesitant to make sweeping generalizations about other races if I was a member of the monolithic garbage culture that is the "African-American," but introspection is not the strong suit of these dusky outsiders. Instead, the negro expresses its antipathy toward animals and nature, a result of their failed race of morons never really taming either and being constantly at the mercy of these forces while huddling in crude structures thatched together with mud and waste product. 

It turns out we're also superior at "making cereal." Also, building ziggurats and irrigation, if you want to go back five thousand years to a time when the gap between Whites and the 60 I.Q. mud monster was only about as wide as the Grand Canyon. The ancient White is superior to the modern African genetic alien. We even get an undercover sista in the "food" montage that follows. I identify completely as my ten percent negro admixture because Whites have huge advantages in Clown World and I wanted to make things harder. Also, really bad dinner-timin, mudda fudda. This is why we need "diversity," because we only cook bland and boring meals and no White person could ever figure out how to make a taco, for example.

We then get our first "White supremacy" lecture from a groid with a bitch-cloth covering its muzzle. We're really good at "having fun." Again, coal mines, factories, etc. The living fossil honestly thinks that civilization just magically grows out of the ground and no one has to do anything to build or maintain it. Zimbabwe, South Africa and Detroit suggest otherwise. Then a lisping sodomite groid starts talking about "privilege." 

What else are we good at? "Not getting arrested." Okay, that one made me laugh a little. We have mastered the art of not committing endless idiotic crimes that the "racist" justice system is forced to punish, at least for now. Not being a worthless criminal, the secret to my success. The jokes stop and we just get more examples of how we're bad and deserve the coming planned jewish genocide. We're told that we "play the victim" which is something Sigmund Fraud might call "projection." There's a certain irony in endlessly complaining about your benefactors and the only reason you're not being hacked up for witchcraft amulets by your fellow violent inferiors.

I'm done here, I'm only human. Nearly five full minutes of this is way too much. I've listened to enough half-breed scumbags for one day. I wonder what other people thought of this mess, other than the massive dislike ratio of course. Let's see. "Comments are turned off." Oh. Who could have predicted?

Your equal.


  1. We need to start calling them negroes again.

  2. She looks like she might be OK at smelling out truffles on the forest floor. That's gotta be something better than what Wypepo can do.

  3. the question to the Jew-instigated Nigger should be...when they wonder what makes Whites so superior? much time you got, useless race of failed groids?

  4. blacks have no shame concerning their cosmically abhorrent appearance ...

    only the furtive, always-assimilating Rat-Jew is more repulsive.

  5. Turned the comments back on. 5K likes to 200k dislikes. So I put my list of black superiorities. I know, you would think it would be a short list. But they have succeeded in failing everything. Except sucking the teet of the White taxpayer.

  6. Thank you for mentioning coal mines. Many of my ancestors worked in grueling conditions for slave wages so the Jews in NYC could melt their steal. I’m tired of blacks asking for reparations saying this country was built on their backs. No, it was built from my Grandfather’s back. From the backs of my family members currently working in coal mines in Eastern Kentucky.


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