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Thanks to the "pandemic" this has been the deadliest year in our history, even worse than the previous grim title-holder, which was last year. "Build back better" bleating has already been replaced with "massive misery momentarily." We must "hunker down" and become a pincushion for endless injections of semitic poison. Maybe one day we'll solve the problem of elderly people dying, but until then your rights are going in the trash. Still, there's always the Liberia Ball to take your mind off the pathetic death of your homeland. Cheer for tar monsters who would gladly kill you and your family if given the chance, waste your pitiful six hundred shekels on funding horrible jewish criminals plotting the "great reset." Just be sure you don't commit Mouth Crime during the inevitable anti-White grandstanding, especially if you live in Cuck Island. We're going to find out who made disapproving noises during the ritualized humiliation and punish them severely.

Cambridge United have handed a stadium ban to fans who booed players taking a knee before their home game against Colchester.

There will always be an England. You made unapproved sounds during a vile kosher spectacle intended to promote more direct attacks on your people from the dark inferiors brought in to replace you in your ancient homeland. Red, white and blue. What does it mean to you? Something about a place where moon cult child-rape gangs operate for forty years because the police were afraid of being called "racist" while unlawful boisterousness from Ghana Grass Hockey geldings is immediately targeted. 

Other fans have been asked to undertake education around discrimination and equality before they are allowed back into the Abbey Stadium. 

If you want to keep watching the amazing "pace" of the Kenya Kickball monsters you're going to need to put on this rat helmet. It's about time we had gulags for raspberry depravity. It might seem severe, but let me remind you they bellowed impotently during another in the seemingly endless string of moronic propaganda displays aimed at a dying indigenous population. 

A handful of fans could be heard booing ahead of kick-off in the League Two fixture on December 15, even though it was quickly drowned out by applause.

A year from now they'll need to install a special bell to ring as a signal that it's now safe to stop the unbelievably enthusiastic applause for our own destruction. 

The club was quick to condemn the actions of its supporters and vowed to launch an investigation, which has now concluded.

I'm the biggest "Red" fan you'll ever meet, I even bleed "Red." "My" team would never let me down; they appreciate all the life I've wasted on worshiping their dusky heroes. "Quick to condemn." Oh. Let the inquisition into the Crime Shouting begin. Decades of moe-ham-head rape. 

Chief executive, Ian Mather said in a statement: 'The Club can confirm it has taken action with respect to a very small number of fans after the Colchester United game in light of their behaviour when players took the knee.

Orwell's vision of "Airstrip One" almost seems optimistic compared to this. We're a doomed mongrel zoo that has time to scan a crowd for Face Crime.

He had won the victory over himself. He loved Big Jew.

'Each case has been looked at separately. Conclusions reached range from education and support without any ban through to bans to the end of the season with season tickets refunded.

Time to turn off the "tellie" and stop supporting the false tribalism of a team of negroes which allegedly represents "your" ugly post-industrial wasteland.

'Diversity and inclusion will continue to be at the heart of what we stand for as a football club and we will be making no further comment about the incident.'

Bawk! Diversity and inclusion! Pretty bird, pretty bird! What we stand for! Bawk! Bawk!

Cambridgeshire was moved into tier four of coronavirus restrictions on Wednesday, meaning fans will not be allowed to attend home matches from Boxing Day. 

The sky is still falling, lest you forgot. Get back in your home, you worthless slave! You better smile and clap when the foreign looters are displaying their deep hostility towards you and everyone you care about. Time for another vaccine, you gutless worm. Close your eyes and think of England. You need "education," you criminal scum. Get in the grave.

In recent weeks, Millwall fans booed their players taking a knee before kick-off in a home game against Derby. One supporter was heard booing at Exeter City and was ejected from the ground as a result. 

You got a license for those sounds you're making? Thank g*d we defeated the "not-sees" and saved freedom. 

Last week, the Professional Footballers' Association reported that players had supported continuing to take a knee in a survey conducted by the union.

The brown aliens are still full of hostility toward their benefactors, if you can believe it. Maybe if I smile and cheer as they howl for my blood they'll start improving.

'Players overwhelmingly support continuing this act of solidarity despite any adverse responses that may be received.'

White genocide has a 100% approval rating from our jewish plutocrats and their malformed biological weapons.

Full Story.

The death of a nation.


  1. I saw a picture of a team from England. One white guy. I think whites in that city were 70%. So shouldn’t they have at least 70% white players? What happens when bipoc, whatever that means, become the majority? Do White ppl get affirmative action? YFR


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