Invading Miami Beach

Winter is ending here in our North American Kosher Globalist Economic Zone and this means warm weather and a chance to get out of your pod and enjoy the rebirth of the sun. Even better, in a highly magnanimous gesture toward the serfs, our criminal government will be allowing you to leave the not-so-great indoors with minimal "Where's your covi-pass, you contemptible slave?" and "I will put a round in you." Of course, you're going to want to wear at least three or four "makks" and make sure you get several poisonous injections from a semitic pharmacy. You're not free, the chosen are just letting out your chain a little, so don't get any crazy ideas, shkotzim. As your typical doomed White carefully obeys arbitrary rules created to humiliate, the negro experience is a little different. It turns out the tar monster is running wild in mee-ahh-mee and the collapsing authority is trying to control the monkeyshines.

African America.

Spring breakers invading Miami Beach have become so uncontrollable that authorities imposed a curfew on Saturday and declared a state of emergency as SWAT teams were seen moving in to clear people out.

We get some highly deceptive language right away, implying that White student loan debt victims fresh from their "Down with Western Civilization" classes are getting a little rowdy. Instead, it's nightmare animals who are "about to go to college" and "turning their lives around" causing the same predictable problems you'll see whenever this failed race gathers in significant numbers. Maybe an example would help? Please watch the following amazing video.

A SWAT vehicle was filmed moving down Ocean Drive - a popular party street - and using an LRAD, also known as a sound cannon, to get people to disperse, video posted to Twitter shows.  

Welcome to our healthy and high trust society, where we're forced to blast primitive genetic aliens with sound cannons to partially contain the monkeyshines. We hold these, these truths, we're holding them, c'mon man. You know the thing.

The move to control the crowds followed weeks of wild partying in Miami Beach, which is no stranger to uncontrollable spring break throngs of young people.

Those wild young people, with their "wooing" and beach parties. It's really fairly typical. This is definitely not a Dark Continent all against all in a dead nation.

But this year the volume is clearly higher than in previous years, said Miami Beach Mayor Dan Gelber, who's expressed concern about the lack of coronavirus restrictions - like wearing a mask - in Florida.

Where's your "makk," Barkevious? I'd be more concerned with the insane tar monster violence, but I guess the sky is still falling and we have to save grandma, even though she died eleven months ago and we weren't allowed to have a funeral.

'I think it is in part due to the fact that there are very few places open elsewhere in the country, or they're too cold, or they're not open and they're too cold,' he said.

Yeah. That's how weather works, Mister Mayor.

Democracy is the best system.

The crowds of young people crushing the beach city have sparked worries of a coronavirus ‘super-spreader’ event, while alcohol-fueled partiers have been starting fights in restaurants and in the streets, officials said.

The deadly virus is getting a second wind, just when I thought I could take off my googles and maybe the topmost bitch-cloth. Also, the "African-American" sewage is running wild, but I'm mostly worried about the flu hoax. We're all in this together. You're only five feet away from me. You have to move.

On Saturday night, crowds were seen stampeding away from the scene screaming, while the man taking the video suggests that cops 'may be spraying pepper balls as they did in the past.'

Appalling negro behavior and Italian cooking have more in common than you might initially think.

In one video, a man was seen throwing money into the air as cops move in and cheers from the crowd are barely heard over the sound cannon. In another, a group of girls were seen twerking in front of a group of cops.

This is the bargain of a lifetime, goyim. Having these animals on your plantation is an economic necessity and you can probably teach them the gist of civilized behavior. 

In another video posted Twitter, a man wearing Joker makeup waves an American flag while standing on top of a car screaming 'COVID is over baby' and throwing money into the air.

Meet one of the Minor Prophets of our decline and fall. You get what you deserve.

Locals laughed off the security measures put into place on Saturday, Daily Beast reported.  

Yew eeennn meee-ahhh-meeee nao, peeennn-deeee-hoooo. 

For the next 72 hours, visitors will have to leave streets and restaurants will close their doors at 8pm in the main tourist areas of South Beach, the epicenter of the city's party scene, authorities announced.

We already know the Wuhan Flu is most dangerous at night and the lack of sunlight might be another in the endless list of otherwise innocuous objects or events which make brothas hos-tile.

The three bridges that connect the island with mainland Miami will be closed to traffic from 10pm. Only residents, workers and hotel guests will have access.

You'll have to complete all the tutorial missions before the bridges open up to the rest of the city in Grand Theft America: Spring Break.

'This is all about the public safety folks,' said acting City Manager Raul Aguila.

Could the last White person please turn off the lights on the way out?

Over the last several days viral videos have emerged showing fights in restaurants which caused serious damage in addition to prompting diners to flee without paying expensive bills, according to local press reports.

When we discuss "eating while black" we're referring to this sort of appalling behavior from moronic inferiors and not the fragile feelings of an alien looter.  

On Thursday night 'we had an issue where hundreds of people ran at one particular time. Tables and chairs were thrown and used as weapons,' said Clements, the police chief.

I'd like to take this opportunity to mourn the lonesome death of the 500 billion shekel "Platinum Plan" from the MIGA phony tough guy.

He added that police had hoped it was a one-time event but 'last night we had three of those situations and we had a young lady that got hurt as a result of trying to run away from a crowd.'

One-time event, isolated incident, completely random, unlikely to ever happen again, etc, etc.

'We can't continue to be fortunate. We have to do some things that are going to mitigate those circumstances,' he said.

Spicy shots and noise blasters will definitely fix genetically preordained failure.

Full Story.

No, this isn't Liberia...


  1. "Miami Beach Mayor Dan (((Gelber)))", son of Seymour and Edith (((Gelber))) and husband of Joan (((Silverstein)))....

    Every. Single. Time.

    1. you know it.
      behind every curtain.

      underneath every rock.

      if you keep findings Jews.

      it’s past time to take stock

      let’s be # 110. fucking .Org.

  2. I’m on inquiry #15 of testing your theory MH. The latest is Alejandro Mayorkas. Biden’s Secretary of Homeland Security. He’s the guy letting in illegal aliens without Covid testing but is denying journalists access to the border crisis because of Covid. He’s essentially placed a gag order on all agents. Want to guess his religion?? EVERY SINGLE TIME. And for your information, of the 15 times I’ve researched situations that I thought were terrible for America, jews were behind it all 15. MH IS A GENIUS

  3. This just activates my negro fatigue.

  4. for me’s beyond fatigue.

    it’s just straight up repulsion.

    so tired , and dehumanized , living amongst these monstrous shit-creatures.

    *shit-creatures is originally an MH term....too effective not to steal.*

    1. I’m lucky in that I only see a few each day and never have to deal with them. The bigger pain in the ass is dealing with friends and relatives who worship the bastards.

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  6. this country is a fucking joke .


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