After the Hoax

As our country is lowered into the kosher grave, we need to spend the final hours before this undignified disposal removing Whites from everything, worshiping the negro animal and promoting levels of depravity so ridiculous sodomy almost looks healthy by comparison. We're also going after that animal Assad, the biggest threat to America and our merchant friends, other than the White Nationalist evil behind every blade of grass. Don't think we've forgiven those Donkey Kong chemical weapon barrels, pal. If this insanity leads to a nuclear confrontation with Russia, that's just too bad. The Lions of Judah will fight to the last goyim sucker. Speaking of dumb gentiles, here's an amazing story from the communist indoctrination center where a negro promoted a hate crime hoax, destroyed several lives and no one learned anything. File this one under "let it all burn."

An elite Massachusetts liberal arts college has quietly conceded that there was no truth to allegations of racism made by one of their students that 'ruined the lives' of numerous campus workers.

Wow, can you even stand it? It turns out the genetic alien wasn't entirely honest about the "racism" from endlessly apologetic working Whites. This is definitely the first time we've seen anything like this. Maybe Whites aren't inherently evil and don't deserve a carefully planned jewish genocide?

Oumou Kanoute was in the canteen at Smith College on July 31, 2018 when she claimed she was profiled for 'eating while black' after a security guard asked her what she was doing. 

It's a shame the talmudvision decided to discuss the secret ingredient in malt liquor that makes brothas hostile instead of the new scourge of "eating while black" afflicting our globalist bodega. I guess there's only so many hours in the day and as long as the message is always White Man Bad the specifics don't really matter that much. Still, Kounta Kinte was cruelly taken from The Mother by White gentile slavers with a giant net, only to be cruelly attacked for giddin muh chucken awn. The gestapo asked a polite question. We must eliminate all Whites. 

Kanoute, a psychology undergraduate student, posted video of the incident on social media and claimed that she was the victim of racism.   

Our country needs a lot more negro dullards studying the amazing semitic degeneracy of Sigmund Fraud. Now it's time for what this dead jewish pervert would call "projection." Aww demm wites be badd an races. Eye hayt dees fuggin pinkk pee-po. 

However, an independent law firm investigating the incident found that same year that there was no evidence of wrongdoing and cleared all those involved.

I know, pretty surprising. The important thing is it could have happened and was definitely real in the primitive mind of an alien looter. Dinner timin' gone wrong, we need to severely punish the White devil.

The case has come to light again after an employee resigned from the school on Friday, citing a 'racially hostile environment.'

It's very rare that we actually get the full aftermath of one these hoaxes. It's going to be very instructive, to say the least.

Kanoute had named staff online, causing one to be hospitalized with stress and another, a janitor who was not present, forced from his job.

This worthless creature not only doesn't feel even a shred of guilt over this, but actually thinks what it did was somehow good. We'll get an apology for its awful behavior a day after we get a "thank you" for decades of ill-conceived negro appeasement which accomplished nothing at great expense to our people in shekels and spilled blood.

Kanoute said the security guard may have been carrying a 'lethal weapon' when, in fact, he was unarmed.  

When an overstimulated 70 I.Q. mind full of kosher poison interacts with the world, the results are simply incredible. In the new "Lethal Weapon" film Mel Gibson plays a "racist" security guard who runs up on a grazing African outsider and menaces the coal critter with an imaginary "chrome" while actually "lackin."

As a result, Smith forced employees to attend seminars about unconscious bias.

This is not a "do unto others" lesson. Instead, it's a kosher "y'all wites bee sum demons, huh huh huh" struggle session. We're going to force you to wear this rat helmet until you denounce everyone you love. You committed the crime of "Doing your job while White."

This worthless genetic alien ruined lives with its hate crime hoax.

The 150-year-old women-only college, whose motto is 'audacity, agency, authenticity,' charges $80,000 a year in fees.

More like abasement, apathy and authoritarianism. Don't worry, President Bernie Sanders is going to get rid of the student loan debt usury pound of flesh after you leave this anti-White snake pit with no skills any employer wants and become a pathetic human derelict.

Jodi Shaw, who worked for the residential life department, resigned from the school on February 19, citing a 'racially hostile environment.'

The goal of "fewer Whites in everything" advances as planned.

'I ask that Smith College stop reducing my personhood to a racial category. Stop telling me what I must think and feel about myself,' she said. 

If you're White, your very existence is a crime against zion. No amount of groveling and surrender to evil is going to change that. They want us dead.

'Stop demanding that I admit to white privilege, and work on my so-called implicit bias as a condition of my continued employment.'

Can I at least turn off my telescreen? Stop demanding I admit to Thought Crime. 

She continued: 'Before even investigating the facts of the incident, the college immediately issued a public apology to the student, placed the employee on leave, and announced its intention to create new initiatives, committees, workshops, trainings, and policies aimed at combating 'systemic racism' on campus.

Who need facts or so-called "right answers" when you can just blame the official scapegoat for all the staggering failures of our "multi-culti" sewer? We need a lot more Clown World initiatives to eliminate witchcraft, the evil eye and root wizards. The possibility that this is a snow job from a brown dullard, like all the other similar cases, can't even be considered.  

'In spite of an independent investigation into the incident that found no evidence of racial bias, the college ramped up its initiatives aimed at dismantling the supposed racism that pervades the campus. 

The fact that we can't find any spies is just more proof they're here, undermining our glorious paradise of "diversity" and disrupting simian face-stuffing.

On the day of the incident, Kanoute, a 21-year-old who was raised in New York after her family emigrated from Mali, was in an empty canteen that was reserved for a summer camp program for young children. 

We need a lot more of Africa's very worst in our economic zone. I bet this creature will love America, muh Constitution and the "enlightenment" hocus-pocus behind it. We hold these truths, c'mon man, you know the thing. Another enemygration success story. Make room, make room.

Jackie Blair, a veteran cafeteria employee, mentioned to Kanoute that it was reserved for the summer school, and then decided to drop it, according to The New York Times.

The Hottentot was breaking the rules, but the desire to avoid conflict at all costs eventually won out. I bet if we just ignore the pathology it will go away on its own. 

A janitor, who was in his 60s and poor of sight, and had worked at Smith for 35 years, was emptying garbage cans when he saw a figure reclining and eating alone, in a far corner of the canteen which was supposed to be closed.

This is what White privilege looks like. I can barely see. I need to empty garbage cans so I can get a crumb or two from the semitic plate. I am a horrible White supremacist criminal. It's grotesque.

Campus police had advised staff to call security rather than confront strangers on their own, so the janitor called security.

Defund the campus police!

A well-known older campus security officer drove over to the dorm where the cafeteria was situated, The Times recounted, and was accompanied by a campus police officer.

Here comes the "not-see" death squad to attack a nigga body (Ah!). 

He recognized her as a student and they had a brief and polite conversation, which she recorded on video.

This vile conversation is absolutely shocking, so before you read the transcript I would suggest that anyone with a heart condition, who is on blood thinners, is pregnant or may become pregnant, suffers from legs of slightly different length or any other medical condition should stop reading right now. You can not handle the horror which lies ahead.

'Hi,' she says.

'How are you doing?' a man says.

'Good, how are you?' she replied.

'We were wondering why you were here,' he says. 

'Oh, I was eating lunch, I'm working the summer program, so I was just relaxing on the couch.'

He replies: 'Oh, just taking a break. So you're with the program?' 

'Yeah. I'm actually a TA,' she says. 

He replies: 'Oh, so that's what it was. We just wondered.'

I think we can all agree that this is the worst "racism" imaginable.

"Sorry to bother you, ma'am. Good luck with your studies."

Hours later she wrote on Facebook: 'It's outrageous that some people question my being at Smith, and my existence overall as a woman of color.'

We're so close to achieving the utopia of equality and cooperation promised by the talmud, I can practically taste it. Wait, that was just bile coming up. My mistake.

Kanoute did not mention that Blair had already told her that the empty cafe was closed, except for the summer school students. 

A foreign scumbag is upset, let's not ruin it with minor little details like "the employees did everything right and acted in a highly professional fashion." We can not deny the "lived experience" of living fossils.

The president of Smith College, Kathleen McCartney, responded the next day.

Get ready for some of that good "bawk bawk."

'I begin by offering the student involved my deepest apology that this incident occurred,' she wrote. 'And to assure her that she belongs in all Smith places.'

You can go anywhere, Aunt Jemima! Rules don't apply to you at all! The dried-up womb that never carried a White baby and the house full of cats are a poor substitute for an actual life, so we get grandstanding like this to try to fill the massive void created by committing genetic suicide for your empty semitic careerism. 

McCartney did not speak to the accused employees and put the janitor on paid leave that day.

The firm and fair leadership of a strong woman who will end a long genetic legacy with this sickening ignominy. 

Blair, the cafeteria worker, was emailed by a reporter at The Boston Globe asking her why she called security on Kanoute for 'eating while black.'

Your terrible job is about to get a lot more interesting. You're really going to earn that eleven dollars an hour.

She accused him of 'racist cowardly acts': he left his job not long after. 

Don't worry, I'm sure the "invisible backpack" will kick in and you'll easily get another glamorous position cleaning up filth and dealing with uppity nightmare animals.

'To be honest, that just knocked me out. I'm a 58-year-old male, we're supposed to be tough.'

I thought I'd be fine against the entire unbelievably corrupt jewish edifice, but I was wrong.

He recalled going through multiple training sessions about race and intersectionality at Smith after the incident, which he said left workers cynical. He left his job shortly after.

I guess we really can't change the most basic realities of human instinct with some humiliation sessions. Surprising, to say the least.

'I don't know if I believe in white privilege,' he said. 'I believe in money privilege.'

Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks! 

For Blair, the canteen worker, stress exacerbated her lupus and she checked into the hospital last year.

The negro liar and the careerist cat lady would be immediately punished in any sane society.

She was vilified on social media, and around campus. She tried to change jobs within the school, but the accusations of being racist followed her.

There is only one crime: Thought Crime.  

McCartney met with student government and black campus groups over tea to talk about the next steps the institution would take, such as the anti-bias training. 

If you'd stop "clack clacking" for a moment, I'd like you to share your "down with the crackers" ideas.

McCartney had previously struggled to find the right tone in the stridently 'woke' college.

The amazing child-free and unmarried lifestyle does it again.

Sanctimony and careerism is one hell of a drug.

In 2014, she moderated an alumnae discussion in New York on free speech. A white female panelist argued it was a mistake to ban Mark Twain's Adventures of Huckleberry Finn because he used the N-word; the panelist then uttered the word in hopes, she said, of draining its power. 

"Dat truck dah is trash; en trash is what people is dat puts dirt on de head er dey fren's en makes 'em ashamed."

Students attacked McCartney for failing to denounce that panelist, and McCartney then requested forgiveness.

Appeasing a mob of communist useful idiots and moronic dark monsters is a lot harder than it looks!

Later in 2014 she wrote to the college community, lamenting that grand juries had not indicted police officers in the deaths of black men, and commenting: 'All lives matter'. 

She might as well just put on the hood and robe at this point.

She again apologized.

The cycle of ham-handed attempts at virtue signaling and groveling apologies from a dried-up shrew continues. Imagine going through life like this.

'We always try to show compassion for everyone involved,' said McCartney. 

Sorry about your lupus or whatever, but there was a biological weapon who imagined an insult.

On September 13, 2018, Kanoute upped the ante and wrote on the ACLU website: 'This summer, I was racially profiled - an all-too-common experience for Black people in America.

It learned absolutely nothing from its dreadful behavior. Really gets the old noggin joggin, let me tell you.

Students staged a mass walk-out in support of Kanoute, and urged Smith College to do more to combat what they claimed was widespread systematic racism at the school. 

The monsters are here! Only empty gestures can save us!

Kanoute spoke to The Boston Globe for an article published on September 17, and said her new-found fame was tough to deal with.

Nice to see the victim act continue.

'I also knew that if I had just sent an e-mail to the administration, none of this would be happening. It would have just been swept under the rug.'

Wow, what a hero. 

The ACLU has also asked Smith to create housing for black students who may want to live together - a longstanding request from black student groups. 

This is a great idea! You can have your very own "housing" back in Africa after you've been sent back. 

McCartney began a program of anti-bias training, which many within the staff found intrusive and unhelpful.

I know, who could have predicted this?

'My perception is that if you're on the wrong side of issues of identity politics, you're not just mistaken, you're evil,' said James Miller, an economics professor at Smith College and a conservative. 

You're definitely not wrong. Get ready for the "Fire James Miller" walk-outs.

The janitor in his 60s has since returned to work, but Blair was furloughed and struggled to find another job, with one potential employer asking her: 'Aren't you the one involved in that incident?'   

Full Story. 

Every. Single. Time.


  1. "Doing your job while White."

    I’m stealing that!

  2. i was going to go the old “what if the roles were reversed” route, but that doesn’t apply here.

    If a White was informed that the cafeteria was not available for use that day for whatever reason, they’d “stay the hell out of it!”

  3. anyone else find the pathology of the Simian Ape peculiar?

    on the one paw, they hate our fucking guts!
    on the other, all they want to do is be around us and live amongst us? 🤔

    1. Because they can’t do simple tasks like addition, reading, or bathing. I heard they were making a sequel to White Men Can’t Jump, it’s called black Men Can’t Read.

  4. it’s a toss-up as to which one of these mongrel races is more pathologically envious of the
    WHITE RACE: the Jew, or his pet, loosely-leashed Simians?

  5. Character is conditioned upon race and that's the real problem with the dark mess.

  6. This primitive creature cannot feel guilt or shame. I hasn't evolved to that extent. All the reparation in the world can't make it into anything other than hostile to the decent of the world. It believes whatever it wants to believe.

    1. that should be on a plaque -in front of the newest and next African-American History Muesam
      we have to pay for with our labor ...with money culled from us by the International Jew and it’s pet governments.

  7. Niggress looks like an actual blackhead. Like something burrowed inside the filthy ear of a transient. I am ssssooo niggro fatigued. If they're not burning White toddlers to death with blow-torches on Christmas, punching White seniors upside the head on sidewalks, shooting White kids on bikes and cooking their White neighbors' hearts with potatoes... they're coming off with these damn "hate crime" hoaxes. Even more frequently than the "white-when-it-suits-us" heebs. I effing hate what the world has became. Seriously. With a white-hot burning hate. If time travel were possible (and I had access to the specifics on the atom bomb) I wouldn't hesitate to travel back to 1939 or so and give uncle Adolf those specifics in person. And I'd BEG him to drop the bombs, the biggest he could build, on every effing country that so much as uttered a critical word about NS Germany.

    1. The negroes would be far less a problem without the semitic shit stirrers around.

    2. if problems were “rocks”...we could look under them and consistently find The Jew.

  8. I love how the NYT reported “a student’s deeply felt sense of truth”. You mean A FUCKING LIE. Just because you say something doesn’t make it so.

  9. MH/AJ, Mortal Goyal, I feel like I could genuinely hang with you guys and have a great time.

    1. and don’t forget jimB...he always gets it and articulates it well.
      and marienbethpage is no slouch either.
      cheers all. anyone who reads and processes this glorious site is a cut above and beyond.
      thanks LOTS.

  10. as jimB is well aware, those twelve years of NS Germany were the most glorious, purest years on 🌎 in the last 2000 years....what do we have now?
    filthy Jew poisoned shit-pits of Netflixed degenerecy and smelly Simian sports ball worship! 🤢🤢🤢🤢


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