To Blend In

After the most honest expression of muh democracy in human history, our sacred holy buildings created by the direct will of g*d came under attack from a White supremacist insurrection. Our elected heroes were fired upon. It was attempted murder from Confederates, "nazis" and phony tough guy delusionals. Our wise and generous rulers barely escaped with their lives, but such is their love for this great mongrel economic zone that these selfless and noble paragons of humanity bravely faced down the bloodthirsty mob and ultimately emerged victorious against "hate." We are honestly expected to believe this and about a dozen other ridiculous lies, deceits so lazy that submitting to them becomes a ritual of humiliation. Believe in absurdities and blood libels against your race. You want to keep that careerism, right? If you're still unconvinced, consider the amazing testimony of a congress critter who has learned all sorts of valuable lessons and is eager to share this Right Think with you, the contemptible slave.

Rep Dean Phillips, D-Minn., told fellow Democrats on Thursday that it took last month’s riot at the Capitol for him to truly understand what "privilege" means. 

Meet the last man from Sweden: The State. This is the ultimate debased White, the role model for doomed gutless cowards everywhere. Well, that's what I initially thought from the gentile last name, but then I saw the honker on this p.o.s. and did a little research. Let's check the "early life" section. 

Phillips was born to DeeDee (Cohen) and Artie Pfefer in 1969.

Every. Single. Time.

Democrats, led by Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., held an hour-long session and shared their personal experiences of the Jan. 6 riot. No Republican joined the meeting.

Time for an Evil Party encounter group. Our illegitimate government is hard at work solving the big problems. Let's weep about our fragile emotions while we're defended by walls, wire and mercenaries from our justifiably outraged constituents. Here's a ridiculously unqualified brown alien to tell stories that would make a "holocaust survivor" blush. Occasional Smollett was afraid. Give up your rights. Get in the grave.  

Phillips said at one point during the incident, he considered moving to the Republican side of the chamber to blend in and hopefully be spared by the mob.

When "Hello, fellow Whites!" becomes "Hello, fellow Loser Party members!" from the poisonous mushroom. It was the night of the broken glass. They were forcing "blue" party members into deadly masturbation machines. They pounded a giant nail into my brain and it still hurts to this day. The precious six million kosher con artists lost in a violent coup attempt. I was so scared I nearly joined the long shadow trailing after semitic tyranny. Now I'm safely back in the vanguard of nation-wrecking and demoralization, thank moloch. 

Trust me, I'm "White."

"But within moments, I realized that blending in was not an option available to my colleagues of color," he said, growing emotional.

I can pretend to blend in until someone notices my giant number six tapir snout and I start casually calling people "cattle," but what about the worthless brown merchandise we sold the goyim? Pass any law, demand any concession, but the negro will never stop being an unpleasant reminder of the merchant's "great bargain" they brought here in kosher chains and now use as a moronic biological weapon against us. They're a failed branch of humanity sold to us by demons in an unconvincing human disguise.

"So I’m here tonight, to say to my brothers and sisters in Congress and all around our country, I’m sorry. I’m sorry. For I have never understood—really understood what privilege really means. It took a violent mob of insurrectionists and a lightening-bolt moment in this very room."

My criminal tribe controls the media, the government, the educational-industrial complex and most of the wealth, but I didn't think I had "privilege."

Ocasio-Cortez, who has recently faced criticism about her recollection of the events, also addressed the chamber and said just "29 days ago, the glass in and around this very chamber was shattered by gunshots, clubs, by individuals seeking to restrain and murder members of Congress duly elected to carry out the duties of their office."

The Truth Holodomor.

Full Story.

...because air is free.


  1. It's really pretty weird when you understand the world of non-human parasites, you know, how many have evolved to actually look similar to their preferred host... and then compare the same phenomenon to the human domain with Jews and actual Caucasian Whites. We often tend to think that we are above, or apart from, nature itself, but we humans are very much ruled by the same forces and beset by the same dangers as just about everything else. Many Jews certainly do look "white". Mainly the Ashkenazim. They often have the hair, the eye coloring, the pigmentation, the works. But, unless they get rhinoplasty that nose gives them away to the observant. Just like if you look close enough at particular parasitic bugs that have evolved to look very similar to their host-bugs, you can spot the differences. Mind-blowing. In a very creepy way, of course. Parasites in any form are thoroughly disgusting.

    1. There is a book about how certain parasitic insects have evolved the ability to synthesize chemicals that can pacify or alter the thinking of other species so that they may be suitable hosts. It was written a few years back when the zombie craze was in full swing. It is called “Plight of the Living Dead”.

      Usually, there is something “off” about jews that have taken on the whitest characteristics of the host population. The nose for sure.

    2. nice to see you back on here JimB
      and Anonymous

      all tight

      i’m so tired of living on a planet controlled by Jews

      what can be said

      glad i’m on the back 9


      MH tight -eternal

    3. Hey thanks, mortal goyal! I've been around. I have MH posts as a feed in one of my Rainmeter skins to the right side of my desktop:
      so I never miss a post. #ModernHeretic2024, right? LOL

    4. I'll look for that book, Anonymous. Sounds fascinating. Kevin Strom at American Vanguard has also done some excellent series' on the subject. "Parasite’s Folly Redux" is one.

    5. not trying to be some overbearing overrider JimB....but let’s make sure we let White Men know that there are two books at the least that obviously must be read : Schopenhauer : Essays and Aphorisms.......and of course...Mien Kampf ...

      fit some Knausgaurd in there if time and liberality of spirit allows..

      anyway -nice to see JB back around


  2. I keep testing MH’s Every Single Time theory. I AM CONVINCED. Watched a video of a Tucker segment about AT&T CEO John Stankey and the damage they all were doing to freedom of speech. Went to the “early life” section of Wikipedia. Want to take a wild guess what religion he practices? EVERY SINGLE TIME. I have made it a point to tell my boys that every time they read or watch something that they think is detrimental to America or Christian Ideology, research who is controlling or funding it. Since the inception of my experiment MH’s theory has failed NOT ONCE. What are the odds??? E. S. T.

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  5. i cant remember ever being so fucking sickened by a piece of writing before...

    and it’s fucking non-fiction!!!

    MH is the writer...

  6. I'm curious why no one makes videos from this site's content.


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