Fruitless Investigation

I'd like to wish all of you a happy Rev-rand Dok-tar Malfin Luffah Kang June-Yah day. As Whites assume our new role as a hated minority and scapegoat for the endless failures of our "multi-culti," it's probably only a matter of time before g*d's fornicator is placed on the same pile as the rest of our dead nation's past, what with its "problematic" statements about judging the content of the character and somewhat wishy-washy stance on violent tar monster uprisings and White genocide. It might be time to finally retire everyone's favorite communist plagiarist pervert in favor of Saint Floyd Day. Until then, we must honor the great memory of a genetic alien whose many vile sins were washed away by high velocity projectiles by holding more "racism" witch hunts at the communist indoctrination center.

Colorado State University spent $107,000 on a fruitless investigation into racism allegations within its athletics department. 

If you're looking for "racism" a good place to start would be college athletics. Consider the Liberia Ball teams, where White players fill almost all the positions and the negro animal is routinely discriminated against because everyone knows they can't run or jump very well and thus make unsuitable mercenaries for an ugly spectacle designed to pacify completely debased White geldings.

I think I see a few Whites, better start a six figure investigation.

According to the Denver Post, the university paid law firm Husch Blackwell $107,397.50 for more than 304.6 billable hours of services rendered, resulting in an hourly rate of $371.14. The invoice noted that the firm gave CSU a "discount" of percent.

What a bargain for you, gentiles!

We'll find the "racism" for a reasonable fee, goyim.

“The investigators found that most student-athletes who participated in the investigation disputed allegations of pervasive racial inequities or harassment within their athletic team or the Athletic Department more broadly,” explained CSU President Joyce McConnell. 

Wow, really? I would have assumed there was "pervasive" Thought Crime, especially considering the fact that Whites haven't been totally eliminated yet. Maybe it's time to bring in another jew legal swindle team and keep pouring money into this until we get the anti-White result we want.

“Few individuals alleged that such incidents were widespread or tolerated by current coaching staff," she added.

The coaches are actually pathetic careerists terrified of life-destroying accusations from their dusky charges and not hardcore "bigots" full of blind hate for "skin color." I know, pretty surprising stuff. We live in a world where even the mildest criticism of "African-American" pathology will immediately get you fired and this apparently hasn't gone unnoticed among debased Whites who play degenerate games with coal creatures to earn some crumbs off the merchant's plate.

In spite of the scant evidence for a continued problem with racism, Husch Blackwell recommended that the university “continue or supplement diversity and inclusion training University-wide, with a special focus on the Athletics Department, to advance empathy-building, racial sensitivity and cultural understanding.” 

You've done a good job of bowing down to our chosen moloch tribe and destroying this institution, but don't think you can relax or something. We must keep attacking those foundations. 

McConnell agreed with the firm’s assessment, announcing that the university “will work quickly to implement the recommendations made in the report and prioritize these issues across the institution as we have committed to do.”

We will continue the war against Face Crime. Just give us the new demands, shlomo. I'd push my own mother into traffic to keep my useless sinecure.

Nevertheless, “students are not pleased with the current administration.”

I think we all know why. You are correct. "Racism."

“Instead of spending $107K on a useless goose chase, how about they repair the windows in Westfall Hall so their students don’t freeze at night, or perhaps the asbestos in Clark C?” she said. “What we want is proper education, not left-wing indoctrination.”

I'd rather have lungs full of asbestos particles than a heart full of "hate."

Full Story.

I found this Clown World picture on Colorado State's "diversity" web page.


  1. “ The coaches are actually pathetic careerists terrified of life-destroying accusations from their dusky charges and not hardcore "bigots" full of blind hate for "skin color."

    This is why I think the new republicuck senator from Alabama, Tommy Tuberville will suck.

  2. You know I think you should do a piece on fact-checkers. I read the Snopes article about an mlk (yes, he wasn’t worth reaching my thumb across my phone to capitalize his initials) meme that makes 4 claims. Ultimately saying it was “mostly false”. And then subsequently proving that all 4 claims were TRUE. Previously I read one on Snopes again about Susan Rosenberg, a blm (again, not worth the time to capitalize) board member who was convicted of blowing up a federal building. They go on to note it’s “mixture of truth” because “what is the definition of domestic terrorism?” HOW ABOUT BLOWING UP A FUCKING FEDERAL BUILDING?? Seems fitting.

  3. And I’m halfway through 2012 on your archives. You have put major time in this blog.

  4. MH guy was on fire from the outset......there is nothing and will never be anything quite like this site again on the soon to be jew controlled world wide web .

  5. Another GREAT SOURCE FOR COMPLETE IDIOCY AND PANDERING TO blacks is the website It is basically an Anti-Gun org where all articles categorize legal gun ownership in a negative facet. Unless, OF COURSE, if it is black ppl owning guns. If you deduct suicide, justified police shootings, and BLACK GANG VIOLENCE , there is less than 9K gun related homicides in a country of 328 MILLION. There is NO GUN VIOLENCE EPIDEMIC. There is an epidemic of stupidity in the inner city and a mental health epidemic probably associated with the effects of stupidity in inner cities. Anyway, IT WOULD BE GREAT MATERIAL FOR YOU MH.

  6. Was good of them to put a picture of their janitorial staff on their diversity page. It's so important to be noticed.


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