Cucktianity: Saint Wiesel

While we zealously worship the negro animal, the male anus and "science," we must also never forget who is truly atop Mount Zion in our dead nation. The precious jew, the light of the world, the special chosen of a desert idol, the amazing hero behind communism, pornography, replacement immigration, usury, feminism, the sodomite agenda and so many other incredible contributions to our globalist privy. This is truly the animal that is more equal, the greatest ally with the best deals for the cattle (you and everyone you love). We can never fully thank these traveling merchants, but that doesn't mean we're not going to try. Consider today's empty gesture within the occupation zone of our national corpse. 

Washington National Cathedral, the massive Episcopal house of worship that prides itself on being an unfinished work-in-progress whose stones and stained glass tell the story of the 20th and 21st centuries, is unveiling its newest addition: a carving of iconic author, human rights campaigner and Holocaust survivor Elie Wiesel.

Here in my cucktian church we worship the King of the Jews. By that, of course, I'm referring to a serial liar and zionist criminal whose demonic tribe ran wild during the disastrous jewish century. Bow down to the poisonous mushroom, you pathetic shkotzim. Wiesel died (eventually, of extreme old age) for your "racism" sins.

The carving completes a quartet of heads of prominent figures sprouting from the four corners of an alcove known as the Human Rights Porch, joining Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks and Jonathan Myrick Daniels, a young Episcopal theologian and civil rights crusader who was shot to death in Alabama in 1965, giving his life to protect a 17-year-old Black woman.

Here's some statuary for a pathetic useful idiot who became slightly more aerodynamic defending Aunt Jemima. I've been informed our dead theologian is going to be replaced by Al Goldstein, the kosher hero behind "Screw" magazine. I'm sure Johnny would be fine with that. Now it's time to perform The Stations of the Bus for Saint Rosa Parks. The first one is all about the original foul-mouthed negress who was pregnant with a bastard. The semitic communists tried to use this vile creature against us but had to reject this plan because of the terrible "optics."

“This is the space where we celebrate human aspiration,” cathedral spokesman Kevin Eckstrom said. 

My church is dedicated to semi-human arrogance, hubris, criminality and deceit.

Wiesel, who died in 2016, was the author of 57 books including “Night,” which is based on his experiences as a Jewish prisoner in the Auschwitz and Buchenwald concentration camps.

This amazing book, found in the fiction section, contains ridiculous and completely discredited Soviet propaganda about "not-sees" pitching babies into "fire pits." If you question this absurd and cynical jewish snow job, you could be sent to prison in many formerly White countries.

He became an outspoken advocate for human rights causes around the world, helped found the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum and was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 1986.

Wow. What a hero.

Wiesel’s inclusion is particularly important as the number of living Holocaust survivors dwindles, he added.

Is it dwindling, though? It seems we have more of these grifters now than ever and their stories aren't getting any more plausible. 

It was real in my mind.

Artist Chas Fagan, who created all the sculptures in the Human Rights Porch, worked off photos and videos provided by Wiesel’s family to fashion a clay image of Wiesel's head that cathedral stone carver Sean Callahan and head stonemason Joe Alonso used to make a plaster model.

We're creating a literal golem in your JUDEO-christian church.

He was able to complete the job about twice as quickly as the previous ones because the cathedral was closed due to the coronavirus pandemic, meaning he didn’t have to work around sermons and other events.

Even if the sky wasn't falling, the cathedral still would have been empty.

Conceived in the 1990s, the Human Rights Porch also includes small statues of former first lady Eleanor Roosevelt and Óscar Romero, the Roman Catholic archbishop of El Salvador who was assassinated in 1980 and was later canonized as a saint by Pope Francis, in 2018.

Slot-licking freaks and la-teen-oh aliens are great, but we need to get the poisonous mushroom front and center.

Wiesel’s addition highlights Washington National’s unusual nature as a living canvas — unlike other Gothic cathedrals which are, by definition, somewhat frozen in time.

I guess this writer is unfamiliar with European churches becoming a "living canvas" as they're converted into mosques.

Alongside traditional figures like the Apostles St. Paul and St. Peter, there are dozens of modern features: a carving of Helen Keller, who is buried there; a statue of Martin Luther King Jr., who delivered his final Sunday sermon at the cathedral in 1968 before his assassination in Memphis; and a stained glass window dedicated to scientific achievements that includes a piece of moon rock.

Moon rocks? Far out, man. Don't forget Malfin Luffah Kang, June-yah. I'm [fornicating] for g*d!

Another modern, and whimsical, touch is the so-called businessman or yuppie gargoyle, depicting a Gothic creature with sideburns and holding a briefcase.

Cool it with the anti-semitic remarks!

“One of the wonderful things about having a 20th century cathedral,” Hollerith said, “is that you can have 20th century iconography in it.”

This ugly kosher mess is a lot better than the Sistine Chapel, let me tell you.

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  1. the life of Robert Faurisson ....worth more than the lives of 6 gazillion heathen Hebes.


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