Peace is White Supremacy

Please watch the amazing video at the link below.

Muh Biden Sign.

Believe it or not, the fact that you and many of your dead relatives voted for a loathsome pedophile scumbag is not going to protect you from the dark mobs. I know, pretty surprising stuff. You'd think the 80 I.Q. inferior full of jealous hatred for your race would be mollified by your Right Think, but it turns out the "unfair skin" you're wrapped in is going to have to come off. We are slouching closer to White genocide, closer to Zimbabwe, and no amount of cuckoldry, race denialism, weakness, "low unemployment," cowardly support of your own dispossession or total gelded submission to dangerous mobs of worthless tar monsters is going to protect you.

In any case, we get off to a hot start in our video, with a feckless Eloi in a suburban neighborhood pointing out his Biden sign, under the false assumption that this matters to a bloodthirsty horde carefully taught by our jewish enemy to blame Whites for all the considerable failings of their primitive failed branch of humanity. "Don't destroy anything." Yes, attempting to reason with idiotic nightmare animals who can't even connect basic cause and effect relationships is the right way forward. You need to be armed and as far away from the negro areas as possible. The dark mob responds by screaming profanity. Our country has a bright future. We're all coming together as one people again. Accept the massive vote fraud and you get a few more years of semi-peaceful Clown World before the total collapse. No one is making lists, relax.

The Boomer we deserve keeps calling for "peaceful" behavior. This is a weak, pathetic man who believes everything the talmudvision tells him. These are good citizens protesting "police brutality" and the fact that not all Whites are dead yet. 93% aren't an immediate danger to you and everyone you care about. I like these odds. "No one cares about your White ass opinion!" From many, one. The great experiment in democracy and consent of the governed. We hold these truths to be, come on, you know the thing. 

We finally get the crowning moment of this incredible footage, where we're told that asking not to be killed or have your home burnt to the ground is "White supremacy." I think we're well past the time when we should stop being afraid of being called names by people who want us to die in pain and start planning for our mutual defense in the cold weather Brazil the jew created. The video mercifully ends before the "seven percent" can help this shell of a man with his virtue suicide. Voting by mail is secure. No jewish communists have been planning your destruction for the last hundred years. Everything is fine. Go back to sleep. Get in the grave.


  1. I wish they had torched his house.

    1. at the least this simpering faggot should have been slapped around by these chimps.

  2. I noticed you gave the negroes 10 more I.Q. points in this post. Normally it's 70, not 80.

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. MH

    Please stay “ un-famous”

    please stay under the radar of these self/media elected communist scumfucks

    does anybody realize how dark the skies will be....perpetually...without objective truth seeking sites like MH around.....?

    the plastic cup banality of Disney Land immediately comes to mind...

    thanks again filthy subversive kike jews!
    you have poisoned my country....
    and the Hemisphere in which it imbeds itself.

    why can’t we be 110?

  5. sorry
    everybody on this site

  6. as usual...
    the very first paragraph seals the deal
    and reaffirms why we are all here....
    again...this is the
    tightest writing in America endless fucking decades.....of Jewish suppression and mandated mediocrity...

    MH...tight work.

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