The Shocking Discovery

For reasons not entirely understood, basic genetic realities have proven remarkably resistant to misguided and wasteful attempts to wish them away. For example, endless negro appeasement, "blatt hiss-tree munf" and plummeting standards have failed to turn the negro burden into anything that even remotely approaches an actual human being. Maybe we're not removing Whites from everything fast enough. On the other hand, consider the Bodymore zoo, where the unfair skin has vanished but the same predictable pathology that travels with the negro like a foul cloud is still present. Barkevious has failed to get its learn on and we can start pointing fingers and passing out blame.

A shocking discovery out of a Baltimore City high school, where Project Baltimore has found hundreds of students are failing.

Talk about the surprise of the century! They're always so full of jungle wisdom on my talmudvision, how could this be? In other shocking news, we found a lot of sand in the Sahara Desert.

It’s a school where a student who passed three classes in four years, ranks near the top half of his class with a 0.13 grade point average. 

In the land of the violent and moronic living fossils, the nightmare animal who can occasionally pass a comically undemanding class is truly "kang." There is so much untapped potential in the tar monster; if only we could somehow awaken it. Every night I mourn the lonesome death of the "Platinum Plan." 

Tiffany France thought her son would receive his diploma this coming June. But after four years of high school, France just learned, her 17-year-old must start over. He’s been moved back to ninth grade. 

"Wuh bee yo mudda fuddin plo-muh, nikka?"

"Sheeet, dey mobbin muh dum azz bakk two duh fuggin grayed nein."

“He's stressed and I am too. I told him I'm probably going to start crying. I don't know what to do for him,” France told Project Baltimore.

Now to translate the negro babble into actual English for the benefit of the "we're all equal and Whites are bad" delusionals reading this tripe.

“Why would he do three more years in school? He didn't fail, the school failed him. The school failed at their job. They failed. They failed, that's the problem here. They failed. They failed. He didn't deserve that.”

When a 60 I.Q. living fossil isn't learning, the fault clearly rests with the school and White "racism." This dangerous dullard just needed Michelle Pfeiffer to teach all its classes or something. Let Morgan Freeman lock the doors and make the White kids all stand up, we're going to miracle this worthless animal into a good little bar code for our hellish kosher globalist bodega.

France’s son attends Augusta Fells Savage Institute of Visual Arts in west Baltimore.

The school is named after a (deservedly) obscure dead groid, so we know that isn't the problem. Let's take a look at their website. 

At Augusta Fells Savage Institute, we tap into students’ potential and help them succeed academically, artistically, socially, and emotionally. Our mission is to prepare 21st-century leaders and learners in an arts-focused learning community where student achievement is the priority.

Whoever wrote this is either the satirical genius of our time or is as deep into the careerism coma as a person can get.

His transcripts show he’s passed just three classes in four years, earning 2.5 credits, placing him in ninth grade.  

Imagine having to pretend these things are human so you can keep getting paid.

But France says she didn’t know that until February. She has three children and works three jobs. She thought her oldest son was doing well because even though he failed most of his classes, he was being promoted.

Getting three different checks from Uncle Cracker every month is not "three jobs."

A true credit to your race, the human race.

He also failed English II but was passed on to English III.

Imagine a world where absolutely no one cares, because the money from the White taxpaying chump is always going to be there. 

“I'm just assuming that if you are passing, that you have the proper things to go to the next grade and the right grades, you have the right credits,” said France.

I decided to hit the crack pipe instead of looking at the report card and I stand by that decision.

As we dig deeper into her son’s records, we can see in his first three years at Augusta Fells, he failed 22 classes and was late or absent 272 days.

Good boy, turning its life around, about to go to college, etc.

“I feel like they never gave my son an opportunity, like if there was an issue with him, not advancing or not progressing, that they should have contacted me first, three years ago,” said France.

If only there were still Whites around to blame, but this is Bodymore.

Another negro "Parent of the Year" candidate.

In his four years at Augusta Fells, France’s son earned a GPA of 0.13. He only passed three classes, but his transcripts show his class rank is 62 out of 120. This means, nearly half his classmates, 58 of them, have a 0.13 grade point average or lower.

Thank you for explaining basic percentages. As America gets darker and dumber and produces more dusky 0.13 GPA cases, the ability to compute simple fractions is going to become "pink pee-pole hoodoo."

“He's a good kid. He didn't deserve that. Where's the mentors? Where is the help for him? I hate that this is happening to my child,” said an emotional France.

Joe Biden doesn't care about "black" people.

Project Baltimore talked with a City Schools administrator, who works inside North Avenue, but asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation.

You know you live in a healthy nation when everyone is afraid of having their life ruined for pointing out obvious facts.

That administrator says the school system absolutely failed France’s son.

This drooling brown idiot could have become a human calculator, but "the system" failed.

The administrator told FOX45 News, City Schools failed because it has protocols and interventions set up to help students who are falling behind or have low attendance. In France’s son’s case, they didn’t happen.

Worrying about attendance is a legacy of evil "Whiteness," just like the "racist" obsession with the so-called "correct" answer.

“I get angry. There's nothing but frustration. We see on the news the crime that occurs, the murders, the shootings, we know that there are high levels of poverty in Baltimore."

If only there was more "chedda," the "African-American" would immediately start passing English II. It was standing on its desk "rapping" about its penis on one of the few days it actually went to the practice prison because it's poor. 

"His transcript is not unusual to me. I've seen many transcripts, many report cards, like this particular student,” said the City Schools administrator.

I don't have the slightest doubt this is true.

Dr. Sonja Santelises was the City Schools CEO four years ago when France’s son was a freshman. But she will not interview with FOX45 News. Instead, we received a two-page statement, which explains what should happen when a student is chronically absent or failing.

I'm guessing "boat back to Africa" wasn't the proposed solution, as it would be in any sane country.

When a student is absent, an automated call is placed to the number on file.

Diss bee ah cordin an sheeet. Yo nig-lett ain awp en hee-ah. 

France has pulled her son out of Augusta Fells. He’s now enrolled in an accelerated school program at Francis M. Wood in west Baltimore. If her son works hard, he could graduate by 2023. 

I look forward to seeing this pathetic animal again in an article about some idiotic and horrific crime, probably well before 2023.

Full Story.

The magical "woman of color" that failed.


  1. This is definitely the white supreeeeeeeemists fault. Shout out to James Allsup. Man he had an awesome channel on jewtube until they canceled him. Anyway, this is a direct result of lowering the bar and appeasement that does nothing except send the negro further down the path of degeneracy. I just read yesterday that a public school canceled their accelerated learning classes because there wasn’t enough negroes in it. I’m assuming there were ZERO. Of course the faculty doesn’t consider that they are harming these White/Asian students because of the failures of blacks. When it comes down to affecting our children, it’s time to push back.

    1. Yea it's very important to care about the asian students who are replacing you.

    2. Idgaf about the Asians. Was just lumping them in the equation because I’m sure they are at the top of the class with Whites. Are you too slow to realize I meant our White children?

  2. I remember Gus Savage as a communist negro congressman in the 1980s.

    Greatschools rates the school as a 1 out of 10. Incidentally, greatschools is an excellent source of demographic data if you are looking to buy or rent property and want to avoid negroes. The demographic info is updated annually and they are proud of diversity so they do not try to hide it. If you are working with a realtor, they cannot legally answer a question regarding race. But you can tell them that you will not consider a property wherhe nearby schools are below 9. Once narrowed down, do due diligence.

  3. Here are the Baltimore School System Commissioners. All are negroes except the jew and the ginger with a hyphenated name who is also a professor at a historical negro college where she no doubt works closely with her students to get their freak, I mean learn on.

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  5. in other shocking news.....

    the jew is a viperous ,destroying insect that is on earth to invert truth and dump it’s filthy exploitive load all over the heaving breasts of beauty.

    as we allow it.

    1. I've been reduced to reading archives this morning. I like reading the comments too. I have noticed that you write and then delete almost as much or more than not. Why is that? Just leave it up for us all to read.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.


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