Chiraq: The Full Tomb

We need a national infrastructure bill to get rid of "racist" freeways and perform many other anti-White functions that have absolutely everything to do with addressing the national rot in urban sewers. Hopefully, this means finally doing something about the "bad streets" in the Chicongo all against all, malevolent pavement that is responsible for creating "gun violence" in the otherwise extremely intelligent and polite American negro. Yes, these "racist" avenues have got to go. Maybe we could also put a tax on sitting in a car or standing in an alley. Please get on this, sodomite weirdo. Real nikkas bee dyin hee-ah. Instead of an "egg hunt," creatures straight from a nightmare were "holding corn."

Seven people have been killed and at least 27 others wounded in shootings across Chicago so far this weekend.

The White supremacy is really getting out of hand. 

Sunday night, a 45-year-old man was shot to death in Englewood on the South Side.

On tonight's hilarious episode of "World's Oldest Teenager," the middle-aged good boy takes a break from filling out college applications to get smoked in the Midwest Mogadishu.

About 11:25 p.m., the man was found in the 6800-block of South Throop Street with multple gunshot wounds on the chest, Chicago police said. He wasn't able to communicate details of the shooting due to the severity of his injuries. 

Lamentably, the grievous nature of my new-found aerodynamic improvements precludes all but the most perfunctory dissertations into the precise nature of the calamitous volley.  

The man was taken to the University of Chicago Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, police said.

The "badakathcare" fails, probably because we're not doing enough for worthless brown inferiors. Did you know that the magical kosher vaccine isn't getting to "minorities" because of "racism?" This should really make you want to take the jew jab. It's so popular that ordinary Whites are using their massive power to hoard the semite shot. You really want this poison in your veins, goyim.

A 31-year-old man was arguing with two people about 1:30 a.m. in the 200-block of West 108th Street when one person fired multiple shots at him, Chicago police said.

A heated discussion about a flat tax proposal, the possibility of life on Mars, the posterior size of "hoes" and/or the rights and responsibilities of citizenship goes horribly wrong.

He suffered 14 gunshot wounds to the upper body and was transported to Christ Medical Center in Oak Lawn where he was pronounced dead, according to police.

If only the "Platinum Plan" was allowed to go through, but the most honest expression of democracy in human history has spoken and I'm afraid the coal creature will have to hope for Soros crumbs in the big "infrastructure" tax and spend disaster.

A 45-year-old man tried to intervene and was also shot, police said.

Sheeet, doan yew nikkas noe bout duh fuggin wadda awn dee radd plan-it? 

Saturday night, a 24-year-old man was critically hurt in a shooting in West Town.

Based on my experience on the "Chiraq drill" beat I'm going to guess it's either a case of sitting in a car or standing in an alley.

About 7:25 p.m., he was standing in an alley in the 2000-block of West Maypole Avenue, when he was approached by a man who pulled out a gun and fired several shots at him, police said.

No prizes for that one.

About 5:15 a.m., the man was in the 5000-block of West Deming Place when someone fired shots, police said. He was struck in the abdomen and taken to Illinois Masonic Hospital in critical condition. 

Somebody did something. Barkevious gets it in the groceries.

The perfect venue for all your standing needs.

Earlier Saturday, a 29-year-old man was wounded in a shooting in the Loop.

We hold these, these truths, we hold them, c'mon man. You know the thing.

The man was a passenger in a vehicle about 3:30 a.m. on Lower Wacker Drive when he heard shots and felt pain, police said. He was shot in the knee and taken to Stroger Hospital, where his condition was stabilized.

Nothing like riding around in the small hours. I know this sounds crazy, but did you just hear gunfire? Looks like I got it in the knee. Better fish out that Obama Card for the old patch-up. 

In the weekend's earliest reported shooting, a man was seriously hurt in a shooting Friday night in Austin on the West Side.

Tribal warfare in an area that's been carpet-bombed by the content of their character? Hard to believe, but somehow true.

The 54-year-old was standing near a home about 7:45 p.m. in the 1700-block of North Mason Avenue when he heard shots and felt pain, police said.

Silverbacks are getting zapped up in this bitch.

Thirty-six people were shot, 4 fatally, last weekend in Chicago.

I feel we're probably only just a little more insane strident anti-White hatred from all our jew-run institutions away from seeing minor improvements in the "African-American" burden.

Full Story.

Dusthead Joe will fix this, with a little help from your wallet and future.


  1. just playin

    site be always funny

  2. I would say that a gunshot wound would be “through” the chest or “in” the chest. Not “on” the chest. This journo is probably so sick of writing about groids and wetbacks blastin eej udder they don’t even care if it’s proper grammar anymore.

  3. Sorry I haven’t commented guys. I’ve been busy purchasing essentials. Firearms are in short supply. Been having to travel. Plus body armor, plate carriers and accessories. I did read some promising news. March broke all previous months records for firearms sales and CCW permit classes. Seems that most online sales were right around the $1,400 mark. So ppl are taking Biden’s stimulus and buying AR-15’s. I’m so proud of White America.


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