We Don't Win Anymore

The phony tough guy is gone, but his amazing legacy will live on. Of course I'm referring to the MIGA policy of slavish devotion to Israel and our jewish enemy. These noble acts will always be remembered by an outlaw state that tossed the "Platinum Plan" blowhard into the trash immediately after the electoral fraud. It's too bad little things like securing our southern border, stopping the erosion of our most basic rights or not allowing the pathetic death of muh democracy couldn't be accomplished, but at least the jew was happy before they disposed of Trump for another, even more pliable, gentile puppet. Still, the Loser Party savior fought to the final bitter moments, pardoning some of the most odious jew criminals before being thrown out on his fat ass. Trust the plan, shkotzim

In the final hours of his US presidency, Donald Trump awarded clemency to more than a dozen Jews who had been convicted of crimes — but not Sheldon Silver, the disgraced former New York State Assembly speaker. 

Even faced with near-total capitulation, the poisonous mushroom can still find something to whine about. I can't believe Sheldon Silver wasn't pardoned. The precious one lost. I remember screaming "Pardon disgraced former New York assembly speaker Silver!" at the "America First" rally until I completely lost my voice. This is definitely what I voted for, assuming my ballot wasn't simply tossed in the trash by some negro.

This vile jew criminal somehow missed the final Trump selections.

Silver was not on the list of 143 people granted clemency, a traditional act for outgoing presidents. That means the former Democratic power broker will continue serving a prison term on corruption charges.

All this moloch worshiper did was blatantly and repeatedly break the law. This is an outrage. Every single jew scumbag should be released from comically lenient "prisons" that resemble expensive resorts (We have to limit your freezer access because you're a convicted felon) to resume ruling over the mongrel slaves. 

The New York Times reported that Trump abandoned a plan to give clemency to Silver at the urging of New York Republicans and the New York Post.

More shocking "anti-semitism" from the "...and Israel!" disgrace. Sheldon here is a good boy, turning his life around, unlikely to engage in massive graft.

Among the Jews who did make the cut were several whose crimes affected Jewish communities or who had the support of the Aleph Institute, an organization that works with Jews who are incarcerated.

After this brief flirtation with semi-sanity, it's time to go off the deep end and turn loose some of the worst human-shaped demons.

Here’s who made the list.

Major spoiler: none of his dumb gentile supporters.

Alex Adjmi, a New Jersey businessman who served a five-year sentence in a 1996 money-laundering scheme.

We need to empty the prisons to make room for Thought Criminals. How about "justice" for a desert alien who calls us "cattle" and "unclean meat?" 

Jonathan Braun, who operated a massive marijuana importing operation from his parents’ home on Staten Island, New York, had his sentence commuted after serving five years in prison.

Make sure you do lots of drugs, goyim. Get "baked" and destroy yourself. It's absolute bliss, just ask this groid on your talmudvision. You'll be no threat to the coming tyranny. Toke up, slave.

Elliott Broidy, the Republican fundraiser who violated foreign lobbying laws on behalf of Chinese and Malaysian interests.

Vote Republican so you can support common sense reforms like (squints at notes) Malaysian interests as presented by a repugnant yid.

The creatures outside looked from pig to man, and from man to pig, and from pig to man again: but already it was impossible to say which was which.

Abel Holtz, an 86-year-old South Florida retired bank executive who was sentenced to 45 days in prison in 1995 for impeding a grand jury investigation.

Chosen slime suffered a minor inconvenience a quarter of a century ago. Make sure you solve this, Literally Hitler.

Ken Kurson, a friend of Trump’s son-in-law and presidential adviser Jared Kushner, who was arrested in October on charges of cyberstalking his ex-wife. A former journalist and digital entrepreneur, Kurson was once named Journalist of the Year by the Jewish publication The Algemeiner.

"You need to pardon my merchant buddy who got a little rough with the unclean meat." "Yes, master."

That's it, gentile. Wave to the people.

Hillel Nahmad, a scion of a prominent Jewish art dealer family, who was convicted of a sports gambling offense. 

The "art dealer" crime family wasn't happy to see "Nahmad" getting high on their own supply. The schwoogie ball is for our talmudic slaves, not us! What, are you meshuggah

Aviem Sella, a former Israeli Air Force officer who was indicted in 1987 for recruiting Jonathan Pollard to collect US military secrets for the Israeli government. Israel never agreed to extradite him.

Our greatest ally. To be a patriotic American you must love Israel.

David Tamman, a Los Angeles lawyer convicted of doctoring documents at the request of a client who was running a Ponzi scheme preying on Iranian-American Jews. His bid for clemency was supported by the Aleph Institute.

I know it looks bad, but its own demon mafia thinks it shouldn't be punished and who are you to argue with that, you filthy dog?

Shalom Weiss, a Brooklyn-born businessman sentenced to more than 800 years in prison in 2000 in a huge insurance fraud scheme.

I guess he's not going to finish that sentence. Insurance fraud. America great again. So much winning. You might get sick. 

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The light of the world.


  1. Silver must have swindled Trump out of money before his presidency.

  2. Shalom Weiss ::: should have never been allowed to breath on my planet to begin with .ever.

    but those types of decisions are out of my hands.


  3. the jew falls asleep each night....laughing at us and our pathetic credulity...

    then it gets up, drinks another 16 ounces of Christian blood , urinates, and falls back asleep like a dead dog.


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