The Entertainment Jew and the Negro Zoo

To mark the first day of Black History Month, 170 leading Black and Jewish members of the entertainment industry have signed a unity statement to form the Black-Jewish Entertainment Alliance.

Our ancient friends who worship desert idols are teaming up with the schwoogie for reasons that almost certainly don't involve harming the shrinking number of healthy Whites as much as possible. We're going to kick off mulatto history month by putting a hebrew scroll into the mouth of our mud golem monster.

“Jewish and Black artists, musicians and entertainers in some ways share a parallel history in their respective communities,” says Propagate Content chairman and CEO Ben Silverman, one of the signatories alongside Billy Porter, Sherry Lansing, Tiffany Haddish and at least 165 more. 

We've got a lot in common with the idiotic brown slaves promised by the talmud. We both have the same destructive tendencies toward any nation unlucky enough to host us, the only real difference is the extra thirty points of I.Q. which allows us to dominate institutions and execute complex money magic frauds, instead of shooting each other while sitting in cars or getting electrocuted while trying to steal wire.

Before he died, Larry King also signed the unity statement. “After having been blocked from entering other industries, both independently turned to different aspects of show business as a refuge and outlet, and became pioneers and partners driving evolution and transformation in the creative fields.”

The jew parasite really wanted to work on a farm or assembly line but was "blocked" by the evil gentiles from all forms of honest labor and literally forced by the unclean meat into usury, pornography, communism and nation-wrecking. Shlomo just wanted to do backbreaking manual labor, but your vile "anti-semitism" drove this two-legged rodent into the kosher con game. It's all your fault that these ugly demons are attacking from every direction.

Added Antoine Fuqua in a statement, “As two communities that have long been targeted simply for who they are, the Black and Jewish communities are stronger when we stand together. It is thus incumbent on us, as members of the entertainment community, to continue to be united in the face of hateful discrimination and be a positive voice for change.”

Streets full of garbage, bastardy, moronic crime and indolence is simply who we are. In the same way, the need to worship money and endlessly infiltrate and subvert is simply how moloch made the precious jew. If you have a problem with the appalling behavior of the "African-American" genetic alien or the poisonous mushroom it's because you're "racist."

Silverman says the Alliance came together naturally through the network of professional and personal relationships people have with one another in the industry and was motivated in part by the desire to heal from the chaos and laments during the Trump era.

The idiotic biological weapon and the criminals trying to direct it, a very natural parasitic relationship within the American carcass. The jew thinks they can somehow control these worthless living fossils and the congoid thinks, to the extent it even can, "Me bee pullin scamm an sheeet." Chaos and laments, my friends. Thank g*d we've got a dusthead puppet, a mystery meat whore and their kosher controllers back in undisputed power, instead of the near total dominance during the failed presidency of the phony tough guy.

“The intertwined Confederate and Nazi imagery at the Capitol on Jan. 6 put a spotlight on racial disparities — how little has changed over time,” he says.

Genetic reality is not going away, if you can believe it. 

The "entertainment industry" light of the world.

“Our generation that stands on tall shoulders of the past can continue to shelter in our separate igloos of privilege with our own stories echoing back to us, or we can unite.”

Igloos of privilege! You Aleutian Islanders need a lot more brown outsiders on your ice floe. We jews will be at the center of this process and may be resented, but this transformation must happen if your seal-hunting tribe is going to survive.

Future plans include both virtual events like Clubhouse talks and, pandemic-permitting, in-person trips such as pilgrimages to destinations that are historically and/or culturally significant to each community.

It's time for pilgrimages! The merchant is going to take the dusky merchandise it brought here in kosher chains and sold as "the bargain of a lifetime" on an amazing trip to various Soviet reconstructions in hopes of earning some sympathy in their primitive minds.

“This Alliance will elevate voices in the entertainment community that can help the public to better understand the causes, manifestations and effects of racism and anti-Semitism, ensuring that our industry is doing its part to be a voice for hope, unity and healing in our country,” said Warner Records co-chair and CEO Aaron Bay-Schuck in a statement.

They're not even trying to hide our evil plans anymore. You're ruled over by an illegitimate criminal government protected by soldiers, you've got two rags on your face, we control the media and the schools, your other rights are going to be gone very soon, what are you going to do? I've never seen the jew so completely in control since 1931 Germany.

“The impact of the Alliance is to reignite and realign the power that exists in the connection between the Black and Jewish communities,” says Silverman, who notes that Jewish Americans were allies of the civil rights movement.

You're certainly being honest (for once) about that. When it comes to the "civil rights" snow job "every single time" seems woefully inadequate in describing the jewish role in this cynical proxy war against our ancestral homeland.

“The purpose is to grow and build a civil rights movement for the next generation, to complete the work left undone and to write a new chapter for the future.”

The future is unwritten, shlomo. Never forget this.

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  1. So when are synagogues going to sponsor rap concerts?


      Doing it themselves.

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  5. Yeah, like that’s going to happen. I don’t know if they’ve noticed the uptick in anti-kykism by negroes in the past couple years, but they consider jews as interlopers. And it’s not like they can learn culture of anything outside of blasting’ nikkas and geddin my smoke awn.

    1. That’s why the jews are making a big outreach effort to the Lat-teen-oh community (as MH puts it) to encourage them to trace their roots for jewish ancestry from when the conversos settled in the New World. AOC herself has “discovered her jewish ancestry”. It will be interesting to see if she grows into the office and whether she will split with the squad.

  6. I've never seen the Jew so completely in control since 1917 Russia.

    1. i agree

      it’s getting scary
      though, none of our people see it
      so it’s that much more fucked up along the way

      so tired

      yet MH has our backs


    2. i’m not joking either

      Big Jew is prancing like a faggot now...and dancing on Truths that we “found”

      hang in there
      what else is there?

  7. No joke guys, I really am getting scared.

    1. I know. Seriously. It’s very frightening. The Anti-White vitriol, democrats having control of everything, and they just introduced a new gun control bill. You even hear anti-White sentiment from WHITES. Troubling times indeed.

    2. While there is certainly cause for alarm, fear is NOT helpful. It’s going to lead someone to do something stupid. I see much cause for optimism. More are calling out the jew. There is more doubt about the holocaust narrative. The global warming nonsense is being greeted by increasing numbers of skeptics as is covid. The story MH posted above will significantly weaken the US military which means they are a less effective tool of ZOG both at home and overseas. The program being imposed upon us is so full of falsehoods and logical contradictions that it cannot possibly work. If they change it, the promises made to their supporters can’t be met and they will have even MORE opposition.

      Finally, a personal story. My wife is a CPA who until recently, was totally apolitical and actually hostile to Trump (not that Trump was any good). However, reading just mainstream media sources, she realized that the election was a complete fraud. I think it offended her belief that the rules should be followed (a nice trait for an accountant). She has gone completely 180 and refuses to look at any MSM news source. It used to be that I could not even discuss the issue of covid or masks with her without the conversation getting heated. She is now convinced the whole covid affair is bullshit.

    3. Here is another good look at the holocaust:

    4. Awesome. Thanks. On Chapter 2 already.

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  10. lets all begin with ...

    The Six Million: Fact or Fiction?
    peter winter


    then : The Hoax of the 20tth Century- on the presumed genocide of European Jewry - arthur butz

    then if there is time-seek out Faurisson


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