Our Last Straw

White "racism" in our North American Kosher Economic Zone has gotten so bad it's become completely undetectable and we're only able to get glimpses of it when tar monsters attack Orientals, when a butt-kicking woman deploys the wrong negro pacification tool or in the endless hate crime hoaxes which are now collapsing so rapidly we're barely getting in a decent red-faced impotent indignation stage. Consider today's incredible story, where the anti-White snow job fell apart so rapidly the gormless authorities were forced to simply call it a fraud without bothering to reveal all the awful "Hey negro...watcha doin?!?" details. We'll just blow right through the whole "It's a total fabrication, it's false" ritual so we can get back to parroting inanities and enjoying the sweet careerism in the final days of a dead country.

Threatening and racist social media posts targeting students of colour in a Minnesota school district were revealed to be a hoax, KSTP reports.  

I know, who could have predicted this? In a sane country, this would be the default assumption for all of these dubious incidents. In Clown World, we get blowhard speeches about "racism," communist marches featuring far too many White women and then a quick trip down the memory hole.

Superintendent of White Bear Lake Area Schools Wayne Kazmierczak said that a student confessed to sending messages on a fake Instagram account they created.

I guess those kosher initiatives to get more tar monsters into "STEM" are working. It created a fake account, someone get this animal a full scholarship to all eight Ivy League schools at the same time. This brown inferior gwine bee bill-dinn roe-batts an sheeet. 

Kazmierczak assured that the student sending the messages "posed no threat to our student of color."

These are a lot of verbal contortions to perform when you could just tell us it was a negro. Again.

Messages from the student led to White Bear Lake High School South Campus students walking out in protest.

Remember class, your wild, rebellious and extremely courageous walkout to really stick it to a system dominated by White supremacists will happen at exactly two o'clock. You will follow your teacher to the designated protest area where you will receive signs generously donated by Mr. Soros. 

"This is something we're used to handling, so most of us handle it well, but we're tired. We're done. This is it. This is our last straw," said senior Ashanti Cox in reference to the racist messages sent to a group chat she was added to.

I'm used to the endless pandering and accommodation of terrified Whites, but then Barkevious turned a jewish information-gathering site into the final insult. 

It's true, just not in the way you intended.

Shocking messages were sent to the group by the anonymous user, including messages warning students to "watch their back" and to "get hanged. Die. Kill yourself," KSTP reported.

It looks like (c)rap "music" has gotten really lazy.

"I'm still in shock. I know racism is still a thing, but I didn't know people would take it to this extent. This is way too far. This is honestly just ridiculous. I feel hurt, I'm irritated, I'm angry, I'm uneasy. I just want to cry. I want to scream," Senior Jessica Kabwe said, who was also added to the chat.

I thought I was pulling out the mouse to click away, but it was actually a gun and now my monitor is a smoking ruin.

A statement was given by Kazmierczak in response to the messages at a school board meeting Monday night, touching on the "great pain" the messages had caused students.

The levels of facial flush and whether or not his bloated face resembled a puffer fish remains unknown as of this writing.

Honk. Honk. Honk.

"In recent days our students, staff and community have been working through strong emotions brought forth by racist, hateful and threatening messages that were sent anonymously to several of our students of color. Our students have felt anger and disgust, and they have taken action in the face of the injustice against their fellow students. At the onset, we are committed to disrupting racism and systemic racism. Hate has no place in our schools or community," said Kazmierczak.

Bawk! It was real in my mind, real in my mind! Pretty bird! Bawk! Taken action! *series of whistling noises* Disrupting "racism!" "Racism!" Want a cracker, cracker! Bawk! Bawk! Bawk!

He said that although the motive behind the student's actions is unknown, the use of hateful language is unacceptable in any case.

We may never know why, but the important thing is Whites are still evil.

Kazmierczak assured that the school would continue to support students and the community in their work towards recital equity and inclusion.

Don't worry, I've learned absolutely nothing from this cynical hoax. I would like to keep getting those crumbs off the jewish plate, so I'll endure any humiliation. 

Full Story.

Make sure you wear a face nappy when fighting imaginary evils.


  1. Huntington Beach, California was supposed to have a KKK-sponsored “White Lives Matter” rally this past weekend. Someone distributed KKK flyers which had the local media in an uproar. Given plenty of time to prepare, the “anti-racists” showed up and outnumbered the 5 fools or fed imposters by 1000 to 1. I checked and even the Southern Poverty Law Center’s “Hate Map” showed no KKK activity in the entire state of California.

    1. I always had the impression that Cali was a Skinhead state. Back in the early 00's I was blowing off steam before my 2nd Iraq deployment and I was in San Diego when while at the beach I met a group of Nazi Lowriders. Nice guys, we drank on the beach most of the night and had some bbq. We wished each other luck on our separate endeavors and never crossed paths again. I wish them all well.

    2. Skinheads, Nazi tattooed people etc. are the worst thing IMO, because they allow the bs to continue and give all the world’s dummies and assholes reason to continue entertaining their fantasies that “white supremacists” are actually a real threat, all 5 of them or feds. If they would fuck off maybe more whites would start thinking?

    3. Well Gem if they are the worst people, then who the hell are the best people?

    4. he has a point.

      he’s never been on here before...so it’s weird that he would just blurt that out...

      maybe he’s a fedpunk neon nazi faggot

      but yeah....costumed Cosplay pseudo
      racialist faggots only confuse the issue.

  2. dude


    STOP IT!


    STOP IT !


  3. bra


    there are no Skinheads anymore

    that was always basically a rodent jew media phenom to begin with

    skinheads were always confused working class WHITE kids who started noticing the Kike heel on their necks....

    and oh yeah...the having to share living space with rabid, smelly, violent Niggers.

    other than that
    Skinheads are an invention of Hollyweird Kikes.

  4. I was reading an article about the ambiguity of words that the Left uses now such as “equity”. No real clearly defined terms, so they can use them as they see fit. If “equity” and “equality” are the same thing, why not say equality. It’s like the fake term “assault rifle”. NOT REAL. Either semiautomatic, automatic, or manual-loading. ALL RIFLES CAN BE USED TO ASSAULT.


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