The Power of Words

I was going to write an hilarious April Fool's post, but in today's vile Clown World it's practically impossible to craft a parody that's distinguishable from the kosher fraud news genuine article. For example, if I told you that we destroyed our country over a negro scumbag who overdosed in police custody or jewtube is getting rid of dislikes because the kulaks are "abusing" the feature on regime videos or that you're supposed to wear seven or eight "makks" to ward off a seasonal flu, it might have seemed like a zany jest even a few years ago, but those days are over. We're living in a nation-shaped carcass. We also need a lot more holohoax education because the cattle (you and everyone you love) still aren't showing proper reverence to the alien scumbags who butchered their ancestral homeland.

After a chalked swastika and lewd graffiti were found on the playground of a suburban Cincinnati elementary school campus, the Nancy & David Wolf Holocaust & Humanity Center has stepped in to educate the children involved in the incident and to partner with the Mason City Schools. 

This is the worst "hate" I've ever seen. Chalk is supposed to go into the atmosphere to make the planet colder. It certainly isn't there so children can make forbidden shapes. Luckily, the poisonous mushroom is on the case. We must "educate" the kids about fire pits, defecation bowls we also ate out of, electric belts, the time "nazzees" made jews move rocks around for reasons unknown and all the other whoppers from Europe's Second Jewish Century Suicide Attempt.

Sarah L. Weiss, CEO of the Holocaust & Humanity Center in Cincinnati, told the Columbus Jewish News March 31 the center will work directly with the perpetrators and bystanders in the incident as well as to work with the school district as a whole on programming for teachers and students. 

The powerless and virtuous jew, persecuted for no reason by the gentile. Here's your new lesson plan, focusing on Soviet war propaganda. This poor yid died repeatedly during the holocaust and will now tell your class about the time it was hooked to a "not-see" masturbation machine. 

The district issued a message to parents March 24 following the incident, which took place March 19.

This is what happens *gasp* *huff* when you open *wheeze* the school *death rattle* and ignore *six second pause* masking. 

The incident was first reported March 20 through the district’s bias reporting tipline, according to the message from Tracey Carson, public information officer, whose son became a bar mitzvah at Congregation B’nai Tikvah in Deerfield Township, which closed in 2012.

Hey cool dudes! Have you noticed Face Crime in your elementary school? Report it to your local kommissar on the kosher tip line! Turn in your family, win totally rad prizes!

“Hate symbols are anathema to our culture, and we immediately began an investigation, which included the city of Mason’s campus safety team,” she wrote.

This is blasphemy against the ruling synagogue. Send the special investigation teams! 

That investigation included reviewing surveillance cameras “and determined that a large group of Mason Middle School students were at the playground between 6-8 p.m. on Friday night,” Carson wrote. ”Not all students were involved in inappropriate behavior.”

When it comes to the rampant negro crime, we have no resources and it would be "racist" to punish the dusky offenders. When it comes to unauthorized use of chalk by adolescents, it's time to review "surveillance" and deploy the "safety team."

Mason police issued a news release about the incident March 22, which said police identified “a juvenile suspect.”

I can't wait to scream at this little monster during the Two Minutes Hate.

Carson told the CJN March 31 the schools were working with families of children involved “to provide comprehensive responses to inappropriate behavior, including traditional school consequences, educational assignments, community service, and family education.” 

We're not quite to the point where we'll send Little Timmy to a gulag, but we're getting there fast.

Never forget the "shoah," you unclean meat! Don't have children!

Both Weiss and Jackie Congedo, director of the Jewish community relations council, said there has been a noticeable uptick in school and general incidents of anti-Semitism.

As our behavior gets worse, the goyim are becoming more resentful, if you can believe it. 

“With the swastika it’s a hate symbol that clearly connected to the history of the Holocaust and the experience of Jews, but it’s really a symbol of hate against many groups. We also want people to have that broader understanding as well.” 

It's also represents opposition to semitic communism, sodomite filth, gypsy garbage and the staggering hypocrisy of capitalism and democracy. You could go so far as to say it represents healthy European spirituality and the rejection of all the evils unleashed by the criminal desert tribe.

She said there is no exact protocol but that students would be brought to the museum for a special tour focusing on “the history, the rise of Nazism, the power of words, the power of propaganda, what a symbol like a swastika means historically and what it means today.”

We were kicked out of 109 countries because the gentiles were jealous. In Weimar Germany we created an Earthly paradise of healthy culture and economic success, but, for no reason whatsoever, they elected Hitler...

Weiss said, “G-d forbid there’s a next scenario, but if there is, that they will be the upstander, not the perpetrator or the bystander.” 

May the merciless scalding iron hands of moloch (m*l*ch?) forbid it, but if it does happen we'll get the stupid goyim to fight for us, just like always. You've got to stop that animal Assad, American Golem.

More broadly, Weiss said, “Unfortunately these things are happening across the state of Ohio.”

The unemployed opioid addict isn't thrilled to live in our jew-run national sewer, apparently. Also, "Hey rabbi, watcha doin?!?"

“We’re committed to continually working to ensuring that all of our students and staff understand the power it has when we step up to acts of bias,” Carson said, “because we know what bias can lead to, what those acts can lead to, so it’s incumbent on all of us to do that.”

Today you're messing around with chalk, tomorrow you're fighting for your racial survival against our demonic power structure, g*d forbid.

Full Story.

Seems legit.


  1. I noticed that the school in question id 57% White and almost as bad, 28% Asian. Negroes are only 4% and low income students only 11% Obviously, this school requires more impoverished negroes to enhance diversity along with a heapin’ helpin’ of Holocaust education.

    1. what kid could ever get enough each day...hearing about the filthy , ridiculous role of
      of the lying Jew in world war jew

      a war they instigated and obviously financed

      let’sbe#110.fuckingdot fucking dot.ORG.

  2. it’s funny...and of course, fucking sickening...

    no matter what city in America some Kike media-instigated ,
    supposedly anti-semetic “event” takes place ...*not*

    there is immediately manifested a swarm of filthy Jew insects on the case ,to whine, and manipulate the media owned by their Satanic brethren .

    gee wally...America is awesome.

  3. Fuck!!!

    this website is White glory!!!!!!!

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