Guilty of Racial Abuse

Seeing the collapse of jew-run sports in America is definitely one of the most positive signs the last few years produced. The virulently anti-White messages in the negro ball have driven away all but the most completely debased and doomed poor examples. Our country was not ready for creatures straight from a nightmare screaming into a camera about "killin dem milk" during the Congo Child's Game and this semitic overreach has created a new hope that our people are finally going to awaken from the kosher fever dream of basing tribal identity around a group of tar monsters representing your geographical area against other living fossils from the next town over. Faced with the complete implosion of our institutions and even muh democracy itself, whether "Red" can beat "Blue" in a brown circus doesn't seem all that important. Will a similar reversal happen in not-so-Great Britainistan? Believe it or not, it seems this could be the case. 

Millwall players will not take a knee before Tuesday's Championship fixture against QPR but will stand arm-in-arm in a "show of solidarity for football's fight against discrimination".

I guess your second or maybe third "lockdown" is over, you contemptible slave. Now you can resume watching your "fixtures" while your ancient homeland is destroyed in a planned jewish demolition. Even better, you can suck on a ball gag as all your favorite dark inferiors engage in ugly grandstanding intended to encourage more attacks against you and everyone you care about it. The national suicide is justified by the amazing "pace" on my Kenya Kickball heroes. Now we must fight against "discrimination," defined as having any indigenous Whites left in anything.

It comes after some Millwall fans booed the players taking a knee before Saturday's defeat by Derby at The Den.

Is there a limit to the amount of abuse a typical Cuck Islander is willing to take? The answer might surprise you.

Players of both teams will collectively hold up an anti-racism banner.

Current possible slogans for the amazing bolshevik banner include "Down With Western Civilization," "Die for the Jew" and "I'd Like to Personally Bludgeon Every Single One of My Fans to Death."

Millwall's regular shirt sponsor will be replaced with the logo of anti-discrimination body Kick It Out.

If this doesn't defeat "racism" once and for all I'd be absolutely shocked.

We're not equal.

In a statement, Millwall said: "Millwall believe that this gesture, which the club hopes to repeat with other visiting teams in the coming weeks and months, will help to unify people throughout society in the battle to root out all forms of discrimination.

Bawk! Believe this gesture! Pretty bird, pretty bird! *series of whistling noises* All forms of discrimination! Bawk! Bawk!

"Millwall have a zero-tolerance policy against racial and all other forms of discrimination and want to again make clear to anybody who holds such views that you are not welcome at this football club. Millwall's stance, as always, is that anybody found guilty of racial abuse is banned for life." 

All Whites should be banned from all future games.

The decision came after a meeting on Monday between both clubs, Kick It Out, Show Racism The Red Card, the Professional Footballers' Association (PFA), the Football Association (FA) and the English Football League (EFL).

While you fill out multiple forms so you can buy a knife or a screwdriver, the rot is hard at work.

"Players often receive widespread criticism and negativity for merely doing their jobs but here they are leading the way, trying to effect positive change and they should be applauded for taking a stand, showing solidarity and setting an example for others to follow."

Wow. What a group of heroes.

Some QPR players will take the knee before Tuesday's game at The Den, despite having stopped the gesture earlier this season after director of football Les Ferdinand said its impact had "been diluted".

It's like the rapidly shrinking number of sports cuckolds have become numb to the endless promotion of White genocide and we need something even more extreme, like malformed alien players running into the stands and beating up the soccer simps.

Players, officials and staff at Premier League and EFL games have been taking a knee pre-match since football restarted in June in order to show their support for the Black Lives Matter movement for racial equality.

This has led to dramatic improvements in negro behavior. Wait, my mistake. They're actually more dangerous, aggressive and moronic than ever. 

The Den was able to host 2,000 home fans for the first time this season after the second national lockdown was lifted but the return of spectators was overshadowed by the booing, with which Millwall said they were "dismayed and saddened".

In our kosher globalist bodega the customer is never right.

The Millwall Supporters' Club said the booing was not motivated by racism, but instead in opposition to the political views held by the Black Lives Matter organisation.

Right, I love darkies and "Asians," I was just a little put off by all the communism.

The FA has confirmed it is investigating the incident at Millwall, and a similar one at Colchester United's League Two game against Grimsby Town.

Welcome to Airstrip One, where crowd noises are the subject of investigations. You got a license for that booing?

Speaking on BBC Radio 5 Live's Monday Night Club, former England defender Micah Richards said booing is "not acceptable".

Homo erectus lectured gelded sports fans on Crimestop. 

"When the players are taking the knee they are not saying black lives matter and they are any better than white lives, they are trying to say it's a stand for equality and unity and that is why they are taking the knee."

Thank you 70 I.Q. outsider for clearing everything up. I feel I've learned a lot.

Full Story.

You deserve to lose your ancient homeland to jew-instigated invasion, woof, woof.


  1. hilarious .


    i thought the Jew only allowed cardboard cut-outs of people at these Shit-ball festivals of Kiked that their Flu Hoax is in full thrall ?

    yeah ok...those are and always were the actual “fans “ all along.
    i get it now.

  2. or...or...we could show Big Jew and his legions of sniveling, traiterous White kike offall the “black card.”

    nah. forget it.
    pass me those Doritos .


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