The Ultimate Negro Hero

Yesterday our holy buildings, the sacred stones of muh democracy, were menaced by the clear and present danger of White Nationalism. Okay, nothing actually happened and it was another hoax promoted by the synagogue in the living room and our completely illegitimate government, but I have on good authority that the pale terrorism was prevented by brave troops fresh from a metal shavings banquet in a parking garage and the amazing moral perfection of a negro elected by a racial headcount who was once involved in "muh dikk" accusations. This brave simian faced down the invisible enemy and I really can't say enough about the selfless valor of the brilliant beast. This asinine political theater, motivated by a hatred for you and everyone you care about, represents our strident kosher globalist bodega at its absolute best.

Rep. Al Green (D-Texas) is sending a message to QAnon and right-wing extremist threats by sitting on the Capitol steps on Thursday, the date authorities warned militia groups were potentially planning another breach of the building.

Wow, what a hero. If you ever wondered what the phrase "coward's courage" means, here's your answer. Behind Soviet-style walls, wire and malnourished 90 I.Q. mongrel soldiers, it confronted a threat which, strictly speaking, isn't real. I haven't seen such mature and practical gallantry since I climbed out of my cardboard "space ship" to explore the surface of a "hostile alien planet" when I was eight. Move over China Man standing in front of a tank, this is the greatest triumph of the human spirit you'll ever see. The "militia" was so intimidated by the prehistoric grit on display they never even bothered to show up for the "breach."

“I want to make a statement to let people know, those who would threaten those of us who cherish this freedom that we have here that we refuse to allow those threats to negate our freedom," he told The Hill. 

It was either this or pretend to cry next to a fence in some parking lot. Our country is very serious and healthy. The mighty hoodoo of a living fossil defeated the evil spirits of "racism" and we even got some of that good "tok-tok" out of this worthless animal.

Capitol Police and the FBI have cautioned that militia groups that took part in the deadly insurrection at the Capitol on Jan. 6 — when a group of Trump supporters attempted to disrupt the certification of the Electoral College votes — had drafted plans for a second attack on March 4.

I always used to wonder what it was like to live in the Soviet Union, where everything you're told from official sources is a cynical lie intended to mislead and demoralize. Imagination is no longer necessary.

Some conspiracy theorists have spread the idea that former President Trump will be inaugurated on that date, despite losing the November presidential election. 

Trust the plan! The rapture that was supposed to happen didn't occur because of your great faith. 

Green’s decision to peacefully protest comes after Congress canceled votes on Thursday.

Is there anything more bereft of value than the "African-American" failure? Incredibly, the answer is "yes." The coal creature politician is even more useless.

"Eye bee fattin races, maw!" "Git yo blatt azz bakk in duh howse, mudda fudda!"

House Democrats accelerated the passage of a police reform bill on Wednesday night due to the news of credible threats emerging.

We better weaken the police on the eve of the massive attack on our kosher temple from evil Whites. Honk. Honk. Honk.

"I love my country and believe that freedom is not free," he tweeted.

You're a better version of the 19-year-old White who joined the American Golem and came home horribly maimed after fighting for the jew in some sandbox.

"Others have made great sacrifices for the freedoms I enjoy. I refuse to surrender our nation’s Capitol to those who would abridge my freedom. Hence, as a matter of personal principle, I will be in the Capitol complex today."

This pathetic grandstanding will protect our sacred freedoms. Put on at least two or three "makks," you insolent dog. Where's your "covi-pass," scumbag? I will put a round in you. Speaking of our national psychotic break, it sure was thoughtful of this turd with arms to wear a bitch-rag while sitting alone outside. You're saving lives from the deadly "pandemic" and stopping another "insurrection," all at once. Behold the apotheosis of semitic globalist democracy: a negro moron with a diaper on its face popping a squat against an enemy that exists only in its primitive brain.

Green said he felt he needed to take a stand against the protesters to send a message that their antics would not disrupt democracy, adding that people have lost their lives fighting for freedom in America and it needs to be protected. 

Like that woman who was shot in the neck by an inept and violent tar monster officer, for example.

The Texas Democrat said he’s seen the impact of discrimination and doesn’t want to see the country regress, arguing that the former president’s rhetoric has furthered the country’s divide.

The phony tough guy was a dirty mirror held up to the decline and fall, his "rhetoric" didn't create it. If anything, he ultimately became another apologist for the rot. We'll dump 500 billion shekels into the negro abyss, Israel is our greatest ally, we have the best sodomites, etc, etc.

“If you tolerate hate you perpetuate it — anybody that tolerates hate perpetuates it,” he said. “If people penetrate it, it does not crawl back under a rock.”

While we're on the subject of penetrating it, did I mention that buggery enthusiasts are also extremely heroic?

Lawmakers are continuing to grapple with how to best increase security in the wake of the Jan. 6 attack, and Congress is expected to continue probing how the breach of the building happened.

Soldiers in the streets, kommissars, "turn in you neighbor" programs, massive censorship, targeted destruction of ordinary people...these are all good options to "increase security." Maybe "not opening the doors and inviting them in" would have worked, too.

The Capitol Police have requested that the National Guard’s presence on the Capitol campus be extended by an additional two months amid ongoing security concerns.

You can sleep in this puddle of engine fluids.

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Mob rule is the best system.


  1. I don't reckon them racists in the capitol sent this jig the memo that "votes" are canceled today? Either way it's definitely a hero! Nobel peace prize nomination

  2. Porch monkey'n in the battle zone!

  3. holy shit! look at this ‘ Thing’.

    i’d have to say....he represents his ugly, failed and useless race perfectly .

    a poster should be made of that White people can look at it and be thankful and full of gratitude for what they were” not born as.”

    1. Correct Sir. I thought jerri-curls went out of style in the 80’s. You can definitely see gorilla genetics going on.

  4. anyone who wakes up tommorrow morning ,pondering the credibility and seriousness of this Jew-poisoned former country....needs to start reading MH. Like, now !

  5. Al Green looks exactly like homo erectus and the really freaky thing is that nobody comments about it.

  6. seriously

    are you kidding me with this ugly filthy nigger!

    are you kidding me?

    are you kidding me?

  7. I want to see a death match with Gorilla Green and the QAnon Shaman.


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