Offers Some Resistance

Please watch the following amazing video.

A video shows a masked school board member at a meeting of the trustees for Idaho Falls District 91 gasping for air while arguing that the school district should continue to mandate mask-wearing.

You need to wear at least five or six "makks" at all times. Goggles will save lives. Try putting cement in your rectum. Make sure you have your "covi-pass," you pathetic worm. After months of total lunacy and abject cowardice from "leadership," here we are, watching some childless scold perform the old huff and puff through the slave scarf before rallying enough to screech at the "mansplaining." We are a healthy and strong country. Let me pause for several seconds before using my last pathetic gasp to say "masking." The land of the free, the home of the brave, I'm done.

The Red State Nation blog said it was Trustee Elizabeth Cogliati who was forced to take long pauses between words as she argued for the masks.

Eye kant breeve, nikka! Petty bureaucrat lives matter. Dat ole wite beech bee doin datt durr mum-ball rapp.

The report noted there's no official evidence that a mask reduces oxygen levels, but "when you wear a mask, particularly if you have an N95 mask, it can make you feel like it is more difficult to catch your breath."

Having a physical barrier over your nose and mouth does not reduce oxygen levels, according to the same infallible "science" that thinks all races are equal, you can cut off your penis and become a woman and we can fix "climate change" by pouring chalk dust into the atmosphere. 

"A mask offers some resistance to the usual way of breathing, making it seem more difficult to catch your breath. The feeling is more a psychological one than a physical problem with breathing, according to medical personnel," the report said.

A shin across the back of your neck offers some resistance to the usual way of breathing, but the feeling is more a fentanyl problem than a "racism" problem.

The report said the woman "almost passed out, whether it was all in her head or the lack of oxygen we gonna let you to decide."

Wise and sane representative of muh democray or crazy cat lady being choked by her own goofy virtue signal? You make the call!

Full Story.

Wear your bitch-cloth to save lives!


  1. the cat lady...that dictates “policy” on the local level of the Jew Circus...

    we are not a lost nation.

    there is dope.
    my bad- i meant hope.

  2. The CDC also recommends throwing your mask away if you touch it at all because it could be contaminated. But these morons want to pick and choose what’s convenient. Fuck your face diapers


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