A Complicated Story

What is the solution to the tribal warfare in the Chiraq rot? Obviously, a big part of the problem is the "racism" from the "five oh." This, combined with gun ownership, "bad streets" and faded memories of when Whites used to live anywhere near the encroaching rot, is making otherwise fully human brown bar codes hostile. The answer remains elusive, but the best ideas our very wise alien dyke slime has produced include defunding the police, attacking gun rights and total denial of reality. A quick glance at the crime numbers quickly confirm the effectiveness of this semitic cocktail, but much more needs to be done. We need serious reform when it comes to the official response to "look at that boy run."

Mayor Lori Lightfoot called for a new foot pursuit policy to be implemented by the Chicago Police Department before the start of summer after a city officer shot and killed Adam Toledo, 13, last week following a chase.

You probably assumed this was a case of a negro monster pulling the Jesse Owens act and then getting "limited." This is wrong, you awful "racist." It was actually a piece of la-teen-oh garbage pulling the Speedy Gonzales act and taking the dirt siesta. Once we make it even harder for the evil "twelve" to do their jobs, it should lead to discernible improvement in the cold weather Honduras.

On Monday, Lightfoot also called for an investigation into how the boy came into possession of a gun, saying an adult gave a weapon to a teen and must be held accountable, Chicago Tribune reported. 

If you give a gun to a monkey and it shoots someone, you don't blame the monkey, I guess. I'm not fully convinced E.T. the slot-licking alien has the best take on this latest dispatch from an urban zoo, but I'm sure we'll find the vato loco responsible and severely punish this living, stinking embodiment of our national weakness.

Remember when "justice" actually meant something?

“This is a complicated story. It’s not my story to tell, particularly not as our understanding of the facts is evolving,” Lightfoot said.

Yeah. The rich tapestry of the may-hee-can looter experience is constantly evolving. A criminally precocious anchor baby tried to "draw down" on the Blue Lives but ended up "holding corn." We're truly looking at the fish with legs crawling up the beach, here.

“What I do know and what I will say is Ms. Toledo and her family need our love and support in this moment, not our withering judgment.”

We're going to solve the massive and humiliating problem of wildly incompatible foreign scumbags by giving it a big hug.

Lightfoot and police Superintendent David Brown spoke at New Life Church in the Little Village neighborhood as part of an event aimed at calming the city ahead of the eventual release of video of the incident.

Heckuva job, Brownie! For whatever reason, this new magical negro with its goofy Eddie Murphy glasses has flown below the Chiraq radar, rarely making statements, unlike such worthies as the magical southpaw dullard or the careerist walrus. 

“This is a tragedy. The most tragic of circumstances,” Brown said. “Let’s not make it worse by rushing to judgment.”

Think of all the crimes this greaser will never commit, the bastards it won't father, the toilets it won't destroy. This is the greatest tragedy.

Brown added to information already provided by the Police Department on Friday by saying that on March 26, Toledo’s mother walked into the Ogden District station, reported him missing at 6:58 p.m. and the information was entered in a police database at 7:18 p.m.

After finally noticing the absence of one of its 23 welfare vectors, the population displacement device waddled into the Cop Shop and we got it all figured out.

After Adam Toledo was killed, a 21-year-old man, Ruben Roman, was arrested at the scene.

Could this be the elusive "adult" that gave the "assault weapon" to Pablo Madrid? What do you think, Sherlock Holmes? 

Brown said he provided police with a different name for the teen who was shot — eventually identified as Adam — and was charged with misdemeanor resisting or obstructing a peace officer, the Tribune reported. 

I guess wetback fathers aren't having "El Hablar" with their prodigious broods about the need to always cooperate with the police so they don't shoot you over the "color of your skin."  

“And we lost considerable time trying to identify Adam because of the wrong name,” said Brown.” 

I can see how that would be a problem.

On Wednesday, two days after the 13-year-old’s death, police contacted his mother at about 1 p.m. and told her a description of her son matched that of an unidentified person at the Cook County medical examiner’s office, Brown said. His mother at that point said she had not seen her son for several days, and she identified him at 3:30 p.m. Wednesday at the medical examiner’s office.

Natural conservatives. Strong family values. Very religious. Here as an act of love. Future Loser Party voters. I haven't seen one of my many bastards in several days. Better swing down to the corpse bodega and see what's on the shelves.

He was fatally shot in the chest at about 2:30 a.m. March 29 in a Little Village neighborhood alley near 24th Street and Sawyer Avenue by an on-duty officer responding to a call of shots fired in the area.

Another enemygration success story. We're all equal. 2:30 a.m. Shots fired. We hold, the truths, we're holding them, whatever it is. Mud World all against all. These are "dreamers." It's a nightmare and I can't wake up.

Lightfoot’s call for police policy changes comes four years after the U.S. Justice Department recommended in a report about CPD’s practices that it adopt a foot pursuit policy. None has been put into place despite concerns about how dangerous foot pursuits can be for the officers and the public.

This is definitely the correct lesson to take from this appalling story of the incompatibility of North America's worst with even the lowest standards of civilized behavior. 

According to a Chicago Tribune investigative report in 2016, foot chases played a role in more than a third of the 235 officer involved shootings in the city from 2010 through 2015 that ended with someone wounded or killed.

Too many 1936 Berlin Games recreations are ending with moronic inferiors no longer posing a threat to our national carcass. We must cease all attempts to control the devouring necrosis.

In 2017, the Justice Department’s investigation into Chicago’s police practices noted that foot pursuits are “inherently dangerous and present substantial risks to officers and the public.”

You know what else is inherently dangerous? Allowing your rotting and corrupt city to be annexed by Africa and the Latin American sewer.

The monitor found that foot pursuits in which officers used force that did or could have resulted in death had increased since the previous review — up from 3% to 7.7%.

Wow, look at that. I wonder if we can find any other interesting statistical trends in the Chiraq pathology.

Last week, the Police Department first released some details of Adam’s shooting, including that he was believed to have had a gun during the fatal encounter with the officer. On Friday, the Toledo family’s lawyer said that detail surprises Adam’s family.

An idiotic may-hee-can parasite had a gun? "Surprise of the Century" seems woefully inadequate in describing just how uh-maze-in this is.   

“At this time, the family doesn’t have all the information,” the lawyer, Adeena Weiss Ortiz, told reporters Friday afternoon outside her law office in west suburban La Grange Park.

Don't worry, the jew/mestiza casta disaster area has been deployed on behalf of a family that didn't even notice one of their meal tickets got smoked for several days.

COPA, which is investigating whether the officer who pulled the trigger was justified in shooting the teen, will likely show video footage of the shooting to the Toledo family later this week.

I'm going to make a wild and baseless prediction that "Yes, blasting the foreign dog turd was justified."

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  1. We went from “Holding these truths” to holding the bag.

  2. “fish with legs crawling up the beach”

    have no idea what that means...but we are using it for the title of our next EP. precious .

    excellent post MH sir.

    1. "Fish with legs crawling up the beach" is a reference to evolution. You know, the (retardedly simplified) transition phase when the elementary aquatic lifeform sprouts legs and begins evolving towards more complexity.

    2. ah...a Galapagos thing.

      thanks for clearing that up Sir. cheers.

  3. E. T. ? I was thinking more of in the line of BEETLEJUICE. And why do hispanics consider themselves White? My skin doesn’t look like a pile of shit and I’m White. I thought we were evil? Why try to pass for evil Whitey? Love the “fish with legs” reference but I would have went with a single-celled organism splitting for the first time.

  4. who says Amorica is a deceased , spiritually-cancerous pile of evolutionary detritus ?

    i didn’t say that.

    who said that?


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