A National Problem

The main upside of our nation's psychotic break and jew-assisted suicide is the removal of mainstream distractions like Liberia Ball, the communist indoctrination center and the Republican Party. No serious person can pretend that jew-run sports aren't just an anti-White opioid, that the "college" isn't just a four year kosher lobotomy or that the blow-dried fossils within the Loser Party are secretly on our side. All of this can be swept into the ash heap along with our dead democracy and any illusion that we're not being intentionally targeted for destruction. Now the real work can begin. It might start with something as simple as stickers that can be scanned by a phone, turning your mobile Skinner box into a red pill dispenser.

Police say the stickers may be difficult to remove, either way people have seen them and now they’re left feeling hurt.

Whoever is behind this did a great job and has my total respect. This is how you do it, right here. No "so clever it's stupid" slogans, no symbols people have been conditioned to believe are evil, just hard-to-remove portals to answers most Whites now realize are desperately needed, but they don't know where to turn. The samizdat war for our people's future is entering a new stage. These stickers are the ordnance against jewish evil.

“We all need to raise our voices and stand with each other,” Rabbi Litvin said.

Let's all come together in the degenerate mongrel sewer created by my criminal tribe. This scumbag calls you "cattle" and "unclean meat." 

Community leaders noticed the stickers popping up downtown over the weekend, illegally placed on businesses.

The brown biological weapons can destroy your cities and we're told it's "peaceful" but illegal stickers are a huge concern. Who you are and what your message is will be the only thing that matters in the anarcho-tyranny we are now living in. We are being told to disbelieve our own eyes by chosenites who want our race destroyed. It's not working.

They don’t look like much, just a message in small print, but scan them and a list of podcasts come up with titles like “The Jewish Problem” and “Marriage and White Survival”. 

If you expect this article to explain why White survival and a honest evaluation of the negative jewish impact on our countries are bad things, you'll be waiting forever. Your NPC programming is just supposed to kick in here, I guess. Whites are bad. Six million lost in the holohoax. 

Rabbi-Shlomo Litvin posted on social media encouraging people to speak out and against them, “It takes you to a website that has a series of mostly incoherent anti-Semitic bigoted rants about the holocaust, about Jews in general, about how the governments been controlled. Various conspiracy incoherent ramblings and split up into different topics.”

If the merchant says something is a "conspiracy theory" the chances of it being true become nearly one hundred percent. Still, look at the "incoherent" ideas, like the jew being behind communism, pornography, open borders, replacement immigration, worthless currency, usury, feminism, endless foreign war, the sodomite agenda, garbage culture, negro rioting and every other evil of our time, something you could prove with five minutes of research. Just telling us the sky is green and then applying some slurs to our people isn't fooling anyone, shlomo.  

He says change doesn’t just happen. Just because it’s a new year doesn’t mean we won’t see this type of behavior.

Yeah. I think you're right about that one. This is just the beginning.

The enemy within. 

“You have anti-Semites attacking Jewish education in New York, you have Jewish student center was burnt down in Delaware, Jews are attacked in the streets of Miami. This is a national problem, this isn’t a Kentucky problem, but we in Lexington Kentucky also need to face it.”

What are you even talking about, merch? Yew eeeennnn meeee-ahhhh-meeeee nao, joo. Meanwhile Whites are under constant semitic assault from every direction, but we need to focus on "Hey rabbi...watcha doin?!?" tales of "persecution" in Delaware. 

Rabbi Litvin says although this hurts, the community support he continues to see is what helps him and others stay strong and inspired.

They're already afraid.

Police say they are investigating.

Not sure how these carefully placed pallets of bricks got here right before the rally. Oh well, we're overworked as it is. Now, let's get back on the sticker crime case.

Full Story.

We're in Chiraq.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

  2. jews hide themselves well in Kensucky.
    i live here.
    what are they up to?
    what are they farming and exploiting here?
    blue grass ?

    our souls?

    1. I live in Eastern Kentucky. I have NEVER seen a Jew here. Barely see the brown scourge. I wonder why we have VIRTUALLY NO CRIME HERE?? I asked once about communities for ppl of like minds but I didn’t realize the “notify me” box had to be checked. Do you have any recommendations for further reading or forums? I ADORE MH, but a 5 minute article (as genius as it is) once a day is not enough for me.

  3. Jews are attacked in the streets of Miami?

    Has a straight white man lived in Miami since the 1980s? The slogan I remember was “Will the last American leaving Miami please bring the flag?” And that was maybe 1982.

    1. what about the Jews that have been attacked on Mars...and Jupiter???

      these are real phenomenon people.
      please...be ever aware of the chosen’ s status.....

  4. i lived in south florida in 80s and 90s....specifically remember that bumper sticker....

    what happened to Men since?

    oh, yeah.....Kikes.


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