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The brave heroes in our armed forces serve many valuable purposes, like protecting the most popular and securely-elected President in history from his outraged constituents, forcing you to take a poison vaccine at gunpoint and killing and dying for the jew in Iran. I honestly can't say enough good things about the American Golem. These are the very best of us who fight for the noblest causes imaginable. We're going to get that animal Assad, put a vaccine in your ass, stop Iran from getting nuclear weapons (they were inches away in a jewish cartoon), bust up food riots, round up Thought Criminals and ensure a bright future for the North American Mongrel Economic Zone that we proudly hail. There's only one problem: some of the military-industrial widgets might have "extremist" views, the same ones held by every sane person even a few decades ago. We're going to have to purge the ranks of the mighty Israel cannon fodder gentiles for Wrong Think with a massive and inept struggle session. 

The Pentagon on Wednesday said it was still uncertain how to grapple with the problem of extremism in its ranks and announced a military-wide pause to allow troops and commanders a chance to focus on the issue.

Great news! Maybe we can roll out the based blowhard and chicken hawk coward to wail about the evils of "racism." This scumbag careerist will explain with a red face why you need to bow to zion and beg forgiveness for crimes that, if you want to get super technical, never happened.

Lloyd Austin, the first Black secretary of defense who recently took over at the Pentagon, ordered each branch of the military to stand-down at some point over the next 60 days to discuss the threat posed by white supremacy and similar extremism, said Pentagon press secretary John Kirby. 

Wow, another exciting tar monster first, just in time for mulatto history month. Installing this genetic alien dullard has already been completely vindicated by this excellent policy decision. We must defeat the invisible but completely pervasive evil of "White supremacy," defined as being White and not wanting to die for vile semitic deceits. I'd be amazed if this reform doesn't create the strongest military ever seen. China, we comin' foe yew, nikka.

The Jan. 6 riot at the Capitol, when a pro-Trump mob stormed the building and attacked police, was “a wake-up call” for the Department of Defense, Kirby said.

We live in an age where every single thing we're told from official sources is a cynical lie designed to push some anti-White agenda. The Truth Famine is over, we're now living in the Truth Holodomor. 

Austin delivered the order at a meeting of the leaders of each military service Wednesday that included the chairman of the Joint Chiefs, Gen. Mark Milley, and vice chairman Gen. John Hyten, according to Kirby.

Meet the Clown World luminaries who would push their own mothers into traffic to keep getting crumbs off the merchant's plate. We like to pretend to be "The Big Man" when our kosher masters aren't around.

“There wasn’t one being in the room that didn’t agree that there wasn’t a problem,” he said.

I can't believe how popular Stalin is. We were all clapping and cheering like lunatics. They had to ring a bell so we'd know it was safe to stop.

The order was designed to allow military leaders to make clear that white supremacy and other extremist ideology had no place in the armed forces and to hear from troops about how they view the problem, Kirby said.

If I was Iran or that Animal Assad, or maybe Jordan or whatever, I'd be completely terrified right now. 

Although the Pentagon had studied the issue over the years and issued directives, the department still doesn’t have a full understanding of the problem, he said.

Wasteful spending, sinecures and phony tough guy braying failed to solve "the problem," if you can even believe it.

I can't believe it's not Liberia!

“We don’t know how we’re going to be able to get after this in a meaningful, productive, tangible way and that is why he had this meeting today and that is why he certainly ordered this stand-down,” Kirby said.

Half of America is thinking forbidden thoughts. What are we going to do? Stand down! I can't wait until this insipid camouflage faggot language enters the mainstream in six months. We ask that you "stand down" and stop pushing wheelbarrows full of "Tubmans" to your grocery store. We have the problem under control; all you have to do is blindly obey.

In the U.S. military, "stand-downs" are designed to focus the attention of the entire force on a serious problem or issue that requires every unit and every rank to pause their daily activity to discuss the problem.  

Imagine being naive enough to voluntarily enter into this ridiculous trick bag. 

Lawmakers at a House hearing a year ago expressed grave concern over the problem and urged the Pentagon to take more decisive action and to gather more data to address the issue.

I'm sure we can fix a century of coordinated jewish attacks in a few weeks, if we just take decisive action and really "hunker down."

Democratic Rep. Jackie Speier of California recently urged President Joe Biden in a letter to issue an executive order that would ensure that security clearances for federal employees, and military troops in particular, include a review of social media posts for any ties to white supremacists or similar violent extremists.

Biden responded by muttering "Salute the marines" and then licking a doorknob.

Speier, a member of the House Armed Services Committee, wrote that it was "inexcusable" that authorities do not examine social media accounts when granting security clearances to military recruits or other federal employees "despite collection and reporting of other intrusive, private data, such as financial and behavioral health information."

If you're foolish enough to post Hate Facts under your own name on jewish information-gathering sites in the current totalitarian political climate, you're also the target demographic for the armed forces shuck.

Full Story.

We deserve it.


  1. Is this Eddy Johnson’s twin brother?

  2. How sad is it that you can’t post FACTS on social media using your real name for fear of retaliation or doxxing?? I try to keep it toned down on my actual accounts. Still I’ll throw in a couple articles about white supreeeeeeeemists and say something to the effect of “they haven’t read the DOJ crime statistics.” But even on this site. You never know who is the enemy. I enjoy talking to the regulars on here. I’d hate to think they were FBI. In light of the recent info on the Proud Boys leader being a long time informant, you just can’t trust ppl. I recently read an article about Hoover’s Cointelpro where they would supplant members with informants, then the informant would incite a group (kkk) to do something illegal, then the FBI would use it as justification to go after everyone involved. So remember, IF SOMEONE IS ASKING YOU TO DO SOMETHING ILLEGAL OR EVEN SUGGESTING IT THEN THEY ARE PROBABLY FBI.

    1. But then we are supposed to believe the FBI tried to get MLK to commit suicide by threatening to release details of his sordid personal life.

      If you look at the history of the FBI, with very few exceptions they have been complete fuck ups. Think of Richard Jewell, Steven Hatfill. Ted Kazynski was only caught because his brother recognized his writing style. The FBI’s own Robert Hansen continued to spy for the Soviets years after the FBI received numerous tips that he was a spy. Their vaunted crime lab had to be temporarily shut down because of poor lab practices contaminating evidence. It’s probably much worse now with their more “diverse and inclusive” hiring practices.

      But if they focus on you, they can make your life a living hell. So you are correct about the signs of fedplants.

    2. I post on social media under my own name. When I make a claim or present a fact I always back it up with a reference from a mainstream source. For example, when I point out jewish influence in Hollywood, I will cite Joel Stein’s article in the LA Times “Who Runs Hollywood?” Other good fodder can be found in jewish publications like Tablet, Jewish Insider and Forward. Once I referenced the US Holocaust Memorial Museum stating that the ‘eyewitnesses” claimed gas chambers used diesel engines when Deborah Lipstadt’s site had an article that gasoline engines produce far more toxic gas. One story about a holocaust survivor claimed she was sent on a train to a particular concentration camp in April 1945. I pointed out even “holocaust scholars” agree that this camp never had gas chambers and asked why the Germans would use scarce rail resources for such purposes. Nobody commented even to call me a holocaust denier. I hope that my comments caused some to do their own research.

      I am retired so I don’t have to worry about losing my job. I guess some of the more unhinged that live nearby might vandalize my home.

    3. One other thing. Marches are legal but obviously a good way to be portrayed as a terrorist. Unless the issue is very local and you know many of the people involved, marches should be avoided. Though the civil rights and anti-Vietnam war marches are credited as being successful, in reality, civil rights victories were due to rigged court cases and backroom political deals. Vietnam war protests wound down ling before US involvement ended. I think the last major anti war protest was after Kent State in 1970. We didn’t get out until 1973.

    4. Provable facts have ceased to matter. They aren't arguing facts, they are only interested in intent (as they choose to define it). It was all road-tested with the meme of "holocaust denier". The very accusation eventually proved effective in insulating the subject from any debate or challenge, so the idea has been extended to any other areas of political and societal control that they need to use. The accusation of "Denier" was ground zero, basically the Kalashnikov of the culture wars.

    5. I use my real name on social media and have been getting suspended from facebook for years now. I am way past my 20th suspension now.

    6. bout....?
      forget it .

    7. I would LOVE to delete it except my Wife uses it and we use the messenger service since I often travel overseas.

  3. PB definitely on to something there.
    well said .


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