The Best High Energy

Please watch the following amazing video.

An Illinois trampoline park promising “the best high energy, adrenaline fix in Peoria” became the site of a violent melee on Saturday night.

A trampoline park is put "on tilt" by creatures straight from a nightmare. It's time for the thrilling adrenaline rush of a crowd of living fossils engaging in brawl ridiculous in a dead country. We have the best tar monster "teens," don't we? Real high energy, let me tell you. We hold these truths...c'mon man. You know the thing.

In video of the brawl, dozens can be seen punching, shoving, stomping and pulling hair as even more stand and observe, sometimes toppling over each other as they get to a safe distance, or jockey for a better view of the fray.

Looks like the one million shekels from the estate of Aunt Jemima didn't arrive in time to prevent these insane monkeyshines. These vile animals are completely human. We're so close to the equality miracle, you just have to believe hard enough. Once we've completely eliminated Whites, we're going to see discernible improvement in the talmudic thralls, just you wait. 

Outnumbered staff at the Elevate Trampoline Park try to break up the fighters and push them out of the building. More free-for-alls break out elsewhere in the lobby, and others spill out into the parking lot as police arrive.

You're really going to earn your nine fiat dollars an hour tonight. Please enter this Dark Continent meltdown and, using pure reason and appeals to our common humanity, convince the malformed horde that now is not the time to "gitt dat nikka" or "bee datt beech." We're all rooting for you, good luck.

Peoria police dispersed the crowds and combatants until adults came to pick them up, a department statement said.

You're doing a heckuva job, Brownie. I'm sure there will be severe punishments for the genetic aliens involved in this.

An officer said he could smell pepper spray inside the trampoline park, but the department says it never used any during the incident.

It's probably all that Italian cooking from your dinner-timing. 

Following the Saturday brawl, teen nights have been permanently canceled at all Elevate Trampoline Park locations in Illinois, owner Liz Wilson announced Monday, WMBD reported.

Well, it's that or play classical music inside the place to drive off the failed race of violent idiots.

“We built our trampoline parks on the foundation of creating a fun, positive and safe place for everyone of all ages to enjoy,” Wilson said.

It's almost like "diversity" is not a mighty strength. The jew wasn't entirely honest, if you can believe it. 

It’s not clear what triggered the fighting, but investigators are reviewing video taken that night and working to identify people involved, police said in a statement.

It might have been an argument about posterior size or using glue as shampoo. What do you think, Sherlock Holmes? This is the most singular and challenging case we've ever had. 

One video posted to YouTube had more than 33,000 views as of Monday night, and more than 200 comments, many expressing surprise and frustration.

"I can't believe the normally respectful, intelligent and circumspect negro would behave in such a manner," and "I'm so sick of White privilege and Donald Trump causing this!" Meanwhile, back in reality, here are some comments from the video.

Guys, they were just celebrating Black History Month.

It makes me so happy to see that diversity is still our strength.

Incredible to see so many future engineers out there. 

Maybe they can qualify for the Nobel Peace Prize!

The only white people I saw were the staff. But remember guys white supremacy is the problem.

Why trampoline parks are homes for systemic racism. By Jessica Rosenburg.

Two rival tribes compete over jumping territory.

Whites are awake. The next step: getting organized. 

“This is crazy. Just imagine casually jumping around with your kid and a trash can fly over your head,” one comment read.

I know, right? Can you even stand it? Boy howdy, talk about the wild side. Just casually jumping and here's a flying trash can. Judas priest. Okay, one more real comment.

"TEENS" start a riot at (throws dart at a wall of millions of venues and locations) a local trampoline park this evening"

It sure looks bad, but let's check back in with the progress being made by the "racist" blue lives.

No arrests have been made.


"Giddin muh jamp awn" gone wrong.


  1. They had to take down the video. Observing reality leads to wrongthink.

    It WAS encouraging to see so many whites awakening.

  2. didn’t this just happen like this past weekend?

    Big Jew already removed the video?

    more ((damage- we cause -control))....

    why are these insects even on this planet?

  3. Video is still up. And I was pleasantly surprised by the comments. Especially the one about Balkanization. MH is right, White ppl are waking up. They aren’t buying the semitic drivel any more. It’s time to organize. It’s time for the leaders ( not to be confused with celebrities/politicians) to step up and direct us in the right direction for the benefit of the foundation and backbone of this country, the White working class.

    1. The original video was taken down. Clicking on the video takes you to another version which is still up but I notice I can make comments without any difficulty but they do not appear once the browser is refreshed. Someone said that jewtube was deleting comments in real time and it appears to be true.

      Interesting times we’re living in.

  4. On a lower note, Gina Carson was fired from a tv show (I don’t watch cable, just film/docs) because she dared to compare the current purge of conservatives to the Precious 6 million. She should have known better than to diminish the importance of the holohoax in an attempt to appease white supreeeeeeeemists. Cancel culture is the new tool of destruction for the left.


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