Mirroring the Past

Roughly half the population of our globalist bodega and Israel First cannon fodder supplier is in need of complete reeducation. Crime Thought is at an all time high, with crazy ideas, like placing the future of yourself and your race ahead of the latest destructive snow job from the jew criminal, somehow gaining traction in Vichy America. The problem of sending all these goyim to the Ministry of Love is a big one and we're going to have to get creative if the deadly virus of unsanctioned mental activity is going to be defeated. Fortunately, our ancient friends have come up with the perfect solution: an indoctrination bus (you'll need to wear at least three "makks" to get on, of course) where we can efficiently get you in, put the old rat helmet on you, have you denounce everyone you love and then drop you off somewhere. The yid wagon is coming to your rotting Middle American opiate zone.

A new museum opening soon in Illinois is quite different -- it rolls on wheels. The Mobile Museum of Tolerance is on its way to schools across the state with the purpose of encouraging tolerance and ending hate.

Fantastic news: our greatest ally is rolling up on your publik schmuel with a "museum" which will feature the masturbation machine used in the holocaust and the jersey a schwoogie wore in front of an empty stadium while advocating for communism and White genocide. The lethal diesel gas fumes will finally be used for good. Get ready to be taken for a ride in both the literal and figurative sense.

"There's a lot of concerns about what's happening today and how it's mirroring the past, and we can't allow that to continue," said Alison Pure-Slovin, Midwest region director of the Simon Wiesenthal Center.

We're very worried about Fascism, which is why our criminal tribe is always using our shekel power to create conditions that will ensure its rise. Weimar America will last forever once the jew jitney cures you of your natural and healthy desire to be with your own people and not hostile alien scumbags.

Trust me.

The Mobile Museum of Tolerance, or MMOT, is a new project by the Simon Wiesenthal Center. It will hit the roads across Illinois to bring a clear message.

I can't wait to deal with this p.o.s. while driving a tanker full of sand in the coming white line nightmare. 

"Unfortunately we're witnessing right now, we're witnessing a great deal of hate in this country and we need to change that tide," said Pure-Slovin.

On this, we agree. Whites have never been more vilified by an evil and frightened system headed for collapse than they are right now.

On the outside of the bus are the faces of historical figures who made a difference: Malala Yousafzai, Gandhi, Harriet Tubman, Simon Wiesenthal, Cesar Chavez and Rosa Parks.

The jew and the zoo.

Inside, there is a theater with seating for students and workshops where people can learn how to be part of creating a solution.

In the interest of the free and open dialogue that powers our great democracy, please sit in silence while you watch a propaganda film created via Soros hedge fund parasitism. 

The videos seen in the museum are designed to teach students topics such as the evils behind the Holocaust, and the fight for civil rights that continues today.

The nawzees used electric belts and fire pits to kill the precious six million. You could tell the nationality of who was being cremated by the color of the smoke. They played soccer games using a jewish baby as the ball. Pedal operated skull smashers. The dead bodies were made into soap and living room sets. Fast forward to the present day. George Floyd had done absolutely nothing wrong and certainly wasn't on drugs when "racist" police...

The capacity of this museum will be limited, for now, to allow for COVID-19 precautions. Masks are required and students will be admitted based on the learning pods in their schools.

Get in your "learning pod," you contemptible slave. Where are your multiple bitch-cloths? Put on goggles. How about some anal testing? Now, let's get on with the lesson. Two plus two is five.

While positive change may not come from simply watching a video, the brief lessons learned here are meant to start the discussion.

We're not going to demoralize the shkotzim in one day, unfortunately.

The MMOT is parked at the United Center at the moment, but it hits the road next week for its first stops in Springfield.

Better move it before a merchant gets zapped while sitting in this abomination by the local fauna. 

Interest is high and schools are already requesting reservations.

"The approval rate for communist policies has never been higher," says the 1988 Soviet Union.

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  1. Inside, there is a theater with seating for inmates and workshops where they can learn how to be part of the final solution.

    1. further inside... are fake shower rooms-
      with wooden doors -with space gaps up top and down below -and glass windows

      this is where the unsuccessful de-lousing of these pestilential insects took place...


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  3. I wish MH would do a piece on all of the bullshit claims Jews have made about the holocaust ( love how my iPhone automatically capitalizes holocaust, and makes you select the lower case version because it doesn’t deserve to be capitalized). I have tried to research some he has mentioned, thinking he was joking. HE WASN’T. But it is difficult to find some on the internet because jews are now realizing that nobody believes their bullshit claims, and are erasing them so to not expose THE ENTIRE HOLOHOAX.

    1. Whenever the subject of the holocaust comes up, I just ask questions to cause doubt. Such as: Why where diesel engines used for gassing while gasoline engines produce much more toxic exhaust? Why would Auschwitz use an insecticide vital to saving lives of camp personnel when one of the world’s largest chemical plants was literally right next door? Why didn’t all the death camps use Zyklon B? Why didn’t the Germans just shoot the victims like our Soviet allies did? How did Rwandan genocide manage to kill almost 1 million victims in 7 weeks without using trains to take victims to a network of death camps while it supposedly took Germany 3 years to intentionally kill about 3 million? Why did the Germans wait until 1941 to start exterminating the jews?

    2. Here’s an excellent source: https://archive.org/details/ThomasDaltonDebatingTheHolocaust/page/n5/mode/2up

    3. Great talking points. Thanks for the info.

  4. I also recently saw another man (oriental) was killed by a negro in the knockout game in SanFran.

    1. The negro especially likes to target asians because they are smaller physically smaller and tend to carry cash. There was a ring in southern California that robbed them for years before they were put out of business about 4 years ago. Maybe the multiculti thing is breaking down - an attempt to bring back affirmative action in CA was voted down by whites and asians.

  5. Are you ready for the big purge, whitey?

  6. the GERMANS hurt not a hair on the head of a single JEW.

    these Termites are liers...

    lying is an instinct with these “things”

    The Germans simply reminded these Lice that they are morally-filthy, sub-human garbage............

    ..........and now that we sold this Hemisphere to these hyenas -they will never let us forget that....


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