Disinterested at Best

Our jewish enemy honestly seems to believe it will somehow protect itself from all the damage this criminal tribe has caused in White nations. After all, it's right there in the demonic bathroom tissue which serves as a "holy" book for the rat demons. They're going to rule over brown slaves. For a Soros or a Bezos this probably still seems like a reasonable future once the "Great Reset" (Just a conspiracy theory, goyim!) is completed and their obscene wealth and walled ethnostate can act as a buffer against the mud world hell they unleashed. Meanwhile, the average poisonous mushroom is starting to get hit with friendly fire from their biological weapons and its time to kvetch to other yids about the waking nightmare created by their own endless attacks on the hated gentiles. Consider today's incredible story, where a chosenite gets popped by its former merchandise and whines to its fellow parasites.

I was shopping with my wife at a Target store in Brooklyn, NY yesterday on Flatbush Ave. As we were headed out, my wife went to the checkout line to pay and I headed to the restroom.

Time to do the same thing to a public toilet that we did to Europe during the disastrous jewish century. It sure feels good to spend shekels and wander through the strident and ugly globalist bodega our desert mafia tirelessly worked for. What could go wrong?

A women with a shopping cart at an angle going the “wrong way” blocked my natural path so I went in the opposite lane of shopper traffic. I attempted to pass two African American men in the other “lane” by going all the way to the outside.

Welcome to 2021. Everything is going to be different. Your life is going to change for the better.

I don’t believe I was going fast and believe there was a fair amount for room for everyone to fit-but as I passed them, one of the men quickly raised one of his elbows like a weapon and thrust it quickly and forcefully into my nose, breaking it in two places.

The former "bargain of a lifetime" blasts the merchant right in the old number six. You'll teach them to act sort of human, don't worry. This is an economic necessity. Freed from the kosher chains the "African-American" animal hammers the tapir snout.

The assailant yelled something at me, but I was so dazed and my glasses were askew and there was blood in my mouth that I couldn’t hear what he said.

Fog of war and all that. We can only assume this well-behaved negro was trying to apologize for its accidental contact with a chosenite. After all, they're just like you. The only reason they behave in such a pathological fashion is because of "racism," a meaningless word my moloch cult invented. Here's a mouthful of blood libel. Jew boy bleed a lot.

I reported the incident to security (African American) as to what had happened and that my assailant was still in the store and what he looked like.

I'm sure you'll get some high-quality aid from the "eye kanna hee-ah yew" dark idiots your communist cult forced upon us. I bet La-ah and her giant fingernails and bloated posterior can't wait to rush to the aid of a leaking Levantine. 

They told me they couldn’t do anything and that I should call 911, which I did as my nose bled heavily. They looked disinterested at best. 

We kann dew nuffin, mudda fudda. I know, I was surprised, too. It's almost like these creatures are a failed branch of humanity with alien genetic material from an unknown source and not our "equals" like you preached in the communist indoctrination center, the JUDEO-christian church and the talmudvision.  

Finally, the assailant himself appeared again as he was walking out of the store. I pointed him out to security, but they just ignored me.

The tar monster "not-sees" triumphed because good simians did nothing. 

See you at the kosher bodega!

The police showed up and took a statement, they checked the security footage and verified it was an assault and then they left. I don’t believe they even questioned Target security.

It's time for the 90 I.Q. mongrel "five oh" to show up and give the "It's not you, it's us" speech. You need to be armed. 

Unfortunately, I should have been even more vocal and made a scene-but I was dazed with a broken nose and wasn’t feeling well. I blacked out not long after the paramedics arrived.

I was hurt so badly I couldn't even spit and yell at the cattle. Oy vey. Then I passed out from all the humidity.

I am a white male.

Hello, fellow Whites!

Target corporate literature makes it very clear that they take diversity seriously and have corporate goals to hire people of color. However, did this diversity and inclusion backfire in the worst way if their security selectively decides when to make an issue of something and when not to and was their lack of response race related?

Wow, there's some food for thought. Really gets the old noggin joggin', let me tell you.

Target employees didn’t elbow me in the face, but the logical conclusion of their response towards the matter suggests that lawbreakers of certain demographics feel emboldened to commit crimes in Target stores because they know they will get a free pass.

It's almost like the eroding rule of law and the afromania promoted by your desert syndicate have larger societal consequences that aren't entirely positive. Don't worry though, a "fellow White" using the name "Ben Torah2" has some excellent advice for you.

This is very simple. Hire a competent lawyer and sue Target.

Full Story. 


  1. i always imagined that as a demon Jew infant lays in its black, Rosemary’s Baby crib...it stares up at spinning mobile that has ornaments with instructions how to litigate and sue on them...

    1. I kinda had the same imaginings until I saw the movie Vivarium. Now I know that the parasite children get plunked down in front of a TV and watch weird fractals.

    2. what’s up JimB..
      i’ll check that Vivarium out...though, i already believe you.

    3. It's a thoroughly weird movie. About a parasitic interdimensional alien race. Totally makes you think of the Talmudic weirdos we've had to put up with for so long... and the way their Hollywood sorcery has built up this toxic alt-reality of "Americanism". You'll understand once you have a look at it. Drop back in to this thread once you do and tell me your thoughts, Okay? I'll check in from time to time. Cheers.

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  4. You think things are bad now? Democrats just obtained control of the Senate. BUY ALL OF THE FIREARMS, AMMO, HIGH CAPACITY MAGS YOU CAN RIGHT NOW. If you get a tax return at the end of January, SPEND IT ALL ON FIREARMS AND AMMO.

    1. something needs to happen.... that’s for sure LOTSmokers..

      do we all have the will?
      how entrenched in Jew slavery and usury are we?

      can we take a couple days off from our “job”....to help fill our drainage basins full of blood?

      am i being dramatic?
      does the jew completely control us?
      is the Jew snickering and laughing at our ineptitude with its Jew friends...in the Country Clubs it has taken over in the last 80 years?

    2. It's much worse than that. They've succeeded in creating legions of golem, even many thousands from our own race. If it were only the biological Jew maybe we'd have a better chance at victory... and that's not to say we're totally f***ed... but we have to contend with many hundreds of thousands of their golem. World-wide. Get ready for "The Future", the one that the Jew Leonard Cohen sang about. Seriously. It's precisely what the creeps have in store for the actual future.

    3. I don’t think you guys realize how bad it is, at least for 2 years. The dems are css as king to end the filibuster, pack the courts, then give statehood to Guam, Puerto Rico, and DC. That would cement a dem majority for who knows how long. They would have to fuck it up so royally that their base would turn their backs in them. With the degeneracy in that party, NOT LIKELY TO HAPPEN


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