Bad Hearts and Ignorant People

George Floyd was the greatest humanoid to ever occupy space in our kosher bodega. Whether this ugly monster was swallowing drugs, overdosing, resisting arrest, pointing a gun at a pregnant woman, passing fake currency, shaking erratically while clutching a banana or rotting in a gold coffin, its every action was infused with nobility, decency and intelligence. It's no surprise our beloved dead negro has become the saint of a doomed nation, the simian apotheosis of a land that lost its mind, soul and testicles. Of course, "racism" remains a huge problem and not everyone is happy seeing the primitive features of a criminal genetic alien plastered on rotting walls in the urban all against all. In fact, one of these invisible but omnipresent bigots recently attacked an icon of our father of the fentanyl and the blowhard speeches from sinecure coal critter idiots have already begun. The great thing about erasing most of the past is we'll never have to worry about learning from it. Yes, the pink monsters are out there, attacking the sacred relics of our national religion of afromania.

A George Floyd mural in Houston was defaced with a racial slur overnight Thursday, a little more than a day after the former police officer who kneeled on his neck was found guilty of murder in Minnesota.   

We just finished cutting out the heart of a sacrificial victim and the volcano is already erupting again. Moloch is not appeased, its horrific maws still hunger. This highly dubious incident proves that we need more anti-White hatred.

Someone spray-painted the slur followed by "lives don't matter," in a warping of the name of the Black Lives Matter movement.

How dare you blaspheme the Holy Words, infidel! Also, "Hey Barkevious...watcha doin?!?"

"Let me tell you something, and I want everybody to understand: Ignorant people with bad hearts and bad motivations — do not give them the power. Don't give them the power," Houston Police Chief Troy Finner said Thursday.

It's time for everyone's favorite component of the phony hate crime: puffed-up negro dullards spewing inanities and grim promises to punish the people without color who are surely behind this cynical hoax. Doan gib demm duh powah, mudda fudda. This genetic alien and gravy train clown is definitely fully compatible with the deranged idea of blank slate democracy.  

On Tuesday a Minneapolis jury found former police officer Derek Chauvin guilty of murder and manslaughter in the death of Floyd on May 25. 

I just returned from my eighteen month vision quest in Tibet (Look at this cool Buddhist symbol I brought back!). Did anything interesting happen while I was gone? Probably not, right?

Chauvin, who is white, kneeled on the neck of Floyd, who is Black, for around nine minutes.

Let's all say the catechism we were carefully taught by the ruling synagogue. Everything is a lie. 

Big negro is watching you.

The mural in downtown Houston was restored by the artist Thursday afternoon, NBC affiliate KPRC of Houston reported. It was painted last year.

This repulsive visual pollution has been here for a year, but it only drew the attention of "racists" recently. What do you think, Encyclopedia Brown? Please turn to the back of the book for the amazing solution to The Case of Ugly Boy Floyd. 

"As a human, it's just wrong to do something like that," Daniel Anguilu told reporters.

How do you do, fellow humans? Don't you love having a muzzle, a brow ridge, a receding forehead, a primitive brain, alien DNA, a broad flat nose with giant nostrils, skin the color of a bowel movement...

"My intention with this mural and with a group of friends when we painted it was of support, first, but also to help our communities heal from some of the issues that we're facing," he said. "So, it's a reminder that we just have to keep working."

It served the same purpose as putting up a tribal totem after massacring a village of fellow primitives in the African Heart of Darkness. Our pissant clan of Stone Age leftovers now rules this smoking ruin.

Finner, the police chief, said that Houston sticks together and would celebrate being what he called a great, diverse and sophisticated city.

Diverse and sophisticated.

"We're going to stand together. We're going to uplift the good; push down the negative stuff," he said. "Because we don't have time for it."

I don't have time for the negative stuff, which is why I'm giving a lengthy and asinine speech about it.

He said if the person is caught they will be held accountable. Police were checking for surveillance video and canvassing the area for witnesses Thursday, KPRC reported.

Time for the next phony hate crime station of the cross. I'm sure this will still be the policy when the "mentally ill" dark alien responsible is caught.

Full Story.

When you live in Clown Town, you gotta get down.


  1. its not at all debasing and demoralizing that our country is now overrun by filthy
    marxist Jew instigators ,their malformed army of coal-black, violent imbecility ,and delusional, fuck-faced, black cock-hungry White witches.....

    it’s all good man.

    a round for the house!
    on me.

  2. Finner?? Like “y’all finner gestroy da citty”?


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