Armed and Masked

White Nationalism is the evil specter haunting an otherwise almost unbelievably stable and healthy North American Kosher Economic Zone. The current outbreak of founding stock crime began after an innocent "African-American" was murdered by "racist" police. After this lynching, "nazzees" disguised as tar monsters burned down our vibrant cities. Then the pale scourge attacked our holy buildings, the sacred forbidden palace of a highly legitimate democracy. They were wearing "Camp Ows-a-witz" shirts, if you can even stand it. Since then, White mass shootings have become the new "pandemic" with a "me sukkee sukkee" degenerate blasting sex monkeys and...okay, that's really the only one, but I think it's pretty clear that moe-ham-head from Colorado, the nightmare monster in Chiraq and the brown subject of today's incredible story were driven by White supremacy. This is how powerful the colorless hoodoo has become. It made a foreign piece of garbage hostile.

Authorities say the suspect in a mass shooting at a business park in the city of Orange, in which a 9-year-old boy and three other adults were killed, knew all the victims either through a business or personal relationship.

Once Whites have been removed from absolutely everything and completely eliminated this pathology will stop. One of the soulless, faceless and moronic slaves promised by the talmud runs wild in the "Coddy-phone-yah" all against all. 

The suspect was identified as 44-year-old Aminadab Gaxiola Gonzalez, of Fullerton, Orange police Lt. Jennifer Amat said. He had been staying at a motel in Anaheim and arrived at the scene in a rental car.

Meet your replacement, Legacy American. This worthless scumbag is part of an "economic necessity." We need another 100 million of these disgusting and dangerous goblinoids, just ask any wealthy jew.

Authorities received five 911 calls reporting gunshots, and officers were on the scene within 2 minutes, the lieutenant said. Gunfire could be heard as officers arrived and the suspect fired at them, Amat said.

A scene from Honduras or Brazil plays out in our "multi-culti" sewer. It sure is strange how we went for months without any incidents like this and suddenly our criminal government activates all its sleeper agents at once. That's just a wild "conspiracy theory," of course. We're way overdue for one of those to not be ultimately vindicated, so you should probably just accept the official narrative.

The mighty strength of "diversity."

Gonzalez was wounded and remained hospitalized in stable but critical condition on Friday. It was unclear whether he suffered a self-inflicted wound or was shot by police.

It was unclear how the merchant is going to use this sickening incident as a cudgel against gun rights and an embattled White population.

At a Thursday morning news conference, police added the shooting, which was first reported around 5:25 p.m. Wednesday at 202 West Lincoln Ave., was not a "random act of violence" and believe it was an isolated incident.

This is a real paragraph from the American Pravda that I have not edited in any way. No, really. Probably not random, isolated incident, does not compute, task failed successfully, will now shut down.

Police recovered a semi-automatic gun and a backpack with pepper spray, handcuffs and ammunition.

No word yet on if it was an "assault weapon" with "extended magazines" and "child killer bullets," but we have to assume this is the case.

At an afternoon news conference, authorities released a photo taken from surveillance video that investigators said showed the armed and masked gunman during the shooting rampage. He is seen carrying an apparent firearm and backpack in the image.

Yeah, it sure looks like it, but we shouldn't get in the habit of trusting our lying eyes.

Although investigators say the shooting was not random, a motive remains unclear.

Now that we've seen the mystery meat la-teen-oh alien responsible and all interest has quickly evaporated, don't expect any more shocking revelations.

"Orange is a very safe city," Amat said. "We don't have stuff like this that happens very often."

We are definitely not being annexed by the Latin American sewer.

Full Story.

It saved lives with its face-nappy.


  1. But they pick our food! And he was wearing his mask.

    1. right. he was wearing a he should just get....probation .

    2. Bullshit. He will get a ticket back to May-Hee-Co on mine and your dime. Will be fed, housed a couple days, sent off, then the alien scumbag will be back for Memorial Day weekend. Fucking wetbacks


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