Partially Down

Our kosher North American Globalist Bodega is a deeply "racist" economic zone that is dominated by White supremacy. Law-abiding and well-behaved negro humanoids are routinely murdered by the "five oh" because of the color of their skin. G*d help you if you're an "African-American" alien and want to get a scholarship or promotion. Forget it, it's going to an evil pale devil. A Person of Brown obtaining even the smallest influence in the political arena is going to be so hampered by aggressive White self-interest, it might as well be impossible. Still, today's heroic simian managed to defy the odds, courtesy of a massive and carefully planned demographic disaster, only to be cruelly harassed by the badge klan. 

A Michigan state representative fought with paramedics and state police troopers then demanded to call Gov. Gretchen Whitmer (D) in a dashcam video released Saturday.

Driving while "black." I guess this integration success story never had "The Talk" with its concerned father. Long-suffering and vilified representatives of a decaying order and our heroic medical personnel (Check out this cringe dance video!) battle a creature straight from a nightmare. 

State Rep. Jewell Jones (D-Inkster) crashed his vehicle April 6 and allegedly assaulted first responders who attempted to assist him and his passenger.

Democracy, defined as racial headcounts cloaked in massive semitic corruption, is the best possible system. It needs to be violently spread to places like Belarus and Iran. It attacked paramedics. Be sure to vote, you contemptible slave. There is no meat. Where is your face nappy, you contemptible worm? Free speech has consequences, like imprisonment or death. I will put a round in you. 

The video appears to show Jones repeatedly defying orders from Michigan State Police troopers and issuing threats.

Wow, it's almost like the talmudvision wasn't entirely honest with us about the typical police interaction with the genetic alien. They could shoot you for the color of your skin, "Jewell." You know, just like all those other criminal scumbags.

MIRS News reported the passenger’s “pants were down” as she vomited near the vehicle. 

We're probably only one or two special programs away from turning the negro into a cut-rate human. You just have to believe hard enough. Gitt dem drawahs awp, La-ah. 

The representative’s pants were “partially down” when paramedics arrived at the location on I-96, according to police reports.

Getting "dome" while driving a "whip" when "faded" gone wrong. Those "plant-based beers," watch out dawg.

The video shows two troopers attempting to work with Jones to obtain his license, which the state representative refused to provide. At that point, they took him to the ground.

Please comply, I want to keep my terrible job and negligible freedoms. I really don't want to be the next sacrifice to moloch. Remember when the communists were claiming that "body cams" would reveal all the epidemic "racism" in law enforcement?

“Let me sit up, (N-Word),” Jones demanded of the troopers, one of whom was black. 

LOL. Can a nigga get its sit awn, mudda fudda? We hold these, the truths, self-evident, content of the, character? I don't even know anymore. Down with Whites and Western Civilization.

The raw material for healthy democracy.

“I’ll call Gov. Whitmer right now,” Jones allegedly threatened. He continued, “When I call Gretchen, I need y’alls’ IDs and badges.”

I think she's too busy doing horrible "muh varus" videos in front of poorly arranged Michigan tourism kitsch. We have to make sure you wear a bitch rag on your face forever, serf.

He also said he would not give his arm to be handcuffed “unless you shoot me. You shoot me, I’ll get up.”

The negro is terrified of the evil Blue Lives. Also the negro: "I dare you to shoot me."

Jones told troopers he had authority over the Michigan State Police budget, implying he would weaponize it to his advantage.

The consent of the governed. 

He is currently Democrat vice chair of the House Military, Veterans, and Homeland Security committee, his website states.

Before you harshly judge this worthless animal, I should point out its impressive grandstanding for the American Golem and the endless war against White Nationalist terror.

Michigan State Police say Jones’s blood-alcohol level was .191 — more than double the .08 legal limit.

Sheeet, eye bee toe awp fomm dee floe awp.

“I mean, I look out for y’all all the fucking time, and you all fucking pull me over and I’m not doing shit, bro,” Jones allegedly told troopers, according to dashcam footage.

The 80 I.Q. and its consequences.

“You all don’t know who you all are dealing with, bro,” Jones could allegedly be heard saying when he was in the back of the patrol vehicle.

On tonight's episode of "Criminal or Elected Negro?" you'll face some of the hardest cases yet, including a groid doing crack in a hotel room, a drunk nightmare creature passing out behind the wheel, a mulatto freak inventing "interceptions" and an evolutionary dead-end hitting the ditch with a belly full of malt liquor and a "hoe" on muh dikk.

Jones, 26, is serving his third term in the House.

Muh democracy. 

Full Story.

Good boy, turning its life around, about to start term number four.


  1. I hope my state gets one of dem soon. Hopefully there's already 37 there turning lives around from up on high!

    You mentioned the body cam and it's ability to instantly eliminate race(s). I was under the impression that is the reason there are cams everywhere. You know to protect us from ourselves? Honk Honk

  2. too bad these shit-creatures are not capable of embarrassment ...

    this black nerd’s brillo noggin would be forever covered in sand...

  3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. Big Gretch is da homie. She gone bee pritty upset when she finds out. Watch the video of the police booking him, it’s HILARIOUS. Groid thinks that name dropping will let him take his mugshot with his mask on so no one will know his identity, ALL WHILE BEING FILMED BY BODYCAMS/DASHCAMS and even being told by police that he was being filmed. Negro Pathology.


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