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We're now in day three hundred and something of "fifteen days to flatten the curve." Somehow the useful crisis just refuses to go away, unlike "black lives matter" thuggery, which our jewish enemy can apparently turn on and off like a tap. It's almost like we're secretly ruled over by a cynical and evil cabal of kosher elites who manipulate circumstances for their maximum benefit with no regard for the damage they're causing to our doomed mongrel nation. Of course, this is just a crazy "conspiracy theory" made up by tinfoil hat cranks, and besides, it's not like the kosher rot is going to openly admit to their crimes or something. Even if it was true, which it isn't, the chosenites would never have the arrogance and staggering contempt for you and the ruins of your ancestral homeland to explain their crimes like a James Bond villain. No, not going to happen. Now get in line for your poison vaccine, you contemptible slave. This is going to save your life. Also, did you know the heroic bug-eyed yid pushing this idiot injection on you was nearly lost in the holohoax? 

If it hadn’t been for the kindness of an uncle and the insight of his grandfather, Pfizer CEO Dr. Albert Bourla, a Thessaloniki native, would never have been born.

Oh no, that would have been the worst tragedy imaginable. Please don't die, plutocrat scumbag, that would break my heart. Regular readers will remember this vile alien giving great advice to the cattle (you and everyone you love) while demonstrating cartoon shock at the idea that its criminal tribe should also take the sucker syringe. I'd love to play cards with this poisonous mushroom.

A descendant of the Jews of Greece’s second-largest city, Bourla’s ancestors, like those of almost all the Thessaloniki Jews, had come to the country after the edict of 1492 in Spain.

In fourteen hundred ninety two, we expelled the moose-limb and the jew. The merchant packs up their con game and takes it to another unsuspecting gentile nation. 

Invited to live in the country by the Ottoman overlords at the time, they put down roots and actually flourished there, in peace and freedom, for centuries.

Speaking of the Ottoman Empire, remember the Armenian genocide? Probably not, since unlike the events we're about to hear about, it actually happened and we don't have thousands of "survivors" with absurd stories.

But the scourge of Nazi occupation brought a horrific end to tens of thousands of these people, wiping much of Thessaloniki’s Jewish population off the map, robbing most of the Jewish population there of its future.

We might be missing some historical events between 1492 and 1940, but then again it's probably best not to learn about the past, other than knowing Whites are bad and deserve the carefully planned destruction the jew is now openly boasting about.

As many as 48,000 Thessalonians of Jewish heritage were deported from their home city, never to return, during World War II.

The precious 48,000 lost. The yid will always tell you what was done to them, but never why.

I was gassed six times before being born. Take this vaccine, goyim.

Dr. Bourla related the harrowing story of his family during the War — and for the first time ever, told the world that if it hadn’t been for his mother and father hiding and escaping execution at the last minute, he wouldn’t be here today.

If you thought "this untested semitic stab will keep you healthy" was the biggest snow job this criminal was capable of, hold on to something.

Would the world have received its first coronavirus vaccine within ten months of the virus arriving on American shores if it had been someone else at the helm of the company? No one will ever know.

Thank g*d the bumbling "not-sees" failed or we wouldn't have the "cure" for the deadly "pandemic." Imagine actually believing this drivel. "Insult to my intelligence" doesn't even begin to describe this amazing jewish shuck.   

“Our ancestors had fled Spain in the late 15th century, after King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella issued the Alhambra Decree, which mandated that all Spanish Jews either convert to Catholicism or be expelled from the country. They eventually settled in Ottoman Thessaloniki, which later became part of Greece following its liberation from the Ottoman Empire in 1912.

I'm going to skip over a few hundred years of well-poisoning, ritual murder and usury to get to the part where you're supposed to feel bad for my desert mafia. 

"Within a week of the occupation, however, the Germans had arrested the Jewish leadership, evicted hundreds of Jewish families and confiscated their apartments."

Wow, that was easy. I thought resisting the kosher evil was impossible, but look at this. 

“My father’s family, like so many others, had been forced from their home and taken to a crowded house within one of the Jewish ghettos. It was a house they had to share with several other Jewish families. They could circulate in and out of the ghetto, as long as they were wearing the yellow star."

I guess we're in no real hurry with this whole "Final Solution" plan. No, let's make them wear goofy stars and share a house (The sufferink!). 

“But one day in March 1943, the ghetto was surrounded by occupation forces, and the exit was blocked."

1943 Germany certainly had lots of spare military resources to "surround" strategically meaningless urban areas.

"My father, Mois, and his brother, Into, were outside when this happened. When they approached, they met their father, who also was outside. He told them what was happening and asked them to leave and hide. But he had to go in because his wife and his two other children were home. Later that day, my grandfather, Abraham Bourla, his wife, Rachel, his daughter, Graciela, and his younger son, David, were taken to a camp outside the train station. From there they left for Auschwitz-Birkenau. Mois and Into never saw them again."

Read this paragraph a few times and marvel at the lucid coherency, literary brilliance and scrupulous honesty of our ancient friends.

"The same night, my father and uncle escaped to Athens, where they were able to obtain fake IDs with Christian names."

Your new gentile name will be "Woody Allen."

"They got the IDs from the head of police, who at the time was helping Jews escape the persecution of the Nazis. They lived there until the end of the war … all the while having to pretend that they were not Jews … that they were not Mois and Into – but rather Manolis and Vasilis."

Maybe they should have gotten a jew that's actually good at lying for this whole vaccine con game.

“When the German occupation ended, they went back to Thessaloniki and found that all their property and belongings had been stolen or sold."

The precious material possessions lost, the crime of our time. Kosher criminal slime was mildly inconvenienced by Europe's Second Jew-Assisted Suicide Attempt.

With nothing to their name, they started from scratch, becoming partners in a successful liquor business that they ran together until they both retired.

We went right back to poisoning the shkotzim. Just like right now!

It's time to assign a score to this incredible true story of the holocaust.

- Expelled from Spain, 5 points

- Evicted by "not-sees" and forced to share a house (!) with other jews, 5 points

- Yellow stars, 5 points

- Totally incoherent tale about family being sent to "death" camps, 5 points

- Tricking "nazzees" with fake identification and names (Larry King, etc.), 5 points

- All my precious possessions were lost, 5 points

- Poisoning the goyim with booze and vaccines, 5 points

Looks like a disappointing score of only 35 for the Bourla family sufferink. I guess when you're busy controlling governments and rigging elections from the shadows there really isn't a lot of time to add embellished details to your kosher fish stories.

Full Story. 

My rat family "survived" the holohoax.


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    MH GUY...,,putting greasy , fuckfaced , unfunny Kike comedians to post at a time.


  2. i dare you all to stare at the picture of this Ashkenazian
    plague-rat for more than 30 seconds without mentally wretching..

  3. I watched an old Unsolved Mysteries episode about the “Robin Hood Rabbi”. This Asshole stole 200 MILLION DOLLARS and ended up only serving 7 years in Israel. He’s out but they haven’t extradited him. I thought they were our ally? It went on to say he never used the money for personal gain even though HE NEVER WORKED AND TRAVELED THE WORLD EXTENSIVELY. They are so evil I think they don’t even realize what they are doing is evil.

  4. When I saw that Time article that MH is talking about I was taken aback. They are just openly gloating about their secret cabal. And then they have the nerve to call ppl conspiracy theorists and try to ruin said person’s credibility. WAKE UP WHITE PPL. They are LITERALLY TELLING YOU THAT THEY CONTROL YOUR COUNTRY AND THERE IS NOTHING YOU CAN FO ABOUT IT.

    1. i know it LOTS....

      these cyclopic insects get more brazen as the days pass..

      they’ve always laughed at us behind our their doing it openly in their filthy gutter jew media....

  5. Interesting article suggests that the Pfizer vaccine in Israel is a placebo due to the extremely low death/side effects recorded. The supposed effectiveness of the vaccine is enhanced by changing the covid test criteria. Bourla is CEO of Pfizer.

    1. And yet he himself will not take the vaccine. You are missing the point leftist douchebag

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  8. the tentacled, unending weaved web of the Jew....

    anything but the actual Truth will do.

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  10. all i can say to the few people within the small radius of my life - you take this queer, unfounded jab of internationally-kiked deal with the possible ‘fallout...’

    and if there is actual pain involved ....
    you sorta deserve it


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