The Road to Kliptown Station

It's time for more rioting, looting and killing after a mulatto criminal was blasted by a completely inept "affirmative action" blue lives tag team. Can't quite get these cuffs on, is this a taser or an "assault weapon?" Butt-kicking women and idiotic tar monsters kick off another summer of dark hordes, burning buildings and our elected criminals siding with the rot. This is definitely sustainable. If you want a glimpse of the bright future created by fully embracing afromania, look no further than South Africa. Here the colorless "racists" are dead or fled and the content of their character is now fully expressed. Here the rot devours the sad remains of a time when evil Whites were in charge.

The little that remained of the Passenger Rail Agency of South Africa’s (Prasa’s) infrastructure in many train stations in Gauteng is rapidly vanishing.  

We need a 500 quadrillion rand "infrastructure bill" to fix this situation. Much more needs to be done. The evil legacy of being under the protective hand of Whites is obviously causing this regression to a primitive all against all. The "racists" are long gone. Entropy consumes their achievements, moronic brown creatures pick through the ruins, making clicking noises and cursing the "bad witchcraft" responsible for their pathetic existence. We hold these, these truths, we're really holding them, the truths, c'mon man.

No, this isn't Detroit.

After looting just about all the infrastructure, thieves are now stealing the overhead bridge steel rails and bricks.

Gibs me dem breeks, mudda fudda. They can be added to your hut made of mud and human waste. There is only one race, the human race. I.Q. testing is a biased social construct which tells us nothing about the unlimited potential of living fossils. 

But it’s not just everyday criminals who are helping themselves to the remains.

The lonesome death of the mythical "one good one."

When Daily Maverick visited the Kliptown station, a number of women were knocking bricks off the walls using chunks of rock. Some said they used the bricks to build themselves houses because the government had failed to do so. Others said they used the bricks to support their shacks.

The government has failed to deliver hand-outs and that good tok tok. We need building materials for our slums and "down-low" degeneracy. A construction that a beaver would look at and shake its head must be shored up with the ruins of a fallen civilization.

“If we don’t take the bricks, others will,” said one woman.

The advanced moral reasoning of creatures straight from a nightmare. The only difference is "skin color" and even that is caused by climate. Once you've made enough sacrifices, up to and including having a burning tire placed around your neck, they should start approximating human behavior.

“It always seems impossible until it's done.”

Criminals who have turned their focus to the overhead walkways have found innovative ways to remove the steel rails.

Wait until you see what that 60 I.Q. and high time preference can do!

The Kliptown station is deteriorating rapidly and is much overgrown. It has become an eyesore to many train commuters in the area.

Is this some sort of allegory?

“You want to tell me they will fix this… where will they begin?” asked Bafana Sithole, a Kliptown resident. 

Let me check my appointment book for you. It's currently scheduled for "never." Come back Whites...we dyin' hee-ah!

We defeated "racism."

Criminals have taken advantage of the lax security measures in many of the stations.

Yeah. I would imagine.

The Jeppe station has turned into a toilet and criminal hideout. A strong smell of faeces and urine emanates from the corridors down the stairs. Garbage is strewn everywhere. Addicts and criminals use the station to further their interests. The place is hostile and dark even during daytime.

Breathe in the sweet odors of enriching "diversity." I can't believe a horrible White minority used to tell these creatures what to do. Thank g*d that's over.

Prasa regional security manager Thomas Mabasa admitted that the pillaging stemmed from inadequate security measures.

Eye ain no fuggin stannin armee an sheeet.

Poor rolling stock, ageing infrastructure, weak internal controls, rampant crime and overcrowded trains are some of the ills that plague the rail agency. And they are likely to continue until decisive action is taken.

Have your kosher credit card ready...

Full Story.

“After climbing a great hill, one only finds that there are many more hills to climb.”


  1. "Bafana Sithole, a Kliptown resident...."

    The Laqueesha/D'Ontre of the Dark (in)Continent. Almost named for its surroundings

  2. Was that Bafana SHITHOLE? I’m pretty sure that it was supposed to be, but was a typo.


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