Resort to Tactics

We need 100 million vaccines to stop a virus so deadly that if our jewish enemies weren't constantly talking about it we wouldn't even know it existed. Take your idiocy shot, disease-ridden sodomites and people with triple-digit ages are dying of a seasonal flu. Then you'll have to keep getting the kosher prick, because the synagogue is just going to keep pushing until Whites are extinct or we tell the rat demons "no" in the clearest terms possible. Which way now? Will you take the semitic syringe? Interesting days ahead. Speaking of unwanted outside incursions, how about a giant "migrant" camp for your formerly peaceful and homogeneous village? Here comes more of that wonderful enrichment. By the way, you're on Cuckdown Number Four right now so get back in your house. Do you have a license to open that window? 

 Local inhabitants of a small village in rural England have raised concerns after Home Office plans revealed that the government is considering the construction of a migrant camp outside the settlement.

Rural Whites don't want an enemygrant tumor in their tiny community. This is the worst "racism" I've ever seen. They're just like you, all humanoids are equal. You need to die.

Amidst record-breaking waves of illegal boat migration across the English Channel, the British government has been forced to resort to tactics which hitherto have mainly been seen on continental Europe.

While the sky was falling and you meekly allowed your rights to be stripped away, the foreign invaders poured in. The "War in Syria" has now spread to France. We want Cuck Island. How many hundreds of moon cult inferiors should we put your pastoral hamlet down for?

According to the Daily Echo, the Home Office is planning to construct a camp of portacabins just outside the small Hampshire village of Barton Stacey on a Ministry of Defence property that would be capable of housing 500 alleged asylum seekers.

"Alleged" is definitely the operative word, considering the rapefugee sewage crossed dozens of peaceful countries to get here. Does the average Briton have even the weakest self-preservation instincts? 

The village itself is home to only 1,000 residents, and the plans have sparked deep concern amongst the local population.

Yeah. I would imagine.

The leader of Test Valley Borough Council, Councillor Phil North likened the planned migrant camp to an “open prison”.

I would have gone with "free-range Eloi ranch," but close enough.

“An influx of 500 young men in a village with an existing population of just 1,000, would have an overwhelmingly detrimental impact. In other similar facilities this has led to an increase in anti-social behaviour and criminality,” North warned.

Wait, "criminality?" Careful, comrade. I was told by the jew these were "women and children" fleeing "war" and I uncritically believed this because I'm a coward.

Look at all the exciting "diversity."

“There are few places I would consider less appropriate for a facility of this nature and it concerns me that this would even be considered,” he added.

When the front line collapses, you get to be the front line.

Cllr North alongside local MP Caroline Nokes launched a petition, requesting that the Home Office reconsider building the camp near the village. So far, over 1,500 people have signed the petition.

Don't worry, a semitic enemy who wants us all violently dead will respect muh petition. We just found one hundred thousand signatures from your village in support of this. Sorry, you lost in a secure and honest expression of democracy.

One woman who signed the petition said: “I’m afraid that I will feel very nervous allowing my children (12 and 10) to walk around the village alone. This is not the right place for such a camp.”

This is horrible "xenophobia." Put her in prison!

“In my opinion, housing 500 men close by, with little for them to do poses a significant risk to the safety and wellbeing of our small village,” she added.

Stating the obvious is now a very bold and dangerous act.

The housing illegal migrants in small villages and towns have been a feature of the European Migrant Crisis in countries such as Germany, Italy, and Greece, leading to increased social tensions.

It's not a bug, it's a feature. The jew wants to destroy our ancient homelands. The moe-ham-head scum is their weapon.

In one notable example, a group of asylum seekers terrorised a local fair in the small German town of Steinfurt in 2018, fighting with local teenagers, harassing ride owners, and sexually molesting young women.

One out of thousands. Weakness demands a toll and its price can only be paid in spilled blood.

In 2016, a study entitled “Refugee Integration: Challenges for German Municipalities” found that many small towns in Germany were driven into enormous amounts of debt in order to provide food and shelter for migrants.

Allowing foreign looters into your small town is bad, explains trustworthy eggheads. Thanks, I never would have figured this out on my own.

Full Story.

They're better [your nationality] than you are.


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