My Lower Ones

The worship of the negro is right at the center of our syphilitic national vision, but despite this delusional sickness, the "African-American" burden is not getting any better. If anything, the current crop of "blatts" is the worst we've ever seen, but the response from our ruling synagogue has been more afromania and more vilification of ordinary Whites. Suffice it to say, this semitic lunacy is going to come into conflict with what we call "reality," where the tar monster is a pathological failure and "racist" Whites are the long-suffering victims who meekly absorb the abuse and even are expected to parrot the jewish libels in humiliation rituals. This, of course, is psychologically exhausting, so a chance to vent in private will be necessary for even the most debased true believer of this appalling snow job. The only problem is privacy doesn't really exist anymore, so we're going to be catching a lot more Thought Criminals in the remaining days before our nation's undignified disposal in history's landfill.

A white Georgetown Law professor was fired Thursday after getting caught on video belittling black students during a Zoom call with a colleague, saying they “usually” perform “just plain at the bottom” of her classes. 

Two and two is not four. You're fired. Compare and contrast today's amazing morality play with a similar story from a few years ago where a jewess made the same observation. Yentl wasn't even punished, other than maybe being warned by its criminal tribe that rules over us to be a little more careful when discussing the failure of the schwoogie. Meanwhile, a "woke" gentile gets the hook for simply making an undeniable observation in a conversation that wasn't supposed to be broadcast to a country that has enshrined hatred of Whites as one of its few values. All animals are equal, some much more so.

Georgetown Law Dean Bill Treanor said he was “appalled” by the conversation between now-terminated adjunct professor Sandra Sellers and another faculty member, David Batson, who was placed on administrative leave pending an investigation.

On tonight's episode of "I can't believe it's not the Soviet Union!" we are appalled by hate noises broadcast over Chinese spyware. The telescreen picked up your crimes against Amisoc. A careerist scumbag whose only real job is endlessly trying to appease hostile aliens drops the hammer on the forbidden ideas which are obvious to anyone with working eyes.

“I informed Professor Sellers that I was terminating her relationship with Georgetown Law effective immediately,” Treanor wrote in a statement released Thursday afternoon. “During our conversation, she told me that she had intended to resign. As a result of my decision, Professor Sellers is no longer affiliated with Georgetown Law.” 

It's because of Professor Sellers the windmill collapsed. She plotted to murder comrade Stalin. Her "racism" made Barkevious stupid and dangerous. She has confessed to all of this and more. She is now an unperson who will be completely deleted. 

A brief clip posted to Twitter Wednesday showed Sellers and Batson having what they believed was a private discussion about a class they jointly taught.

Someone is always listening. Learn to lie to yourself. Practice double think and crime stop. Develop the "American Look." Turn in your neighbors. We are a free and open society with a fully functional democracy.

"It's almost like we're not equal and the jew lied to us."

“I end up having this angst every semester that a lot of my lower ones are blacks,” Sellers said. “Happens almost every semester. And it’s like, oh come on. It’s some really good ones, but there are usually some that are just plain at the bottom. It drives me crazy.”

Like most White useful idiots, she wanted the negro to succeed, to be redeemed by the holy light of glorious open-minded acceptance. However, genetic determinism proved resilient to attempts to miracle it away and unqualified dark aliens stealing space and resources from qualified Whites are right at the bottom. My sanctimony failed, I'm cracking up. By the way, you're fired for "racism."

Sellers made the comments after saying “they were a bit jumbled,” prompting Batson to apparently nod in agreement, the footage shows.

How severely this neck muscle contraction crime will be punished remains to be determined, but don't be surprised if this old boy has to wear the "rat helmet."

Sellers, according to the Georgetown Black Law Students Association, was referencing the only black student in her class.

Don't worry, I'm sure the Georgetown White Law Students Association will rush to your defense. Wait, there isn't one? Well, ain't that something.

The organization quickly called for her immediate resignation, and a petition demanding her ouster garnered hundreds of signatures from students, alumni and several Georgetown faculty members.

Mob rule by dark idiots controlled by the poisonous mushroom is the best system.

The scary music really helps with this asinine propaganda.

“We demand nothing short of the immediate termination of Sandra Sellers as adjunct professor at Georgetown University Law Center,” the group said in a statement. “Not suspension. Not an investigation. The university must take swift and definitive action in the face of blatant and shameless racism.”

Despite "systemic racism" and the mighty strength of "White privilege" the "burn the witch" demands from brown dullards are immediately fully endorsed by simpering cowards. It's the heartwarming underdog story of our time! 

The revealing clip shows the “conscious and unconscious bias” in grading at Georgetown Law and in other law school classrooms across the country, the group claims.

First we had Thought Crime, now we have Sigmund Fraud's "unconscious bias." When even the most tepid criticism of the living fossil will immediately ruin your life, the White debil has resorted to "racism" that isn't even based in volitional actions. A country that swallows this kosher cyanide has a bright future.

“The difference is that Sellers was caught and her racism was broadcast for the world to see,” the statement continued.

"I wish the groids in my class were doing better" is now "racism." Uh-maze-in.

Treanor promised a “thorough investigation” into the matter in a statement released Wednesday.

We're going to make everyone take a loyalty oath to the genetic alien.

“We are responding with the utmost seriousness to this situation,” Treanor said. “I have watched a video of this conversation and find the content to be abhorrent. It includes conduct that has no place in our educational community. We must ensure that all students are treated fairly and evaluated on their merits.”

Bawk! Utmost seriousness! Pretty bird, pretty bird! *series of whistling noises* Content to be abhorrent, abhorrent! Want a cracker! Bawk! Bawk! Blatt lives, blatt lives matta! Bawk!

Attempts to reach Sellers early Thursday were unsuccessful. She did not immediately return a message left on a phone listed in her name.

We tried to wring some more pitiful begging from someone we're going to destroy anyway, but the phone kept ringing.

Full Story.

The death of a nation has a dignity all its own.


  1. Probably 99 percent of college professors reside in Cloud Cuckoo Land, to borrow an expression from my East Prussian grandmother. And those of us who had to take college classes with them, know how incompetent, lazy and dumb blacks generally are.

  2. I was lucky. I studied engineering in the late 1970s before negroes in STEM was a thing. Had some annoying Iranians in class however. Hopefully, they are building something that will scare our greatest ally but I think these Iranians were fans of the Shah. The Shah himself was starting to question the jew before he was overthrown. Probably a coincidence.

    1. everyone with a conscience somehow gets around to questioning The Jew.

      it can be no other way.

    2. Correct Mortal. I’m glad that I don’t have to physically look at them on a daily basis. I know they pretty much control this country and there’s seemingly nothing we can do about it. I do try to research what I can when making purchases to try not to buy anything that directly benefits them. It’s TOUGH. They own almost EVERYTHING.

    3. indeed.

      the only acquisition left for this verminous hive of soulless cyclops is our Thoughts.

      their workin on it as we speak.

  3. in a just world...

    maggot opportunist ferrets like
    “Dean “ Bill Treanor will be enshrined in hemp rope, dancing on 6 feet of air.


  4. i had to reread this.
    this is an incredible post.

    jew-stasi and it’s scared Protestant and Roman Catholic lipspittle minions are relentlessly destroying White Will.

    orwell shmorewell
    these Marxist Rats are winning

    this is a creepy ass fucking country.

    swelling with a mass of frightened, subservient lab-rats.

  5. What I’m really hoping for is a post from MH on Monday about the 17 democrats who flipped on a previous stance that GUN STORES SHOULD NOT REPORT ILLEGAL ALIENS THAT TRY TO PURCHASE FIREARMS TO ICE. So it’s ok for the brown horde to own firearms but not American Citizens??

  6. I encourage everyone to spend tax return/stimulus on firearms and ammo. Teach your children firearm safety. Talk to everyone you can about firearms. It’s the only chance we have to preserve our culture and way of life. There IS a culture war against guns. They are starting with children at a very young age. We need to also. Be resilient.

    1. for some mind-fogging reason all these years -i’ve never had a gun.
      thanks for the reminder LOTS.

      lately i’ve been thinking how i do not want my thumb up my ass if and when the shit hits the fan...🤪*and any other time*

      this is a culture of death. life means nothing on this 🚽 🌎.

      must go down swinging.

  7. I’m Stoked. Got a DS Arms OSW FAL TAC Pistol. 308 with an 11.5” barrel. Going to form 1 it eventually. It shoots huge fireballs when fired.


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