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If hypocrisy could somehow be harnessed as energy, the last 48 hours would have set us up for a long, long time. Our "sacred" building came under attack, the holiest of holies was roughly penetrated by terrorists without color, the divine relics of muh democracy were desecrated by heathens, please forgive us g*d of zion, awoman. In the midst of this sickening display of cynical sanctimony there was one thought foremost in my mind, namely "When are we going to hear from some Liberia Ball inferior at a JUDEO-christian school?" Fortunately, the wait is over and a moronic Eritrea Eggball animal has delivered the great tribal wisdom of its failed branch of humanity that carries alien genetic material not found in actual humans. The contents of this amazing message? We need more violence against Whites to avenge the hallowed kosher bribery chamber that was sacked by pale barbarians. Please note the emphasis on "more." An unarmed woman shot in the neck doesn't count.

Trinity Christian has suspended one of its varsity assistant football coaches after a racially charged social media post suggested violence against white people during Wednesday’s mob scene on Capitol Hill.

Another totally innocent and cherubic creature of brown unfairly punished by "racist" Whites in positions of power. It didn't do [anything] and is clearly a good boy who teaches valuable life skills to other tar monsters, like how to crash into each other and make their fellow living fossils "hurry" during Rwanda Rugby degeneracy.

A coach at the school made a post on Instagram that said: “I’m ready to see some white bodies drop… start shooting them and taking lives. If it was us we’d be slaughtered by now. They need to start letting rounds go on them boys!”

We need more dead White bodies (Ah?). This is a normal and mainstream belief in "African-American" alien outsiders. The decades of appeasement, cowardice and groveling have given us the worst negro behavior we've ever seen. Too bad Trump is probably going to prison soon; I'm almost certain the 500 billion shekel "Platinum Plan" would have miracled "leddin dem rawnds goe" violent pathology into "yew wites ain relly no debils, huh huh" sullen passive-aggression. The bargain of a lifetime, goyim. I guess we'll never know, such a tragedy.

A follow-up post said: “Not racist, I have friends of different ethnicities and show them all the same love but we all know how the world works! If you gone react and be quick to fire, fire at every race the same!”

I just wanted a brutal and nightmarish all against all, I'm not "races" or nuffin. 

Next up on your action news: Why Whites need to die.

News4Jax has chosen not to identify the coach at this time.

Well, that's too bad. You'd think this information might be important to the story, but I guess not. I'd identify the coach myself, but it's not like I have some sort of magic wand that can produce an image of the dark idiot responsible for this jewgram loose stool. I would if I could, but it's impossible. I'm really sorry, you'll just have to use your imagination. Wait, my mistake. I've got one right here.

I know, I was surprised, too.

In a message from head of school, David Welling, the school said it will not tolerate that behavior and that the coach would be suspended “moving forward.”

We're not quite to the point in White genocide where open calls for deadly violence are completely encouraged by a dead system. Give it a few more months.

Trinity Christian went 12-1 and won the Class 3A state championship last month, the eighth in program history.

Wow. Great job.

Full Story.

Look at all the "diversity."


  1. He's a mattoid, even for a negro which is really saying something.

  2. Just when you think you've reached peak clown world you get

  3. Could someone please explain the “dead nigga bodies (Ah)” reference. I can’t find any info on it.

  4. i cant explain it..

    it’s MH guy’s thing...i just leave it be and move on with the rest of his brilliance ....


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