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As we prepare to "hunker down" and give up our traditional holidays to appease "great reset" semitic evil, we can at least take solace in the amazing Liberia Ball monsters risking their "black lives" to provide you, the gelded slave, with top quality entertainment. There is no better cure for the "my country is dead" blues than watching creatures straight from a nightmare pile on top of each other and sometimes even make their fellow simians "hurry." Have no fear, shktozim, the Rwanda Rugby sewage pipe is not going to be shut off, even if it means turning a blind eye on the unsurprising pathology of 70 I.Q. savages unleashed on slumbering Whites. We might have to ignore the snow hoe rape. It's very important that the negroes on "blue" defeat the negroes on "red," just ask any doomed and spiritually cancerous debased White.

A USA Today report on Monday alleges that several LSU officials had knowledge of sexual assault allegations made against former running back Derrius Guice and other former football players and either ignored those complaints or denied the victims' requests for protection.

I know it looks bad, but before you get on your high horse please remember that this living fossil scored "tugs" in a degenerate children's game at "your" communist indoctrination center. Your daughters must become zulu war trophies so meaningless games can be won, it just makes sense. Derrius here is a hero. It's a good boy that actually went to college, turning its life around, sure to stop rutting on forgotten victims any day now.

The report also cites three cases in which football players were found responsible for sexual assault and were allowed to stay on campus, receiving deferred suspensions, which amounts to probation.

So much for the "systemic racism" within our dead institutions. Just don't do it again, Barkevious. Or maybe just don't get caught, whatever. I can't wait to watch this vile animal crash into other dark criminal dullards while I slobber over a ball gag with my pants around my ankles. Making sure evolutionary dead-ends get to play with a ball is much more important than violence against women.

The report details assault allegations made against former wide receiver Drake Davis by an LSU tennis player, including the allegation that the victim's tennis coach, Mike Sell, was informed that Davis had punched the woman in the stomach but did not report the assault to the school or the Title IX coordinator.

Nao yew gwine git eet inn duh stow-mack, beech. It looks like the beatings aren't just for pathetic cuckold fans who get pummeled by brown inferiors in the stadium bathroom after the "big game." A miscegenation case discovers that the real life negro is a little different than the one on your talmudvision.

The exciting "diversity" of Liberia Ball rapists. 

The report states that LSU "sat on the information for months, while Davis continued to assault and strangle her." 

At least your kosher student loan pound of flesh debt purchased an actual education in Clown World 101.

USA Today reports that at least nine football players, including Guice and Davis, have been reported to police for sexual misconduct and dating violence since Ed Orgeron was promoted to interim head coach in 2016.

Now imagine how many nightmare creature sex attacks were never even reported. Go team.

Orgeron was later promoted to full-time head coach, and he led the team to a national championship last season.

Wow. What a hero.

"First, I want to say that we need to support and protect victims of violence and sexual abuse of any kind," Orgeron said. "There's no place in our society nor on this campus or on our football program for any behavior of this type."

It's a little late for that, dawg. Your sickening actions, not your careerist hot air, is what we're going to judge. Meanwhile the silence from jewish feminism is absolutely deafening.

Orgeron closed his statement by saying, "That is all I'm going to say at this time." He declined to answer questions about the article.

Whites like this bloated sack of shit are the reason we're in the mess we're in. Our jewish enemy never would have won a single victory without our cowardly submission. 

Fat boy ignored negro rape so he could win games. 

LSU punter Zach Von Rosenberg took to Twitter to defend his coach earlier in the day in a tweet that has since been deleted. 

My monkey ball team has a token jew ready to come out of the woodwork and defend Coach Butterball. He's a real mensch. You can trust me, I'm jewish.

"I felt obligated to defend my coach bc we had team meetings about nearly every incident," Von Rosenberg tweeted. "Most of these players were either dismissed or removed from the team. The others I don't know all the details, but what I do know is my coach would do the right thing. Fact."

Fact Check: two plus two is actually five.

Full Story.

I sure hope "my" coal black team wins against the other groids. 


  1. Reading the ESPN article, it mentioned that the quarterback Peter Parrish also committed assault. I thought, it must be a white guy since he was a quarterback. Nope, another negro. I hope the virus hysteria does irreparably destroys these Marxist indoctrination centers as well as college athletics.

    1. for sure

      they truly dumbed down the responsibilities of the “ quarterback “...

      i don’t watch the jew nonsense

      but can tell periphally by the amount of Simians that now hold this position

  2. “dating violence”

    another euphemism for rape created by Kike cover the black asses of niggers that score touchdowns and secure donations from pathetic, selfish, atomized White booster club faggots.

  3. always kinda funny when they throw some “ hard” Jew-boy into the dark, sweaty black-ball miasma ...

    eventually, he’ll own the team and the stadium and all the licensing rights...


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