A Brown Paw for a Leftist

At this point we have to assume that anyone who still denies racial realities is either an idiot, being willfully ignorant or is somehow profiting from the decline and fall of this great experiment in mob rule and racial headcounts. This isn't 1980, where most Whites were mercifully spared contact with negro and la-teen-oh garbage, save what they saw on the talmudvision, which wasn't exactly an accurate depiction of the dark inferiors. The jew parasite still operated in the shadows; we didn't get stories about the next Soros offensive against our rights or the kosher "Great Reset" and all the other semitic evils that are "conspiracy theories" until the day when they become the "new normal." Today, there is no effort made to hide the demonic agenda of the poisonous mushroom and the non-White pathology is a few clicks away, despite the best efforts of jewtube censors. There is no excuse. Moron, delusional or grifter, those are the only choices for a doomed White who denies the long cold war that's now turning hot. Consider today's pathetic example, equal parts careerist and deranged, who got blasted by the rot and learned absolutely nothing.

A 75-year-old retired crime reporter who was sucker punched at random in broad daylight on a New York City street has said the attack 'made no sense'  - unlike muggings in the 1980s, which were for money.  

Childless leftist cat lady grapples with the logic of a "keel datt fuggin wite beech" attack. It wasn't for money, which is the only real motivating factor, as demonstrated by my own worthless life. Decades of writing about nightmare monsters giving each other gunshot wounds "on the chest" and you never noticed any patterns. Now, facing an unmarked and forgotten grave, it just makes no sense why Barkevious selected you for its "eye bee blassin duh peenk debils, clack, clack" pathology.

Judith Thomas says she was walking to meet her sister on Easter Sunday when a stranger struck her with 'a hellacious punch' on the corner of West 119th Street and Lenox Avenue in Harlem.

By g*d, that's some impact! With g*d as my witness, she's been broken in half!

Thomas, a former Channel 9 crime reporter, was left with swollen cheeks and lips, as well as a pronounced bruise on her face. 

When you're older, you get the face you always deserved.

Just two days after her attack, the NYPD released its latest crime data for March, which showed overall crime went up 2.4 percent compared with the same time last year. The rise in violent crime in the city was driven by a 36 percent increase in murders and a 35 percent increase in auto thefts. 

Wow, who could have predicted this? It's almost like allowing our giant rat's nest of a city to become El Salvador and South Sudan has consequences. Still, we need to make room in prison for Thought Criminals, like those who refuse the jew jab, so it's good we're ignoring the appalling monkeyshines.

Yet on Wednesday, a day later, NYC Mayor Bill deBlasio said he is convinced that New Yorkers are not living in fear despite crime rates rising across the board.

Imagine having a job where you can fail this spectacularly and still get paid.

His comments came hours after another violent attack. In the latest incident a Kansas tourist was hit in the shoulder by a stray bullet near Times Square. 

Golly, look at all those bodegas and "adult book stores." Gosh dang it, I think I've been caught up in what the city folks call "tribal warfare."

And some experts are worried about the city's economy coming back amid a sharp increase in violent crime. 

Yes, people are getting blasted in broad daylight, but what about muh shekels?

A report by the Partnership for New York City has surmised up to a third of New York's small businesses could be closed for good since the start of the coronavirus. 

Great news for Bezos. A flu hoax annihilates the remaining competition to jew-run globohomo.   

And the unemployment and shuttered storefronts that come along with those closures likely would only breed more crime. 

My favorite bodega closed, so I clobbered some old milk.

Thomas, the former crime reporter, surmised the recent wave was being driven by a lack of social services for people with mental health issues and for the homeless, among other issues.

If we had more social workers and generous welfare payments, we could restore the paradise of sullen brown inferiors mostly leaving us alone, as opposed to the current all against all. Offering this as a solution for genetic predestination would have seemed completely out of touch with reality five decades ago. Now, it's just a complete abandonment of sanity.

Liberalism is very glamorous.

'I was on my way to meet my sister for Easter dinner on Sunday. It was 3 o'clock on a beautiful afternoon. I was a block away from the restaurant and all of a sudden I got sucker-punched with a hellacious punch, I mean a really hard punch,' Thomas said in an interview with DailyMail.com.

I have no children or husband, I'm a used-up wreck and then Dajewjuan ran up on me.

'It knocked me to the ground. And I screamed and I was on the ground going 'Oh my god, what just happened?''

Save us, moloch!

The attacker, who is pictured in surveillance video and is wanted by the NYPD, hasn't been found. 

If you can recognize a negro that looks and behaves like every other negro in our urban ruins, please call our tip line at 1-800-EAT-SHIT.

'We've got a homelessness crisis and it's getting worse. We've got a mental health crisis, not enough resources for poor people. We've got racial inequity, we've got wealth inequity and people are getting desperate and they're angry and they're acting out.

Again, this shrew was a crime reporter. It would be like attending the same basic mathematics class for decades and then declaring that two plus two is nineteen. 

'This was crazy, this attack. It made no sense. He didn't say anything to me, he didn't go for my purse, nothing. It was just acting out in sheer anger and hostility ... and I think we need resources in this city to deal with the problems so that people have hope instead of desperation.' 

We need special "don't pummel deluded crones" training for the "real nikkas," at great tax-payer expense, of course. 

'I was here in [1981] when I was mugged,' Thomas said. 'But that made sense, they wanted money. That was what they were after, at least I understood that.' 

In those halcyon days, the nightmare animal just wanted to run my pockets. Now dey bee hittin lyke Tie-son awn dem rink-alled awld beeches.

'We used to joke about carrying mugger money so you give the $20 to the mugger. This is something totally different, this is random violence. It's directed against different ethnic groups and that's horrifying, because this is a city in which many different ethnic groups live together very peaceably.'

It was light and joyful fun serving as a mobile ATM for the tar monsters, but now that there's open race war against Whites it must be "random violence." Those crumbs from the jewish plate to you, the dog, must be absolutely incredible for you to engage in this humiliating debasement.

While the attack was frightening, Thomas expressed no desire to live in fear or make changes to her routines.

Failing to learn the most obvious lessons is definitely a reoccurring theme in her life.

'Even though this happened, I'm gonna do exactly what I have been doing and will continue to do, because I'm not giving these people power over my life,' Thomas said. 'They're not gonna stop me from going where I want to go, when I want to go there.'

Wow. What a hero. 

Aside from assaults, when it comes to the most recent crime statistics, there were 99 shooting incidents in March 2021, compared to 56 a year ago, representing an increase of nearly 77 percent.

We're probably only one or two ludicrously wasteful and obviously doomed "programs" away from fixing the vile brown animals. If you don't believe me, ask their latest victim.

Thomas directed a message towards her attacker, who has yet to be caught.

This should be good.

'You're a nut job, you're a criminal, you need to be in jail, and you need a hell of a good psychiatrist.'

LOL. Look at these ink blots until you're no longer hostile. When I snap my fingers you will wake up and no longer be a danger to our national carcass.

Full Story.

Sigmund Fraud will cure this living fossil.


  1. Old White cat ladies just need to understand that this is all part of living in the city. "Random fist assaults" need not deter you from going about your routine. (Honk-Honk!)

  2. Evil black assault fists must be banned. It's only common sense.

  3. last time i called
    1-800-EAT-SHIT I was rudely put on hold for what seemed like
    6million seconds....while disgusting, atonal Hebrew “music” played in the background.

    oi vey!

  4. Bitch deserved it. If you are a criminologist for 2 decades and you haven’t figured out that groids are naturally violent then you deserve every “gibs me dat”, and “throw down on dis honkay beatch “ that the inferiors grace you with

  5. this bullshit and doesnt address the problem west virginia is piss poor and crime rates are below average still white majority my ancestors still distill spirits and make good moonshine

  6. it aint the niggars its the jew bitches and their cultural manipulations all jews free mandatory ticket to israel hel


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