Gone Viral

Please watch the following amazing video.

One person was arrested for disorderly conduct following a brawl at Miami International Airport which was captured on video and has since gone viral.

Yew eeeennnn meeeee-ahhhhhh-meeeeeee nao, beeech. This incredible all against all is the end result of the weakness, appeasement and insanity endlessly promoted by our jewish enemy. I can't believe it's not Nairobi. Creatures straight from a nightmare tear into each other while feckless White soy victims bleat impotently about rules. We took the negress off the pancake box, I can't believe this still happened. 

Miami-Dade Police have identified him as Jameel Decquir, one of several people involved in the fight in the American Airlines terminal right outside Gate D-14.

Don't worry, one of the several groids involved has been arrested and will now get a slap on the wrist, if that, from our "racist" kkkorts. I think it's obvious from the appalling footage that these creatures are fully human and only behaved like rabid baboons because of the pervasive evil of White supremacy. 

Video posted on social media shows the melee which actually consisted of two separate brawls.

Yes, that's what my lying eyes detected, assuming "brawl" is a kosher code-word for worthless and idiotic genetic aliens beating prone and unresponsive evolutionary dead-ends. Continuing to strike an already unconscious victim is just another example of the amazing vibrancy within the "African-American" community. We need a lot more of these monsters in our globalist bodega and a lot more excuses for the hordes of identical and primitive "diversity" we were already sold by our great ally the merchant.

One fight was next to the check in counter where a man can be seen getting punched and kicked repeatedly by at least three people.

The content of their character. Created equal. The only difference is skin color. Once we completely give up on trying to control this vile burden we should see improvements. It's really just a sun-tanned White. 

When the camera pans to the right, several other people can be seen punching and kicking each other next to a row of seats.

Now check out this stylish pan in my avant garde independent movie. Yes, the vertical filming was an intentional artistic choice. That part where the negro literally kicks another coal creature in the rear end? That was just a happy accident.

Witnesses can be heard saying “Guys, stop it. Guys, stop it, You’re going to (expletive) kill him,” while others yell for “Security!”

C'mon man, cut it out. This insane all against all is really bad, you monkey-faced pony soldiers. Corn Pop was a bad dude. I had a summer job at the airport...

A woman can be heard saying, “Stop it, you’re going to get it trouble.”

The Soros-funded D.A. is going to throw the book at you!

Miami-Dade police say the victim did not want to press any charges. He was treated on the scene and released.

Stop snitching. Considering this is a criminal case and we have video evidence, there's really no need to "press charges," but our dinosaur media never gets tired of making that mistake.

It’s not known what started the fights. 

Over fifty years of spending, bleeding and groveling from an embattled White population played a role, combined with 70 I.Q. "bee datt beeech."

Full Story.

Wow, look how "cool" the tar monster is.


  1. I’m surprised it wasn’t at a Spirit Airlines terminal. They are the Chuck E Cheese of airlines. Man, dem dreadlocks be swayin’ on dat brudder,

  2. another “feral savage simian chimpanzees at the airport”

    charming “people”.

  3. Was this a bonobos chimp display at the Miami Zoo? Are they going to start screwing each other after they fight? I seriously would not doubt it.


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