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In these troubled times, it's very important that we support True Conservative Values (U) like lower taxes for the obscenely wealthy, sodomy, open borders, slavish devotion to Israel, pedophilia, usury, pardoning jewish criminals, hedge funds, erasing the past, negro worship and whatever else once represented the tip of the communist spear a few years ago. The biggest danger to muh democracy and the tyranny of yesterday we champion is some tepid real talk and failed attempts to resist the kosher rot from Bad Orange Man and maybe a few other Loser Party members who aren't currently hiding and surrendering to semitic evil running wild. We need a Third Alternative. By that, of course, I mean an even more watered down and pathetic (if possible!) version of "Red" that is guaranteed to provide no opposition whatsoever to the undignified disposal of America's corpse. 

Dozens of neocons, ranging from former government officials to former elected Republicans, held a Zoom call to discuss a new anti-Trump centrist party.

This might be the best idea I've ever seen. I'm an Elephant Party plutocrat, scumbag and zionist, but I want to support the cultural marxism from six months ago, instead of six years ago like the typical Repellingcohen castrato chorus. Let's go on the Chinese spyware and hold the Yalta Conference as seen through the eyes of a syphilitic madman. 

The call, which was hosted by Evan McMullin, the failed third party anti-Trump presidential candidate in 2016, was full of neocons upset at the direction the Republican Party under President Donald Trump, believing that a new “centrist” or “center right” party would be the best option to return to “normalcy.”

It's an amazing triumph of our jewish enemy when we think the cultural, moral and spiritual sewer of a few years ago was "normal." Maybe compared to the post-psychotic break globalist economic zone carcass, but I don't think any sane person romanticizes the terminal sickness of, for example, 2014. Only the Loser Party would ever decide their guiding principle should be going back to ordinary decline and fall instead of the insane semitic toboggan ride currently racing toward the precipice of history. We don't want to actually resist the rot because this might require rude language, conflict and not letting other men have intercourse with your wife.

The new party, which could potentially be named either the “Integrity Party” or the “Center Right Party,” would run on a platform of “principled conservatism,” which included “adherence to the Constitution and the rule of the law,” which the participants in the call claim had been “trashed” by President Trump.

Be sure to vote for the Integrity Party! I guess more accurate names like "The Cuckold Party," "The Mensheviks," and "The Just Take the Beating, It's Easier Than Fighting Back Party" are a little too on the (number six) nose. We must bring back muh constitution, a scrap of enlightenment toilet paper that apparently endorses sodomy, White replacement and jewish communism, at least according to our best kosher legal minds. When regular Republican losing just isn't enough, here's "principled conservatism" with a mind full of moronic fog and a crotch region as smooth as a Ken doll. You're going to lose so much you may get sick of losing, but I'm going to say "No, it's not enough! We need more pitiful defeat! Constitution! Proposition Nation! Capitalism!"

Participants in the call included people from the last four Republican administrations, including President Trump’s, former elected Republicans, and previous Republican ambassadors and strategists.

Keep voting for mainstream "center right" candidates, slave. It's doing a lot of good.

Members included former Congressman Charlie Dent, Elizabeth Neumann, Trump’s deputy chief of staff in the Department of Homeland Security, and John Mitnick, the general counsel for DHS under President Trump.

Meet the Washington Generals of the political process! 

Egg McMuffin, savior of the Loser Party.

According to Reuters, the new party would not field candidates across a total national platform, but would instead only run candidates in some races, then endorse “center-right” candidates in others, from any political party.

We've already resigned ourselves to failure, but we'll still act as a disruptive influence against the will of the embattled White population. It can't all be done with 3 a.m. ballot trucks, after all.

“Large portions of the Republican Party are radicalizing and threatening American democracy,” McMullin said. “The party needs to recommit to truth, reason and founding ideals or there clearly needs to be something new,” he added.

Yeah, if only. Imagine actually believing this. The Platinum Plan, the endless "...and Israel!" bleating and the imaginary wall are all signs of a "radical" agenda and in no way represent a slouch toward the grave. Why slouch when you can run?

Jason Miller, a spokesman for President Trump, described the call participants as “losers,” who “left the Republican Party when they voted for Joe Biden.” 

It's hard to imagine a more feckless collection of failures who somehow get crumbs off the jewish plate to run this sorry grift.

McMullin failed dramatically challenging Trump in 2016 as a “principled alternative,” coming 5th nationally and receiving just over 0.5% of the vote.

How to make Mitt Romney look like the reincarnation of Augustus Caesar.

Following his 2016 victory, President Trump referred to McMullin as “McMuffin”, the popular McDonald’s breakfast sandwich,  during one of his speeches. 

You tricked us all, Trump. We thought you were tough, but at the end of the day you're as much a defeated phony as this gelded clown.

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  1. I’m surprised that they don’t just call the new party Likud. Is it me or does Egg McMuffin resemble Charlie Kirk in that his eyes, mouth and nose take up an extremely small area of his face?

    Have ANY of the Trump-appointed federal judges intervened in anything Biden has done so far? I thought one one of Trump’s major accomplishments was supposed to be the naming of federal judges who would stop all the “socialism”.

  2. Is this the nail in the coffin of the White Vote orchestrated by Big Jew? This is like the idiot Barron who tried to run against McConnell here in Ky. Did he want us to give away our senate majority leader for the Will Ferrell look alike Cuntzilla?? I’m not saying that I like the two party system but until the democrats implode and split into the Democratic Zionist Party and the Democratic Socialist Jihadi Party I’m going to vote straight ticket Republican every time. What’s the other option? Not casting a vote like the morons in Georgia and give it to the democrats unchallenged? These ppl are GRIFTERS. This is the left over Never Trumpers/Lincoln Project Pedophiles TRYING TO CONTINUE THEIR GRIFT. The Rick Wilson’s and Steve Schmidt’s of the world are the dying dinosaur of the Establishment GOP. Trying to claw their way out of the Tar Monster Pit they built. White ppl are waking up. We are tired of the no backbone party of old that only takes care of their donors and the elite. Making back door deals with democrats that are hellbent on destroying this country so they can build it back as a Negro Sodom abomination.

  3. What's the point of another political party neocon or not if the left can simply rig the outcome?

    1. a question Orwell least subconsciously.

      this 🌎 is absurd...’s also a toilet .

    2. This comment has been removed by the author.


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