Skeptical of the Intelligence

The sooner we completely forget the past, the sooner we can start repeating it. Even better, we can replace our history with a pack of semitic lies. With this in mind, it's time to celebrate Mulatto History Month, where we reverently appreciate the massive contributions of half-breeds, such as being promoted well above their feeble abilities and acting as useful idiots and figureheads for jewish attacks on our ancestral homeland. You could argue that even this pathetic and humiliating display of delusional worship directed at the mindless brown slaves promised the talmud isn't nearly sufficient, especially as the past continues to contract toward the vanishing points of muh slavery, the holocaust and generalized "White Man Bad." Much more needs to be done, but the steady "progress" toward the mass grave continues.

A document produced by the San Francisco Board of Education to justify renaming 44 different schools is riddled with spelling and historical errors.

The little jew with the big eraser is being replaced by the idiotic brown alien with a bucket of tar. Moronic and useless niggers (I can use this word, the talmudvision told me it meant "ignorant person" in 1993) will now tell you the story of our kosher globalist bodega. Dah bee fuggin slabery an sheeet. Dem wites bee badd. Eye wanna keel demm peenk pee-pole. 

The school board voted on Tuesday, Jan. 26, to change the names of schools honoring Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein, among others. 

The jew still honestly believes they'll get this raging mud golem back under control somehow. 

The move was criticized by San Francisco Mayor London Breed. “The fact that our kids aren’t in school is what’s driving inequity in our City. Not the name of a school,” she said in a press release.

As a wise man once said, we must ask ourselves "is our children learning?" It turns out the answer is "no," but I'm sure Barkevious will shape up and gain thirty points of I.Q. once its practice prison is renamed "Nat Turner Success Academy" or "Lev Davidovich Bronstein High Standards Institute."

Lincoln’s name will be removed from Abraham Lincoln Elementary School because he “is not seen as much of a hero at all among many American Indian Nations and Native peoples of the United States.” 

Certainly not to the Cherokee savages who owned negro slaves and fought on the side of The Confederacy.

The document claims that Lincoln executed 40 Dakota Native Americans, the “largest mass hanging in US history.”

The precious forty Bering Strait Pedestrians lost. 

The men were executed following the Dakota War. Violence started with Dakota warriors attacking and killing government employees, according to the Minnesota Historical Society.

Injun terrorism.

The document further omits the fact that Lincoln commuted the sentences of 263 Native Americans, only approving the executions of those that allegedly committed rape or massacred civilians.

Don't worry, King Lincoln was a total and complete cuckold in fine Loser Party tradition. 

The Board alleged that Feinstein was responsible for evicting “a whole Pilipino [sic] neighboorhood [sic], and the police brutaility [sic], allowed police dogs to atack [sic] filipino veteran elders.”

Feinstein is the first female senator from California and the longest-serving female senator in United States history.

Muh democracy is the best system. It will ensure the will of the people is carried out by electing the wisest and noblest to rule over us.

In another case, Board voted to rename Lowell High School, because the man the board believed was the namesake, James Russell Lowell, was skeptical of the intelligence of African Americans.

LOL. Here are some euphemisms I need to master to become the next leader of phony tough "real conservatives." When it comes to "African-American" intelligence, I'm not fully convinced. I remain highly dubious of the value of flooding our nations with hostile aliens. I'm not totally sold on the beneficence of our ancient friends from the Levant. 

However, the document notes that Lowell High School was named after Lowell, Massachusetts, since a donor to the school was from there. That city is not named after James Russell Lowell.

It reminded us of someone who engaged in tepid Real Talk, let's not trip over so-called facts.

The Paul Revere School will also have its name changed, due to Revere’s participation in the Penobscot Expedition of 1779.

We're not going to honor a monster who was in a naval blockade against British-controlled Maine.

The Board claimed that the expedition was “directly connected to the colonization of the Penobscot.” However, the Penobscot Expedition is merely named after Penobscot Bay in Maine, where the American naval armada sailed.

Ten seconds of research would confirm this, but I guess the 70 I.Q. horde couldn't be bothered. We hold these truths...c'mon you dog-faced pony soldiers, you know the thing.

The Board blames Edison for the electrocution of Topsy the Elephant, “a well loved circus elephant during that time.”

I thought the issue would have been "a 25% negro alien actually invented the light bulb!" but incredibly it isn't. We must honor the memory of Topsy the Elephant. This noble animal died for your sins of "racism."

Edison was not actually involved in Topsy’s euthanization; she was put down after killing three people over three months.

Topsy dindu nuffin. Elephant Lives Matter. It was a good creature, turning its life around, about to learn that trick where it stands on a giant ball. It was cruelly executed because of the color and thick wrinkled nature of its skin.

Full Story. 

I've seen an Elephant fry.


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  3. You know, I’m horrified at the thought of mulatto grandchildren. I pray my sons have enough sense to marry white. I moved to Lexington when I was younger. Met some girls at work. Went to party with them one time. They were all white, one was dating a negro. It was her apartment (she worked, he sold drugs) They had a kid. I remember probably 10 of us sitting there, 1black guy, the rest white . They had BET on the tv. After about 5 minutes all the white ppl were kind of looking at each other like WTF is this shit. It was mentally retarded. I was thinking this fucking kid has zero chance of succeeding at anything just because of the degenerate, moronic “culture” they were subjecting it to. I couldn’t handle that stain on my family. I wonder if BET is Jewish owned?


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