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The negro is totally compatible with a blank-slate democracy rooted in enlightenment delusions and evil. We're probably only one or two miracles away from turning this failed branch of humanity into something resembling the worst human beings you'll ever meet. Now that Dusthead Joe and the Hindu Hoe are "healing" our "racist" nation, it's probably just a matter of time before the appalling behavior of the jew slaver's amazing bargain starts improving. Obviously, we're not there yet, because here's another story of a living fossil failing to abide by the modest rules of a society that's equal parts terrified of and worshipful to the genetic aliens. After the negro animal was actually formally punished for its pathology, something that practically takes an act of g*d in our dead kosher nation, you'll never guess what this creature had to say. Or maybe you will, because it's the same old song from the "economic necessity" of the distant past. 

A Black Lives Matter activist who worked as a library staffer in Chattanooga, Tennessee, allegedly posted an Instagram video showing him burning books he’d taken home authored by former President Trump and columnist Ann Coulter. 

Wow, it looks like the Democrats are the real not-sees. We really need to get the "blacks" off the leftist plantation and voting for Platinum Plan Trump and the Integrity Party, as championed by a childless shrew. If you were wondering how much goodwill "lowest coal critter unemployment ever" and "500 billion down the nightmare monster abyss" actually purchased, here's your answer.

The library ultimately fired him. According to the former employee, he was a victim of racial discrimination.

Our globalist bodega is doing really well, although this was obviously a case of "racism" against a good boy who rewarded our endless appeasement and cowardly denial of reality with behavior that is fairly ordinary, at least by negro standards. Destructive idiots with foreign DNA not found in actual humans are the greatest strength.

Cameron “C-Grimey” Williams, 35, “started as a part-time library specialist at the downtown branch more than two years ago, helping to manage a computer room and maker space and conducting outreach campaigns encouraging residents to take advantage of the resources,” The Washington Post reported.

Meet "C-Grimey," an anthropological enigma who will be "managing" a room full of computers and telling its fellow primitives how "yew kann gitt datt joo porn awn diss bawx an wahsh yo azz in duh ress raum" at your local library. I wonder how many actually qualified and non-criminal Whites were passed over to hand this sinecure to a worthless brown turd. 

The raw material for a healthy democracy.

A rapper, according to the Post, he “helped organize demonstrations against police brutality last year.”

I love how this article, out of nowhere, mentions how this scumbag is an "aspiring rapper," as if there's any "teen" who isn't or this information is somehow useful. If that wasn't enough, Barkevious was a moronic foot soldier for the jewish war against the eroding rule of law in our globalist carcass.

The Post added, “he and other activists were arrested for allegedly blocking an emergency vehicle, among other charges.” 

Wow. What a hero. This is definitely going to win hearts and minds.

The Chattanooga Times Free Press reported on December 4: “In a video posted temporarily on Instagram on Tuesday, Williams appeared to burn copies of Coulter’s ‘How to Talk to a Liberal (If You Must)’ and Trump’s ‘Crippled America’ in an outdoor fire, spraying each with lighter fluid. 

Yeah, it sure looks like it, but you shouldn't get in the habit of trusting your lying eyes. We all know this brilliant beast and advocate for semitic "justice" is greatly enriching the fabric of the Chattanooga zoo. The only reason it got into trouble was because of White bigots who didn't like the color of this thing's skin.

‘FDT,’ a Trump protest song by YG and Nipsey Hussle, played in the background.”

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.

Full Story.

Gibbin muh reed awn an sheeet.


  1. Because demockracy dies in darkness.

    1. .....and demon-ocracy dies in darkened Chattanooga ghettoes..

  2. Does white supremacy make them shoot each other for wearing certain colors of clothing?


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