Another Ratings Disaster

Like most healthy barcodes in our North American Kosher Economic Zone, I can't get enough of the amazing jumping monsters. These incredible dark aliens truly inspire, with their highly rational political activism and thrilling games carefully crafted to appeal to an 80 I.Q. degenerate. The only thing I like better is getting "fully vaccinated" with the good old jew jab and then putting on a face diaper anyway because we are in the midst of an unbelievably deadly "pandemic." It was with more than a little surprise that I discovered the African Tree Hockey is losing its already small audience of mental defectives and real nikkas. Apparently, the constant anti-White grandstanding is too much for even the most debased human units in our globalist bodega, if you can even imagine.

The NBA has suffered another ratings disaster, with ABC falling 45 percent since the 2011-12 season, while TNT was down 40 percent, and ESPN was off 20 percent.

I'm sure this was caused by all the entertainment options available while in cuckdown (You could do a puzzle!) and the African Tree Hockey will recover now that our benevolent government is allowing us to leave the pod again, in most places. Leering tar monsters screaming into the camera about killing Whites while representing a team our mainstream media called the "Los Angeles Niggers" is certainly not the problem.  

This ratings tumble is nothing new, granted.

Yeah. No kidding. Our jewish enemy has finally created something that's so vile, moronic and obviously antagonistic toward us that even your typical doomed "I don't even see color! Israel is our best friend!" shkotzim has tuned out. The same demonic synagogue that was able to convince a large and debased segment of the population that negro idiocy and pathology was "cool" has finally overplayed the hand. Better dial it back to having the sullen alien criminals mumble about "makkin dem peenk peepo hald korn" instead of going full South Africa on your talmudvision.

The past two NBA finals each have fallen one over the other, with last year’s down 51 percent to an all-time low for the championships. The worst was the final game, off nearly 70 percent year-over-year.

If the merchant could sell sodomy and communism, you'd think presenting the amazing bargain of Nairobi Netball would be a "slam dunk," so to speak, but we're still a few years away from the point where you can write "Down with Western Civilization" on center court and still expect an audience. 

So far, the average viewership for the league’s games is only 2.83 million, according to The Athletic. For comparison, recent episodes of the NBC crime drama, The Blacklist, average about 3.3 million viewers, while one of ABC’s biggest shows, medical drama, The Good Doctor, averages just over four million per week.

I don't watch the electronic synagogue, but I'm going to assume "The Good Doctor" is also a good boy turning its life around and "The Blacklist" more than lives up to its title as heroic dusky Blue Lives arrest White supremacist terrorists, the greatest threat to our "multi-cult" paradise. These kosher bowel movements are still considered better options than the Botswana Bounce Ball by the shrinking number of slumbering Whites who still have the luxury of pretending everything is fine.

The NBA’s collapse may not be surprising in light of recent polls finding that basketball fans feel that the league has become far too wrapped up in politics.

If by "politics" you mean a sweat-soaked groid with a broad nose, receding forehead and muzzle making open threats against the only group willing to pay for tickets, I'm forced to agree.

Buy an official NBA Star of David, goyim!

In September, a Harris poll found that 39 percent of respondents who identified as sports fans felt that the NBA had become too political, and 19 percent said that they had turned off pro basketball because of the NBA’s deep links to China.

The same troglodyte who watches "Spring-heeled Blatt" also closely follows our foreign policy. Gott damm daww, eye ain wat-chin muh bakkabawl till dem nikkas polly-gize foe dat Cee Cee Pee trett-mant awn dem wee-gahs.

In 2020, the NBA’s coronavirus season in the bubble launched with heavy-handed paeans to the anti-American Black Lives Matter agenda.

It also featured a negro scumbag who I thought was dead. Wild times man, far out.

But reactions to those displays of leftism may have alarmed NBA Commissioner Adam Silver because the league boss claimed that this season would dispense with the more overt displays of support for BLM.

Undermining their host nation or making shekels with brown slaves: the ultimate dilemma for the jew.

“My sense is there’ll be somewhat a return to normalcy, that those messages will largely be left to be delivered off the floor. And, I understand those people who are saying, ‘I’m on your side, but I want to watch a basketball game,'” Silver said last October.

"The cattle still agree with the calls for White genocide and communism; the unclean meat just feel the anti-White drivel has become a little too strident." This is definitely a hot take, I'll give you that, shlomo.

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Me rikey Ghost Slave Ball.


  1. I’m glad I quit watching television. It’s been like 8 years now. I couldn’t stand the bad acting anyway

  2. MH has my number

    i too have zero interest in being around Booby Whites who “still have the luxury of pretending everything is fine.”

  3. jew tv has sucked since at the least....1975

    wait...i’m sorrry
    since 1619.


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