Chiraq vs. Mee-ah-mee

Please watch the following amazing video. It starts a little slow, with a bug-eyed groid in a face nappy making goofy primate expressions against a backdrop of "soul plane" negro babble, but if you stick with it you'll be rewarded with some quality decline and fall.

A massive brawl broke out at Miami International Airport over the last week due to a dispute over face masks, just one week after several passengers were documented on tape fighting over standby seats at the same airport.

When "Yew eeennn meee-ahhhh-meeee nao, beeech" meets Chiraq tribal warfare. It appears the airport is becoming the new waffle house for the "African-American" to fully express the appalling content of its character. If you missed it, you can read about the previous big chimping up in my-am-ee here. 

According to a video uploaded to YouTube on Wednesday, the fight began after two females got into a verbal altercation on a plane.

Based on my best attempts to decipher the gibbon gibbering, I'm pretty sure it was actually some sort of simian territorial dispute. Aunt Jemima was in the wrong seat or something, g*d knows. We need Jane Goodall for this one. "Here we see two females of the species, preparing for all against all. These wonderful creatures are totally compatible with blank slate democracy.

In the video, titled, “Annoying loud mouths from Chicago start a fight with people on the airplane and end up in a fight in the airport,” a woman can be heard saying, “I’m not even in my regular seat, so I don’t give a f*ck.” 

In the video, titled "Creatures straight from a nightmare engage in brawl ridiculous in a dead kosher internationalist bazaar," a genetic alien can be heard saying, after I've translated it into actual spoken English, "I'm in a country I have no business being in and should be immediately sent back to Africa, but I don't give a [care]."

After being dismissed from the plane and entering the terminal, a blonde woman confronted another female and appeared to tell her she was “going to f*ck your ass [up].”

We need to do something about the ridiculous pathology of "blondes." This article is not going to mention race, but instead we get this bizarre description of a tar monster's "weave." Also, these profane and moronic threats were definitely perceived by my lying senses, but we all know these are not to be trusted. Veteran Modern Heretic readers will also note an appearance of the awkwardly worn Reds cap. 

A man in a yellow hoodie is then seen in the video tossing a female in black sweatpants to the ground by her neck. That man then presses the woman’s face into the ground repeatedly.

Yew bee goin en duh graw, beech. These are sun-tanned Whites. This pathetic failure was caused by White supremacy. Sixty years of endless appeasement isn't enough. It doesn't even count.

The real life negro is a little different than the ones you see on the talmudvision.

According to one bystander in the video, the man in the yellow hoodie was “defending himself” as he overpowered the woman.

Barkevious here is a model citizen. It wore a face diaper to save lives and was merely defending itself from the Mule of the World. 

In the background of of the incident posted to Reddit, someone could be heard, ‘You’re making a fool of yourself’ to the man in the yellow sweater, to which an unseen woman replies, ‘No he’s not he’s defending himself.’

The high levels of Clown World discourse. Acting the fool or self-preservation? The line sure does blur these days, let me tell you.

DailyMail also stated that it requested comment from the airport on the matter, saying it is “unclear if anyone has been arrested over the fight, although onlookers could be heard screaming to call the police.”

No arrests were made, etc. We're going to need to make room in the prisons for "vaccine criminals," so we have to stop attempting to punish the appalling monkeyshines.

Full Story.

I hope the Reds cap was okay.


  1. Wonder if it was a Spirit Airlines flight. The Chuck E Cheese of airlines.

  2. THAT WAS A FUCKING WOMAN????? I’m pretty sure the negress had a MUSTACHE.

    1. Testosterone, in bulk quantity knows no gender. It just does what it does.

      Laqueesha be needin' to be gittin' her shave on, nomesaine.

  3. I want to take this time to thank Modern Heretic for the years of eye opening information and absolute hilarity that he has brought to so many of us. THANK YOU.


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