Soon Pronounced Dead

On Thanksgiving Day, police and paramedics responded to the intersection of S.E. 14th Street and Watrous Avenue, where they found a man in critical condition lying in the street. He had been hit by a vehicle, that sped off following the crash, according to witnesses. 

While you were probably attending a super-spreader event with your unclean loved ones, it was time for a deadly Bubba Smollett act in a state that has seen its racial composition steadily change in favor of more dark aliens, with predictable consequences such as what's described in the previous paragraph. The African all against all where life has no value and creatures straight from a nightmare prey on a hated legacy population is the real dangerous "surge" in the psychotic kosher tyranny clown show we're now living in.

The man was transported to MercyOne Des Moines Medical Center, where he was soon pronounced dead from massive internal injuries. 

Too late for "badakathcare" to save another forgotten White (?) victim. Time to get this ugly mess into the memory hole. It's really getting crowded down there.

Following the crash, the Des Moines Police Department released the following statement: Des Moines Police Department Traffic Unit investigators are requesting the community’s assistance with locating a hit and driver who struck and killed a pedestrian on Thanksgiving. Please take a look, share, and contact us if you believe that you have any helpful information.

I guess we should just be happy this worthless statement didn't mention their "commitment to diversity" or contain attempts to somehow blame this senseless horror on "White supremacy."

Police also released a photo of the suspect vehicle fleeing the scene.

The content of their character. 

We need a lot more of this in Iowa.

Lim Bol Chuol, 22, has been charged with leaving the scene of an accident resulting in death and having no insurance. On November 29, he was booked into the Polk County Jail at 12:55 a.m., and subsequently released at 9:52 a.m.

Lim Bol here is a better [American] than you, you lousy "racist." A foreign inferior blatantly breaking the law and killing an Eloi was promptly released, presumably on the advice of a Soros D.A. Your life is worth nothing. We can't punish genetic alien crime anymore. If you don't get the poison vaccine you're going to a gulag. Bow down to the jew.

Despite the seriousness of the charges, Chuol was inexplicably spent a mere nine hours behind bars, following his arrest. This reporter could not even find out the amount of his bail, or if he was even given one at an arraignment.

I know, pretty wild stuff. It's almost like our nation finally died this year and all that remains is a reeking carcass for scavengers like this worthless looter to pick at.

Local law enforcement have been very tight-lipped, not only about the details of Chuol’s release, but have also failed to release many details about the crime, including the identity of the victim.

The future of law enforcement: releasing tar monster criminals and then denying a crime even occurred. 

Full Story.

Muh sanctimony.


  1. Vigilante Justice is overdue to make a big comeback.
    The primary rationale that justifies taxation by government is that government protects its subjects, preferably citizens.
    The Deal is broken, and has been broken for a long time.
    While still having taxes extracted because of the massive grief to be suffered if not allowing the extraction, CITIZENS may still provide for their own protection.
    The Social Order, like Nature, abhors a vacuum.
    To maintain that Order requires maintenance.
    Wiping out scum like the mud creature featured in this story is good maintenance.
    Egregious Black rampaging Killer Ape scum, like those of The Knoxville Horror, should be summarily executed upon apprehension...instead of being the raw materials for The Lawyer & Court Industry.
    The housing, feeding, amusement and medical care enjoyed by misplaced sub-human Sticks & Mud Age savages, at public beyond INSANE.
    The demon beasts have got to go.
    All Methods Allowed.

  2. and yes....on to Madagascar ...or Hell....with these Rodential insects..

  3. du singe was talking about the american ape monster...
    they need to go as well

    i always revert to the expulsion of the jew....cause their the ones who brought this failed Ape lineage to our country to begin with.


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