NFL Death Watch: Massive Financial Hit

After a year of enormous attendance drops and television ratings losses, the NFL salary cap is set to take a historic hit of nearly $16 million.

The league that began their season with near empty stands and then chased away television viewers by turning their gameday experience into a platform for social justice messaging, announced on Wednesday that all teams will have to be at or under a salary cap of $182.5 million by 4:00 PM EST on March 17.

The $182.5 million figure represents a $15.7 million drop from the $198.2 million cap the league had last year.


As Pro Football Talk reports, “The 2021 cap could have been reduced by tens of millions more without the NFLPA and league finalizing a new CBA and negotiating an agreement in July to have the season.”

The NFL was not the only major American sports league to take a massive financial hit in 2020.

Aren't you supposed to be dead?

As Forbes reported on Tuesday, the top four U.S. sports leagues lost over $14 billion in revenues during the pandemic-plagued 2020 season.

The revenue losses stem primarily from historic drops in attendance due to the virus.

Of course, the four major sports leagues surrendering to Black Lives Matter didn’t help matters either.

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  1. While I recently spent 4 horrific months in the States taking care of a sick parent I broke 2 friendships over their pathetic worshiping of sports. Both times I was polite but firm about it and asked them to turn their tv to something else besides negro sports.

    I tried to explain to these 2 blue collar White guys that even though I was a Goalie throughout High School and University, I did not want to watch or be exposed to any NHL content because of their insane support of blm criminals. They both seemed to think that even though more and more communist and anti White pogroms were now running wild in every pro sport that it was no big deal to just ignore it and pay attention to the "action".

    To be fair these 2 guys while not liberals are not politically aware at all. When I saw them they beamed with pride with how cool and hip Detroit was becoming. Meanwhile I knew Detroit was a world class shit show by the tender age of 7 when my Dad took me on a delivery near old Tiger Stadium and he showed me how the negro lived.

    1. not to disparage you OR....i too played Goalie up until like 15

      i was just trying to make a broader point i guess


    2. It’s bred into the ppl. Everyone wants to be competitive. You see it a lot in the rural areas. But the Whites don’t devote all of their time to children’s sports like negroes. And we weren’t bred like dogs to produce the largest strongest slaves for work. Once the Whites get out of high school, they rarely get an opportunity to continue. And that’s a GOOD THING. They should stay physically fit, but expansion of knowledge should be the ultimate goal.

  2. let this jew/nigger shitfest burn.

    sports are for ten year old boys

  3. on a side note

    is there really any hope for America, when you see dumbfounded , imbecilic
    automatons driving around in a car ,ALONE! , wearing a mask?

  4. these are levels of conformity that cause the gleeful rubbing together of Jew hands.


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